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if you Can remember before covid all your dreams the excitement to go out and be part of a vibrant world around you seeing sights laughing loving and working to provide a better life for those you love and care about its sad truely sad that millions of Americans still linger in a fear of the unknown and somehow unless you get out of this gridlock of sorrow fear depression and start to risk life again its totally over might as well not wake up right . But not me i was up at sunrise out trying to build a better world one minute at a time not to enforce my beliefs on others but to share that you are all amazing special talented sentient humans with loves and passions and its time to get up and shake of the true reality of life its Prescious and not to be wasted on evil or anger and hate there is not enough time to be like this if you waste time being angry and not attempting to rebuild your life then they won already I mean think about it what now you know theres no work for most of us no income what so ever and the politicians have not missed a payday regardless of their attempts to imply they care so much for us they are trying to be our body guard and keep us from harm except random acts of violence or illness because we ignored our health that is the key reason you body ever shuts down is health and poor care of that most important thing your well being and surround yourself with caring and supportive friends who care about you just as you are not demanding you be a slave to rules written and ordered by peole literally not qualified in the studys of life to make such proclomations what so ever

last summer in 2019 i was honored to work on this mega giant going up on 69th and seventh ave the flagship nordstrom

a look up and you see a mega building literally once full city block the combination of four other buildings and then a 98 story luxury toward with the latest orders of politicians they insist no open restaurants no outdoor dining not gathering of any kind and now share your holidays over a smart phone screen its shameful ,

the businesses in New York eighty percent closed down almost a year the real truth is they literally wiped out entire families not with death but fear not becaus it actually helps wearing a mask but becuase they keep altering the story each time a new version of why wearing a mask that is sold in a box that clearly states these masks do not protect against anything there just extra protection if your feeling afraid. by the way go out and shame all those who dont want to fallow our perfectly normal and mandatory rules because we know better ; Remember the movie Bruce Almighty ya kind of like that are you going to allow your families entire future hing on what a fool believe especially in America.

the country where freedom was my birthright and most of yours what do you think this is not about me we all need to find our way from the frozen in the headlights of fear flight or fight right even a deer will jump as soon as its startled but if you take your great intelligence and evaluate the situation then you can see being safe reasonable careful and still striving towards your dreams is critical. love life lust passion beauty nature the ocean all amazing things so many different ways to spend your life but doing it from a wrenching fear gripping at your very soul is not

They did research on Alcohol and its effects on car accidents it seems that those who are drinking and at certain levels literally relax during accidents and impacts so they’re body’s don’t get so broken up and the structure is literally numb through this short dramatic incident

sometimes its important to find the personal tools that can help control the risk and guard your health there is no time to sit and calculate the loss of so much its mindboggling but we have the inteligence to accomplish anything when we stop becoming small groups and judge and criticise each other over our differences rather then embrace the variations and grow as a civilization.

i gather we all deal with our stress in various ways but the fact is as a human being we all face daily honorable tests we must struggle thru some people have perfect health others need to get a better understanding of why its so motivational when you look at it like your body is a vehicle that carries us forward and as such must be able to carry its loads and help us release stress. some people pick up a beer others cry we understand that each human responds directly proportionate to their childhood and what they were exposed to;

ie that they got the opportunity to learn and be respected and trusted and earned the level of trust from those around so each day we all rise up and face the challenges before us. some of us have large support groups others none not even immediate family so the level of stress cannot be burdened off onto those in your community, when we open up to those around you and share it bridges the barriers built up by society and only by open direct interaction can we find a way back from this crisis. there are so many examples simple things like making sure you gather if not at a club or bar or restuarant then like in prohibition un cool dark speak easys and all sorts of amazing happened but until we remove the mask and the fear that regardless of what we face its collectively and knowing the truth of real risk and real conscience of the choices that will help and those which beyond impossible to accept without causing your body harm the mask causes a great deal more health issues such a horrible sinus infections that can be very difficult to treat and sometimes you dont realize until its a huge problem. be honest with yourself and those you love and care about the best health is maximised when your surrounded by the energy of those who care about you like a warm blanket supportive and caring to listen or help but the value to a human being is profound.

