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Hidden truth

sadly the world has changed drastically not because of a war or some global even that man had no control of but sadly by the greed and corruption of a few

Covid the common cold has been altered into a destroy the masses call by such as bill gates and his close friends there is no other way to say what is going on how can these intelligent powerful individuals and their corp alleys allow such an evil plan to be not only hatched by the few mad scientists but to force the world down a road of destruction not bombs or guns but by installing a fear deep into the minds of average citizens

the depth of this profound both physically and emotionally to all that have had to endure it from day one the media has shown its true colors siding with the elite they have launched a smear campaign upon the world one of lies and deception

after almost forty years of working in construction as well as the military the facts do not line up Covid 19 as they named it was about destroying the world as we knew it and at the same time force the masses into dependence on a system of government hand outs and daily brain washing now they want to chip each and every citizen of the world the vacine is not real the crisis is anything but normal in all its character yet the hosipitals and dr s have joined with the Fema Fauci and his grand plan paper masks the first strike after announcing suddenly the yearly cold season has become the global killer not by any standard or verifiable proofs all the hospitals and doctors have been keyed into the system by putting covid related into any hospital admissions the hospital is granted almost a 300 percent increase in federal funding now the solution is classify each patient as covid related death regardless of the lie and inforce secrecy among the top escelone so many cased of people being tested and the tests show no consistency either in the results or the valid gastly claims being made by the media

Add that to the fear of those who literally locked their entire familiys in there homes for months now only going out to get emergency food they have exausted their savings and run up credit to the limit they walk around in such fear beyond that they are literally killing brain cells by the sheer lack of oxygen to their bodys the mask has a deep subliminal effect as well as human beings are social creatures and have spent their lives seeing and associating faces of other human beings like pack animals now they are isolated and cast daily doses of reinforcement of the covid lie

we see the masses react badly many become violent and start to look for ways to alter others lives out of frustration and anger paper masks offer no protection except againt large particle dust and wind born pollens other than that they stop nothing from entering the lumgs and respitory system worse yet is the body cannot remove the carbon deoxide from the lungs and causing the formation of bacterial infections that can be worse then any virus

the facts show that over the last four months millions o Americans have lost their jobs and spent the little reserve they have put asside many have no idea if they can ever return to work how in a city like new york can the millions hope to return to normal lives many work in large offices with hundreds of employees all sharing the same elevators and passageways dailiy there is no safe way to seperate them for getting up into the offices or out in an emergency the six feet rule was not set up to control virus but to allow Harp satilites the ability to set up a global face recognition soft ware and set up a data base of control how can this be right you might say but lets be real if you take your smart phone look up the kind of protection required to protect against influenza or other organic matter and it wont show a paper particle mast even M 95 masks although better serve no purpose to protect against a organic particle as small as a virus or even asbestos yet they have daily reminded people to the point of same to wear a paper mast at all times

this doesnt help or solve anything its a flat out lie not only bad but being told again and again to citizens of the world simple mistakes repeated again and again have failed out human citizens at almost every turn a ventilator on a patient laying on their back will de hydrate their lungs causing shut down and failure not taking a few important steps of introduing fluids thru iv could have saved thousands of lives yet intentionally ignored now anyone who is at risk is sent to nursing homes where not only do they not have the staff by any means but they have no ability to care for critical need patients nursing homes do not provide such services

the Democrats have long held the belief that no one is important but the ability to have all that the earth has in thier greedy hands how can they ever justify the evil just to get rid of our president its sad and angers many of our veterans we swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemy’s foreign and domestics its time for the mobilization of the honored veterans who have risked all for this great nation its time to take back our nation of justice and balance where we ensure our citizens are provide of her great richs a life of peace and happiness a safe environment to raise their family’s and strive for greatness the best schools the safe streets and communities

the fact is so much is shut down there are no good answers the fear people have been forced to live in has crippled the inner drives we all used to go out each day and try to make the world a more amazing place where children were like stars in the sky bringing great hope and opportunity to us as a civilization now instead we are falling back into ignorance the schools and educaion systen have failed all but a few in private schools who are driven to excel with knowledge that has been locked away so only they have the access to grow and learn from it

