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Naked desires

I see you walk by and must take another look seems you have bewitched me your beauty formed by a god so Devine your smile exposes so much your eyes beg me to touch, take me now don’t wait for eternity happens before we can a catch our breath life blows up the sky above trying so hard to deny us such love

My intentions true just want to love you hold you keep you before my eyes and near my soul want to e pose all my heartfelt secrets and trust that you will keep them safe love every night and day look forward to our moments like children at play Magik desire passion a fire a bonfire if lust to crackle high into the sky few words but lots if desire feevtears but so bright out burning fire,

through the eyes of the universe a profound truth unfolds life is mysterical magical and profound until you start following the fears of others

my heart my love my passion my guiding star she is all i see and all i desire to touch hold love lust and desire

passion is the most unique way to look at life as we tend to ignore the affect it brings to us as sentient beings when you have love in your heart and soul you are profound amazing and able to understand and navigate the most difficult tasks using the strength of two

Covid was and will always be a cold calculated attempt to steal your world from before your eyes and not even telling you its not rain but not water either

open the door to fight the good fight and bring to bare all the power of those you love and care about the strength is in the masses and the dynamic approach of masses all working towards the same value or common goal freedom

if you love your life then go out and endulge if you are unhappy then make changes so it becomes that which you desire

open the door to let in the possible and close the door to waste your valued time to listen to tall tales by ill equipped fools who think they are gods gift to mankind even though they do know there just like everyone else only louder.

reach deep inside to find the gifts that you have been given touch the stars and bring to fruit the full glory of what you can be beyond your wildest dreams be honest diligent and profound make the choices that open doors to knowledge and wisdom will follow a wise man never ask a acknowledged wise man info because they are too full of themselves to think anyone else might have knowledge worthy of sharing to give in good faith is the best tool to change the heart for only in the heart can we alter our destiny and future by dynamic efforts towards profound goals and the ability to rise after a mistake or failure and struggle on towards the ultimate touch the stars and walk in the deep oceans be amazing and be amazed at the magik you see with your sight,

Just one kiss and you will know the secrets we can share the passion we both have been dreaming of and do know I want to be there let’s beat the drum of passion play let’s taste the honey the ancient way will you fight to keep me and live me enough will we stay healthy and strong together sharing the deepest things we have inside not afraid to trust able to enjoy so much hours of lustgive my heart a thunder beat bite my neck to let me know our love so very sweet hold my hand and don’t let go because we want to wander naked thru fields of hidden desirectsste the sweet honey of our passion and fire talk without words to know each other’s heart be no afraid to share our deepest desires and be brave enough to put them in Cupid’s hot fire maybe walk naked through the coastal forests down to beaches of old where the deep cool sand has been shuffled by millions of tides and ocean storms live on the beach naked and complete two as one laying g together like a million years ago when no one else would judge our love or make us question eternity’s most poeerful gift love desire passion like a great non fire to lay together and watch the stars in the sky knowing only you and I Magik yes passion yes desire like the burning sun in the day or the veauty of a million stars lighting the night sky just before the full moon rises high above wake up my love let me know show me how much you understand what I feel day and know its together between our lives and we can shoot for the stars

a well organized universe

dude what happened to my car?

literally overnight the night vanishs into the morning light and the city begins to rustle and crowds race towards the train butter on your toast dreams that are yet to be exposed al the time we reach deep inside to put answers into play

amazing profound a new year full of opportunity and balance be the journey and chase the stars


whispers of time images of emotion and love to touch heaven in each kiss feel love in each touch and define the world around you based on yoru dreams and desires.

reward has come to those who chase there dreams and failure to those who fail to act and reach for that which they desire

bring the full tool box of your gifts to open the doors and develop the dreams you remember since you were a child

open your mind to growth and change take risk so that you might grow and take time that you might remember for in the length of a breath life will pass you by if your not chasing the shooting stars of your ambition and dreams.

walk with your friends connect to your loved ones without fear and doubt as when you were very young and sick your family gathered around the love support and protect you how can you not want to provide the same they provided with love and compassion be bold be brave but most of all race for your dreams as no second chances are given to this amazing life its show up and journey till you reach the true end but dont waste time on things that have no basis in truth but only as deceptions designed to deprive you all,

I hope the American young adults rise to travel to washington dc to demand the nation come clean about alot of things important ones like how is it the government throws billions into crazy ideas that cost tens of millions each like the new toilet that can track you anus imprint and register your human waste into micro catagories with three cameras staring at the bottom of your but and checking to see and log your anus print its sure time to wake up where do they get such ideas that we shouild give over 10 million dollars to a college to design a anus print camera that will photograph you but well i guess we all are about to bend over and get a big surprise

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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