What can be lost with respect and honor trust and compassion faith and belief ; as well as define your character when your surrounded by positive input and feedback towards the hard work your doing to cope and overcome the challenges you have been facing. developing a edge on your health and finding the tools that can help you learn more of how it works and also maximize the effeciency of your body while doing it i chose to change my diet and focus on health and work in helping those around me with other issues and use my talents and contribute them with faith and good intention sharing caring and doing my part the world didnt end and regardless of what Dr politician and Doogie Howsier with his honorary degree as a high knowledge fulled expert. He is Human as well and has his own issues of life stress and how managing it. we must take there input with a lense to focus our knowledge or aquire it so the answer needed is the right one.

YOu know the mask doesn’t work you know that to try and continue on with your life has been cripplied like they paraylzed your body and mind now expecting to act like nothing has happened infact pressing harder at your very existence its dec and Cold snow wind; the smart thing is use the great technology to network with others who are like you funny happy adventurous smart funny happy interested in the same things as you are and build a new network of people who you like and can trust not by the one hour in a bar or at a restuarant but deeply with the use of the internet you can communicate and share become more deeply connected then has been fifty years since the only smart phone was a cheap flip and you have memorized your friends numbers spent time together collectively in barbaques and social gathers partys at the beach or near the lake out motocross riding and other places even museums life most continue and the criminals who imposed their fears into our lives should stand trial literally they are driving the world to global war and starvation death and dispair where the criminals act with out fear like the wall street bailout where the raiders walked away with millon dollar bonuses and the large group of in house staff were not even paid just fired.

We cannot let this happen finding tools for your health will release some of the pressure you can check how suddenly companys like forward are opening offering tech simular to the soft ware in my aoscan blackview 9100 but they take up the space of a giant wall closet

I scan myself and my friends every couple of days and they have expressed it helps in some way they cannot understand the information though is provided in a easy to understand language so you not only comprehind the info but can feel the results when you play back the mp3 sound tracks.

We empower ourselves when we share good energy with others we build positive networks that become lifelines of positive communication.

zee life is to be living and the way is with a great nation that provides freedom and justice for us all not only the criminals and that we can know in our hearts that we have the rights and can exercise them to raise our children and loved ones and our nation will be run by honest diligent individuals from all over who care about the bond they take and the amount of effort put into insuring that Americans can have faith and feel safe to go about their lives without the injection of false information by media who i guess believe they can say what ever they want because its all about making money right corp board reviews are about profit not fact the political atmosphere should be won by hard work and good values not by popularity but by dedication to insure our nation built on the principles of the constitution and bill of rights we are not patients in a nursing home or some lock down facility and the police are not security guards to inforce rules designed to strip us of our rights;

some of us have forgotten to hear people snarling and insulting other American’s for the choice do i feel the need to war a useless mask and deny myself oxygen and why should i patronize stores that act as SS officers to press thru guilt and shame that you have no right to live your life except by the rules enforced by political watchdogs out to dominate society like a sheep dog dominates a flock of sheep. We can turn this back our lives have value and we have the right to speak out and live our lives based on the values we were raised with and raise our children in the manor we choose without forcing fear into their hearts that is unfounded

Yes dont touch the oven its going to scar you for life and yes dont dig under the kitchen cabinet and play with the cleaning supplies as if you injest them they will kill you in a painful cruel way even things like window guards they were a profound positive inforcement based on the simple fact children were falling from fifty story windows around the nation just like in the country all children are taught to handle guns basic and advanced to ensure they are safe and understand the true dangers they can pose. but really you must wear a mask and never walk closer then six feet to insult us is bad and i noticed the first day in the park March 19 there were all these amazing signs placed all around the walkways and the park informing us that we must stay two meters apart really like how did these masks get mass produced over a couple of weeks and installed the logistics of such an operation around a city like New York was not picnic where did they get these signs its not a normal sign used anywhere in our country stay two meters apart.