the large cities are in crisis and the supermarkets have gouged the food supplies making and forcing the masses to pay inflation rates on basic things almost 30 percent increase in daily products most need to survice the cost is crippling and their are no checks and balances to insist these large companys honor and show integrity by keeping things as normal as possible watchying peuple standing in lines for up to an hour to shop is crazy in a large city this will never do the masks do nothing but ring fear into the hearts of citizens around the world time for a real wake up call before its too late

America is one of the greatest nations in the world but for too long politics has used greed as the cornerstone of existence and taken all they could unless it was bolted down the earth they stole away the resources of literal millions

it would be nice to know that our nation starts to care about the average citizens and by that i mean providing the truth there is no compromise when you insist freedom is based on freedom liberty and persuit of happiness what does that mean most americans have no idea what the bill of rights or constitution state or values asside the fact is honest people are ignored and thiefs and liars are praised and protected illegals have been given the golden key to the nation and americans are forced to protect them even when their own rights have been taken away

im sure if we take a few dedicated intelligent computer savy citizens we can collect a master list of those who have long been stripping our nation from the top and failed in all respects to even care about us the waste of our nations resources is intollerable the failure to keep the infastructure of america strong and viable have left us open to huge national risks we cannot force the world to respect us if we are so busy leading the human civilazation towards destruction wars famine greed hate and the simple tool of conquor and destroy at any cost those who do not agree with the political agency of evil now with its hands on the steering wheel

Lies and deceptions that have driven our nation to the brink and our great president has and is doing all he can to bring our nation back to the goals and beauty it was once long ago no longer should people allow the system designed to protect us be altered out a a need to cripple it like the act of American’s voting for leadership at all levels how is this possible to allow anyone to vote even when they cannot prove they belong in America or even to their identity its even sad to hear all the attempts to remove the checks and balances from our election system voting is a privilege and cannot be deluded to steal it away by allowing people to not provide any proof of identity they destroy the validity of elections they show how a million people who want to can vote dozens of times even dead peoples ballets are being processed in an attempt to destabilize our nation when you get rid of checks and the balances all U S citizens need to provide proof of identity and residency before they can partake the great act of voting our conscience time for the dirty little sanctuary truth to be shared at all levels time for our nation to put the train back on track not with lies and evil like we are seeing with the fake covid pandemic that’s another thing the word -PANDEMIC MEANS THE GLOBAL PERCENTAGE OF A POPULATION 20 PERCENT YET THE NUMBERS SHOW NO SUCH THING YET TO SCARE CITIZENS THEY HAD TO CALL IT SUCH how sad indeed

How can we even hope for change if we keep listening to the lies being spread thicker than bacon to us on daily news and tabloid papers the fact is daily we are told stories to sew distraction and distrust our children are the ones who will lose the most and unless we risk all to force a stop of the mad train railing towards a ravine where the bridge not only is gone but it was never built in the first place. racing time and hope that a group of stead fast American’s will rise up and search out the true demons robbing us of our future those who are content to force feed lies to us daily and think the problems can all be directed towards {President Trump he has done a good job in most respects and still fights on to save this great nation the tweets by democrats who brag once the election is over there will be no need to continue to masks and isolation yet as a civilization of social creatures the cat is out of the bag people will never trust again they have begun to fall apart and the communities they long held to fallen apart and fear rages in their minds its time to force the media to come clean and bring the real criminals up on charges before freedom is only a fond memory its time to collect a group of smart computer experts who are tired of the lies to gather a Dacia on the leaders of this latest evil and shut them down with extreme prejudice its time to show the world that America although off track because of lies and deception lobbyists and political packs of raging wolves here only to take our nation to the cleaners its time we deserve a nation as our founding fathers designed it what we have now is only conflict and despair.

