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deep in the oven

so here we are another month summer flying by and politics as usual; being lead weights on democracy the Democrats have lashed out to destroy all the good our President Donald Trump as strived to achieve mostly he has protected america and the lives of our citizens

such a loss to see the huge time wasted on lies and deception the media machine running full tilt to destroy and decieve us lies and forcing those already struggling with the most difficult time of their lives many with young children suddenly thrown into a fear of the unknown like the vacumn of knowledge taken away with teachers un skilled ill prepared to even teach with redundant texts that are fifty years old

our children might never recover they have no idea the lengths of the democrats who have decided to start culling the herd and by doing so they have made a pact with medical and pharacutical entities who together have devised a special cocktail for our destruction how can we not see or feel the anger as we stroll down the city streets once alive with hope and hard working americans now just boarded up businesses and empty commercial real estate people are adrift like clipped sea weed back and forth in the frothy sea and no answers to fill the huge gap of truth and lies

the big sadness is that the two major parties are clammering for their seat at the table to control the great richs of america like the kings of old beyond that they have exposed the evil they do to children and how they percieve us as more or less cattle how can we continue to walk silently down the street and not be offended to our very core for the millions of veterans who have served freedom many now older struggling to understand how this great nation could leave them to be destroyed with lax policies allowing anyone to enter this great nation and not only not be vetted by honest americans to insure saftly for our nation but to see across the borders racing the tide millions have stole away on the ship hoping the democrats will write a blank check to them like they have continued to do to their rich land barrons where money is king and the rest of us struggle to even understand the demented levels of depravity that life has fallen to where our children are not only subject to violence but sold like prize cattle to demonic souls who care nothing about the fact they might have children as well but they struggle to iclusive stature and form a wall between what can not happen to their families and to the deep extent they will destroy all other families and use them to serve the briefest of non moral tools of the ugly nature they wish to practice kaballah devil worship spirit cooking that half a million children each year vanish from american families its way out of control there are no tools to stop them they have more rights then honest hard working people because the wealthy refuse to even admit the level of depravity they will stoop to

thru the years there have been many examples that remind us of how low they can go to cause destruction weather you look at the banking connections all the way back to world war 2 and even before with percy Bush the profit of death and destruction has been beyond a boon its been down right macavellian in nature the clintons who rose up at good schools only to right legal contracts that exposed normal americans to corrupt contracts designed to destroy rather then help the crisis of birth control where actual corp decisions to make condoms defective to provide a long term soluiton to aborted fetal tissue for the wealthy to remove rinkles and scientists to play god

then the tragic truth about africa and how the wealthiest nations have stripped africa of her buried treasure with war and famine making consessions to evil men with boots on the ground even sadly iraq which had a literacy rate almost 70 percent before the first bombs fell; if you look know the only truth is the deserts have become a blood red sand pit where neither religion or faith can bring about anything without bombs and sorrow echoing across the empty canyons and desert lands syria iraq kurds then afghanistan where we went to war after the russians were chased out these tribal lands were a wealth of ancient people never before pillaged and its clear the lands are now in the hands of military soldiers and the phara conglomerates

when will it end they rush to chemically control the entire population with virus’s that they create in labs good ole Gates and the CDC who depend on real damage caused by the creations theyre directed to create there is no random mistakes they know well what they are doing take the true nature of latest technologys such as 5G not only for phones but wireless service as well as smart meters all these tech tools cause huge problems to humans its like putting cattle in a field with meat grinders hidden in the grass its going to chew them up regardless if some have prior knowledge of them being there

how can we hope to see our nations stop fighting and force real growth towards a better world where we dont destroy earth and treat assets like something to waste just because we got there first the world is being stripped bare by a wealthy few families while the rest of us struggle to wade thru the fake news and lies seems always a story that is to upset us and cause despair rather then reinforce with positive stories about those who rise above the evil to do good at every turn

how to bring America back it can only happen once a real honest man steps up and forces to lies into the sunlight its time for the flood lights to expose the whole game being played with our lives full contact and totally clear to what huge loss we have failed to act as of yet we need to form a positive world and only thru the hard honest work of our citizens respecting each other and the government protecting integrity at the highest levels especially the media which is to keep us in the loop rather then on a roller coaster of screaming and yelling as it races around a pre ordained track of despair.

1 to restart this great nation we must first expose the lies that have made hospital rich beyond scale and how the entire multi level structure of agencys like fema are not about helping in a crisis but about creating and controling those in the crisis they design and set up we are not in a random event here we are struggling to realize the truth as hard as it may be to really understand we must see if we want to avoid the poison laid before us with promises it will help save us rather then expedite our destruction. to many have been all out consumed and wander around in a state of fear not knowing what is the truth

the coming vacancy of Gotham how to live in high rises with social insanity six feet or hold your breath

President Trump has continued to execute his duties with honor and integrity and any media agency who decides to make up viscious lies to manipulate the masses should be shined upon at the highest level like the lobbyist who bought american during george bush and obama years this nation has fallen from from the tree and only thru strong will huge effort and major exposure can we hope to return to asemi normal life without fear of dictators and foreign monsters running from their own homes because of their actions hoping america will turn a blind eye we all have heard about cased of those who steal away to america to do down right evil and not even shed a tear over the viscious acts they partake in

the fact rich businessmen travel to far off poor countrys only to pay to abuse the picoor children believing they are above reproach because they pay the predators who steal our children for the right to do what ever they want and not be hassled or even exposed such tragic reality when you think about how many children vanish and hoping they died is less worrysome then thinking they were sold to some morals animal who will pay with all his stolen money to do what he wants in some dark corner of the earth

that millions of human beings go without water to drink no food no medical and hope is a world away how many live in war torn areas of earth and the powers that be will not attempt to help for fear some people might die when in truth none of us deserve to live if we allow our children to be tortured and murdered by animals even in the wilderness the animal kingdom has rules and at some level justice will be given the tools to put those responsible away

america needs to shut down the military industrial complex which has driven the value of life to less than zero and along with that reinstall the values where first thing is to provide for your citizens then when you have solved the problems at home then we reach out with a plan that can assist those who truely need help rather then just keep paying those who made a deal in some back office years ago and just wait on their government check.

our children must be the most important part of our society

our political leaders must be those who have the best skills to do the job not the best line to collect alot of votes power has a down time and when the wrong person is put into office because they have a good story and it is full of empty promises

corp prisons in america put more americans in prison with a population of 300 million then china does with a population of over a billion how can we not be the leader in fair and just change where we send all children to learn the skills of success and honor rather then race and fight to steal what they think will make them look good to the bad guys at the top

to see the united states stand up against these tyrants is critical in every state and cannot be avoided we need Americans to understand their power towards a system that was designed for there participation and demands that we all confront the wrong doing of anything that is put in our name

This great nation deserves better

first wipe out all personal debt as we have done for all the big banks and wall street corp raiders wipe out the debt so American’s can hope their children will have a change and the world will prosper on all levels intellectual emotional rational a society of a thousand different family’s colors languages states and talents all working together towards a world that will create something magical and fantastic to stop the evil and promote a world where you are valued by your talents and skills not by your familiy name and titles this has failed for too long already America is the center of the World yet we ignore the value of pure transparency and common efforts to bring about changes of majestic truistic values to spread knowledge and kindness with the richs of this great earth rather then be starved while a few well connected criminals steal the house from under us wake up get up rise up and develop the true potential of la libertine viva la liberty

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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