hey sunflowers stop your not allowed to be close to the other sunflowers covid hillarious

lets see Music baseball. sunsets and sunrises beautiful women, and more beautiful women love lust love trust desire passion cuddling hugging until you cant breath and then lust to fill up your tank and charge your engines then love more love baseball barbaques and finally music with my guitar wow i guess that covers it you beautiful woman drive me crazy but i wouldn’t want it any other way all hail the princess she rules my heart and controls my desires and lets me be amazing just the way i am good girl.

Go ahead make my MIllenium!

hey you know you need to wear a covid mask to do this and stay six feet apart i am not sure how we can achieve this and still fallow the rules simon says dont forget your freedom simon says kiss the girls where they like to be kissed and Simon says dont wear a mask

simon says all deep state criminals like the clintons and the epstein gang who prayed on our children should get free housing in Guantanamo; and Rothschilds should be stripped and sent to trial for treason where did they think we lived in Auschwitz??? make them stand on there heads until they turn blue in the face for lies and cheating, and then make them pay back the world for all the evil they have done in the name of greed How much is enough when 8 billion human live on earth and less the a few thousand own and control all the assets its time to level the playing field three strikes your out

please share its so important to America and freedom for the humanity of earth the time is here to shut this ride down and get those at the wheel and put them in a walk in locker


please watch !and share its the truth of the covid mr global will not like you to know the truth

I can’t believe that once again the full weight of failures over the last four years has been laid at the feet of President Donald Trump wow didn’t expect that not the fact is our president has stood up against impossible odds to try and bring back this nation to its greatness and we as the ‘Citizens of America those who are citizens and not only have rights but own the corp entity we own it lock stock and barrel those who work in this collective of huge federal offices filled with thousands who work for us maintaining the inner workings of this nation and we do have rights those in office should take care as the events of the other day were the voices of 300 million Americans who are tired of lies the loss of jobs businesses and any hope of the dreams we make lnong ago the facts dont line up in this drawn out collection of events leading up to the march and absolute demand for truth.

the entire world watchs as one again the fake news trys to force all the mistakes and events on President Trump sure he has caused covid the lockdown the crazy efforts to remove both our rights and incomes to feed and provide for our families without a basic reason that can be confirmed and verified i am sure they are starting to see that the events were not some random march but a clear launch of a tactical mission for this great nation the offices that were ransacked and computers removed were filled with huge details of the crimes of the deep state the entire event was filmed with micro cameras from various viking helmets and the phones of those part of tis clandestine operation for Real Truth a launch to finally catch these criminals and put them out of business

President Trump has done an amazing job with a crew of criminals who have long been hiding in plain sight working to over throw our nation the rules the laws the very resources stolen each year by these criminals to pay there bed fellows in places like china and north Korea where rights do not exist and where it is clear the march that turned into a recon mission by some very skilled professionals who accomplished the goals and gathered all the information and documents that put the bullseye on the back of these high level criminals who have been actively working on there treasonous plan to overthrow our nation.

a girl who can kick some ass

the facts will shock most americans we marched to show the governmental employees that we pay there checks and refuse to think that our lives will at any point be under the thumb of these idiots. our nation is complex and we have been blessed by the huge profits made over the last hundred years as the United States of America Inc but we have never been even told the massive wealth we all possess as members of this nation and the wealth; its clear if we were provided some truth they would be working day and night fo a thousand years to repay us the wealth each American Citizen all stored in the 12 regional treasury offices each account is listed and files based on birth date and social security number we were given the clear facts as of today 2021. the average America can assume to be worth a hundred million dollars each look at your birth certificate the number the little alphabetical digit before your number then the fact your birth certificate is all in capital letters because we have been listed as an asset since the first breath we took. lets be clear our nation has been very successful over the last hundred plus years as we had a clean start no wars no devastating economical events and as such we have been making money in the world collective at an obscene amount.