clearly our nation deserves much better and for to long the elements hell bent on her distruction need to be gathered and delivered into the light only as a body of one can this happen we as citizens of the greatest nation need to stop squabbling about base issues and focus together on the problem that has brought us to this sad point in history

the enemy is no longer foreign they have build their corp offices on Pennsylvania Ave and are bribing our elected officials this is horrid and must be stopped, when we rise up collectively as a nation of many different cultures and bond together on a common goal we will bring about a Renaissance


1 to bring back this great nation to a vibrant and ever growing nation of citizens who both work hard and strive to enhance the values and skill set of our citizens our children must have a dynamic new approach to education where they are driven to excellence rather then dumb downed to be easy pray for the criminals and enemys who have a supreme goal of living of the hard work of others like parasites.

2 to destroy the medical and corp monopolys that have taken over our very existence and with each day strive to cause distruction and dispair hoping to divide us and overwhelm with no sanity in sight in American the best medical support system must be based on quality of life of the poorest citizen rather than the rich controlling

the medical establishment how many have seen the real trend atm md centers bring your credit card or cash as they wont accept insurance popping up on almost every other corner across large cities north and south east and west cash cows that destroy equality and give the Drs a umbrella of protection corp raiders who care not about the patient only the greed and goals set up by their sponsors who tend to care little.

3. to enforce a policy of honesty among our journalists who hold sway with the stories they tell even when there is no truth time for these story tellers to focus on positive presentation because both their name and reputation or bound to it. its clear today media sell sensationalism and grotesques stories of fear and hate each morning the images and info are both deceptive and morally bankrupt who cares about who slept with whom or morally bankrupt

4 establish a base line of limitations on the wealthy to ensure they both care and honor the citizens of this great nation by having a national expectation with great wealth comes great responsibility its time to have the blessed and shining wealthy members of our society to give back not expecting a tax write off or the media drowning them in fake praise. this nation deserves better our citizens deserve better,

5 that our veterans medical and social support systems for those who risked life and limb to defend and protect this great nation should not have to worry about how to support themselves in a rigged system where the wealthy skate on thin ice while our heros barely can find places to live while the democrats keep feeding the lies of there legacy and insist they never cause any problems. instead they have been behind some of the most hanious examples of pack vultures thru the last hundred years greed a staple like water to a fish

6 that our political system be rebalanced and the thousands of carefully injected amendments designed to alter the corner stone of America for their own nefarious ideals rather then the good of the nation.

7 that the huge industrial prison corp be dismantled as its clear nothing good comes from locking up humans how is it that America with about 300 million citizens puts more of her young men into prison then China who has a billion citizens or even India Again it is time for change millions being sent to keep people in cages and allow the system that forced their hand in most cased to subject both their families and loved ones to bare such violence and sorrow

8 the prison system needs to be retrofitted and instead of cages to build gladiators a secure system to morally and socially train these individuals into how to be a valued part of society rather then just revolving door politics free lawyers spend their entire lives searching for ways to bring doubt into cases where there are real victims its time to offer our children a better future projects have shone for more then sixty years they do not work only drive down the moral fabric of communities struggling with poverty on a day to day basis.

9. this nation has long ignored the transportation system allowing those with great power to squeeze every drop out and only offer the smallest reboot of technology our grid and water system have ability from even minor cascade events as they have never been upgraded long rusted and deteriorated electrical and sewage as well as trains and busses all out of date. as cities force citizens to pay huge fees to stand on crowded dirty unsafe platforms or ride trains that literally destroy their hearing without skipping a beat.

10 our veterans have been trained and can step into a much more progressive role to rebuild this nation and in return they deserve a piece of it a home a job security that will not be handed to illegals who sneak into America daily its not a moral question its a integrity question we must show by example that this nation is not a push over but a world leader striving to better the lives of all citizens on earth regardless of politics its about humans social healthy society’s care about all their citizens before they donate billions to buddy of politicians who meet on a beautiful golf course to pet each others greed button. for too long our nation has been forced into dangerous events by a few who thought they were above reproach

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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