Now the problem since the wealth our nation has many who want it for themselves and sadly in this great nation Of America; those with ill intentions to others and willing to through hook and crook get there piece of the pie.

War os we know is a big ball of confusion and disadvantaged moments when there are issues that can not be monitored that can be for all the right reasons and even regarding international things there are valuable lessons learned watching the last sixty years unfold the issues the crisis the violence all show signs of the bigger problem everyone deserves a chance to live their lives and be profound and amazing have fresh water and food to eat a safe place to live and grow up and go out to seek your dreams but the problem is there are those who got tired of seeking hard work and diligence as tools to a better life instead they feel fine to just take ours

for all the right reasons we need to look deeper at our representitives and find out what they have been doing in our stead. really this is not a maybe kind of matter, trillions of dollars each year vanishs behind a cloak of need to know do aliens exist what did you give joe from such and such a half a billion dollars? oh dont worry its for a good cause right well we cant tell them as they might not allow us a pubic servants use there hard earned moneys to do criminal and horrible actions with little or no regard for the santity of sentient beings living there lives with hard work diligence and raising their family caring for their loved ones social creatures who since nine months ago the very fabric of this nation and many others has been shredded into a billion little pieces. We can see it in the eyes the sad empty eyes all huddled inside behind thier own concentration camp the fear that has taken all that you love and care about away and left in its place a void of random collisions by events not in our control The magic of amazing women who have lived throughout the melenium and again and again for hundreds of years inbetween the power and gracefullness of women and warriors who rose up against the oppression’ i watched this video today thankgod for freedom of information this guy Bill Gates has made some journey of his life and its costing us and the very future of earth in his quest to be the vacine grand master a guy out shooting up families in Africa for many years because they didnt have the wealth to complain or even protest the lies given were now you can never get cancer because you let us inject you with our new miracle money making jab like he said in the video we take genetically modied sh.. t and jab young children in the arm

he also made quite a name for himself in india where you expect some corruption with over a billion people and he really went hog wild there injecting young women and children who are not visible in inda as they are poor and have been lied to these simple people dont think anyone from america would come and lie to there families but he did it without a hitch they never questioned it again and sadly he took them to the cleaners.

What kind of person has no moral fiber to face off and lie directly to people and their families knowing full well once hes out the door they will never see him again and hes making billions as he said this market of vacines is a trillion dollar gold mine and hes the guru of the sky the man with a plan backed by greedy pharma and the politicians who could be bought and then the media like a pack of hyennas out to get some meat at any cost they dont care they got paid to speak his truth and the pressure driven towards stopping anyone else was global like the world war four techo or alogarce its tragic hope you guys take the time to watch and share this video not because of me but because if he can convince a billion people in africa and in india hes now going for the brass ring in America and Europe with his well paid criminal group it should be called carpa criminal advanced research and location task to punish these animals at all levels of the sceme

Carpa can make a difference these are a few wealthy people and they pay for top secuirty but even these people are human and have families will they allow there children and loved ones to be sold a bad bucket of snake charmers medicinal covered wagon with crome spinners.

I have seen it and it is beyond any grasp i have of horrible the wars of men are horrible and the violence towards women and children is horrific but what Gates and his tight little crew are doing is injecting people in the billions with untested foreign matter hoping to get his master eugenics program up and on track to decrease the population by half in just a few years

think about it a nation injects all its soldiers and medical personal and suddenly in a few weeks or even a few months these people start waking up with permenant stroke systems or die or live as a vegetable what will this naton do it cant ask his help in removing it becuase its not possible to remove it its not snake venom its worse it goes in and silently bonds at the cellular level with your DNA strand and this little genetically modified agent is not something that helps all tests have shown that your not protected from any other cold or flu that comes gliding through

so here we have a real problem half the world suddenly dies great well there goes civilization and family and safety life will drop in to the good old blender and be put on Frapple what comes out the other side will never be classified as human again,

will you at least study the truth and stop looking at nbc and abc these media corps are deep in the shit its so bad you can smell it when you get around them there full of crap and the stories they scrip and practice to insure that each live event has been cut in stone and the story is one of those in Bright red letters.

  • light time space thought happiness compassion sharing lust desire smells tastes and the sheer delight of new and exciting experiences we share these carry us forward towards greatness as long as we stay focused on our journey and the goals we are trying to achieve both individually and collectively its a adventure of epic proportions and we need to be part of that path
  • Wading through the muds of sorrow to understand the profound and real the sublime
  • walking on water is not about your feet getting wet its about them not touching the water by increasing your focus on the fifth demension rather then one of the three we have all been living in
  • if you want love in life then give love to life share kindness and compassion in all the events you are part of and drive with kindness and depth of feelings to help others see feel and experience the joy that comes with giving without expecting in return.
  • when you are said to be frisky that is not to say you became a cat but that you are being playful like a young kitten you know running about arching your back and showing how amazing you are
  • to feel lust when you see someone beautiful or that somehow touchs your inner self opens the flood gates to passion after you recognise the value of potential and desire how they play key factors in all that can be accomplished we all have experienced lust
  • to share yourself without fear of judgement and acceptance for the great things you do and represent as a sentient being on earth rather then trying to become like a clone of everyone else being independent and a unique individual is vital for your success in lifes harsh and wonderful journey
  • share affection and love at every breath as you might not get another breath to do it be amazing and believe in your own potential rather then wait for others to put your skills to a value that they dont understand
  • try to share with children the values of hard work and drive determination help them to see the values in having dreams and seeking ways to achieve them that also help uplift others you love and care about
  • reward of seeings the shared wisdom of those who are your elders can be profound in value and forge new allainces that can build amazing communities of diligent people all working each in there best towards the common and unique goals you have all desired both personally and collectively
  • to share affection and love is never a bad thing but to force others to accept unwanted or forced subjegation by others will never be ok and when opening your heart to others trying to see the world from a place they can understand and appreciate as individuals
  • know that if your day is filled with giving love to those around you weather a kind word or good deed even an intention of one is far better then just wasting the energy on trying to impress others
  • a hug is one of the most valuable things a human can share with another and each day you should demand nothing less in return for the efforts you put forward a hug is huge on the scale of life and self worth
  • when you hear stories that are all sounding too good to be true all odds point to the fact truth will never waiver and only throught consistent efforts can we hope to bring balance into our lives and the people we love and care about
  • there is always enough time to sit and listen to somene and hear what they feel and want to share
  • opening your heart to others can bring great knowledge as a shared scient of truth and operates on such a profound level of frequencys that even when you cannot hear them they will alter all the parts of your micro universe while your still standing there
  • sharing a kiss with a woman is a truth of the universe that somehow inside this female are the most valued treasures of life the ability to bare children raise them and give full course to others based on the compassion that women have at much stronger levels then men do and that is why they have and can supply to a childs life real perspective and help them learn to evaluate situations and deep thought to see all the sides of the choices you will face with each decision made on this epic journey of life
  • reading daily can bring wisdom into your thoughts which will give knowledge a chance to anchor itself into your liife with daily blessings from sharing with others around you.
  • forests of giant trees share through a micro bio fabric that spreads across the top and under the surface to all the other trees like telecommunication based on a unseen chant of vibrations and sounds yet to the forest each part is just that a part of the whole you wont see one tree discrimiate against another tree regardless of any solid or invisible action but for all senses and purposes the value and communication is one that echos across all the earth that each and every sentient plant and animal has its own unique communication.
  • finding out the truth is and will be forced to accept a lie is what happened in every concentration camp ever built in this spinning marble. what how why even the warmth of a camp fire where huddled masses exist was and is a place where human life transends corporate hypocracy.