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amazing tools for your health

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grainfields probiotics

johann Grander water purification systems and grander pendants along with various size models to manage the size house you have and provide clean healthy water for all your family needs

asap silver used for cuts and burns works amazing its like the cuts vanish and not even a mark from the original cut

bioprotein a power super spec micro bisilious that helps boost your immune system just put a packet of powder under your tongue twice a day and fell the healthy changes begin to sweep through your entire body,

When freedom is taken for granted then the heart and mind become numb and no longer can we rise to give fight to those attempts to deny us such even in small measure. Before we lose it man must think the hard fight that caused this great gift to be provided by your birth in this shinning example of free will and determination.

every breath in life is an attempt to pursue the dreams and desires of the heart and mind be grand in the scale of your freedom so that your children can not only know it but believe in it beyond a doubt or the slightest temptation to ignore the rising tide of those who would gladly steal your rights and that of your children never thinking about the losses as they are too great,

be bold and dynamic in your journey strive with the best knowledge and ideals build a lasting community of faith and determination towards this great and noble goal do not sit on the fence waiting for others to choose it for you they will not theirs is a journey of life and choices made bring realitys delivered, i have seen first hand the lands where life and freedom are just a silent whisper froth with fear of exposure and judgement by others without any true right to decide your family or personal choices

Build each day as its your masterpiece and do not accept mediocre choose instead dynamic and profound the deeds and actions there must be a long term goal one of prosperty and growth rather restrictions and deliberate attempts to deny you the rights you enjoy thru the sacrifice of other and the fights of glory where freedom prevails against the evil of a few heartless individuals who believe some how they have some special priviledge to ignore both your rights and that of your children to choose the life you want adn be that amazing world built by your own efforts and design; if you want to live free you need to think free [{Parabellum) if you want peace,

prepare for war.

the greatest battles are fought in the mind and on the vast fields of principles where there is only one truth and no attempt to save them by lie or deception can give reward or even base our values on save the effort we are willing to put into action towards lofty principles and moral high ground.

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long before there were politicians there were peoples and firm believers in the principles of self determination and the profound belief all human beings right to selrf determination

its sad that now in 2020 we look at the sky and wonder what will become of our world like the indians who looked at the vast wagon train caravans of westward bound settlers coming to chase there dream at the sad cost of stealing the land from the first americans with the excuse of devine destiny.

we can never give back to the open horrors caused in the search for freedom at the cost of those who were already real human beings never did they claim the land they used the resources carefully and with great reverance and respect we on the other hand we have exploited every drop of assets this continent has to use. more over we now stand at the very presipice of destruction by the deep state long hidden in plain site and they could not wait a moment further i hope we stand to the top of these challenges and keep the freedoms of america for our family and loved ones sparing them the shame of being the last decade of free citizens of the United States of America.

it is an easy fix when you take the time to look at what changed since last year what magic disaster did we go thru that stopped us from having friends and gather with our families and loved ones at what point did we stop striving towards our goals and that of your dreams well it was covid the fear invisible illness that was going to kill a billion human beings and that we had to stop being free and stop standing anywhere there was not at least six feet separation between us then the mask for stores finally you need to keep the mask on all the time even in your own house,

ahha moment covid so lets look at stats the plague never happened and even now almost a full year later the only truth is the media continues to feed the poison into our lives and fear is a cruel bedfellow that is for sure, but what if you go out and dont wear a mask and dont get sick and ignore the cruel attempts to shame you for being independent and free living your life again going out to visit those you love and care about that would defuse the fools and there fake pandemic correct and another thing what about we get really angry about losing our jobs and having to exaust our savings to try and stay alive while the very rich kept getting rich and continued to go on a nine month vacation with guaranteed paychecks each week from the investments they made before covid to steal our very lives

the bold truth is clear America is not for sale and never did we agree to allow the officers who work for us as elected officials have the right to choose what and where our world will be they work for us and get paid by our tax dollars the truth is clear and people like biden coumo deblazio and especially polossi who in the world gave her the idea she was going to change the world she is four days short of a week a not the sharpest tack in the room but now Americans are waking up and demanding these animals be brought in for public trial of treason funny Snowden was chased around the world for telling us that our government was stealing from us and spying on us its time he was pardoned and given a medal for his supreme efforts to inform the free people of the world that the oversight being used was to the level that could not be tolerated any longer even our allies found out we were spying on them as well.

Now its time to force the expose of these criminals the top teir of wealthy corp execs who have not only robbed us but used lies to get bail outs of billions of dollars in greedy mistakes made throughout the last 20 plus years how is it that corp raiders who robbed us and stole billions got a government bail out like the banks who made bad investments and then forced us to bail them out. yet the average hard working American family is drowning in debt and cannot get any help from the trillions of dollars in American assets like somehow they are only for the greedy rich people it will be a great day when they feel the heat of their criminal past come to expose them for who they are and the extent of their criminal activities such as selling out america to horrible people around the world in countrys where freedom is not real but just a mirage and the wealthy break all the rules and abuse all those under them.

me needs a cool all weather trecker mobile to get around the urban sprawl of societys collapse we will be fine

Bridging the gap in your life is a simple real progressive action that you must take and do yourself; there is no easy way to say it but you must stop being afraid and start to strive towards the life you desire.

Having the goals in mind really helps and its important to remember the fun saturday morning cartoons so you can take the fake news with a buck of sand instead of thinking that anything they say is real or destined to be of importance to you the lies are deep so wear your shit kickers and get ready for the jungle.

now its time to get back on track so lets all watch the wiley cayote chase the roadrunner you know beep beep your ass kind of joke, so now that we are on the page and we have an idea how crazy the media is and what they are asking you is nothing short of giving your freedom and life away and further sign on the dotted line and put your children in the short list for injection of the new micro transmitter and chip that will be demanded on all humans as per the deep state. i think these animals need to be euthanized its to hard to think that they show any remorse over this last years hell and high water of lies and deceptions towards this great nation infact its not just america its time the citizens of earth take there grievences to the heavens above and shut these thieves down take the power away from them as they show they have no skills to manage even their own lives and the banks and corp pharmacutical conglomorates have made it known they will press until people are dropping dead at the convenience of the deepstate protocal for population reduction.

for the real men hope it gets your blood flowing what a treasure a woman is both for her incredible compassion skill and ability to balance life and love before even having breakfast amazing im sold i will galdy give my life for the protection of women and what they mean to humanity

to survive sunshine good food and healthy values strong management skills and deep desire to make your family successful in all measure probiotics can help keep your gut healthy and deliver the needed nutrition to your inner body such as trace minerals that subsidize your diet and replace the important micro bifolios to break down nutrition and help stimulate proper function of your organs

Happiness and positive daily outlook to insure your out being profound and dynamic in the choices you make further its important to live life to the very fullest be all consuming in choosing to be active and out learning make the most of each moment do the things you love art music dance love laughter all vital to keep your spirits up and charged it depression that takes away your juice and deprives you of the stamina you need daily to get the most out of each day and live a life happy and exciting,

when you get old you want to be able to say you have had a full life filled with excitement and love and passions that you have had great joy and lived a full and complete life with good health and strong family ties where you hear from those you care about and know that they have your back able to stand thru the hardest storms and weather the challenges that life puts in your path there is no life if your locked in a cage like a prisoner someone who did something against the moral values of society and now is paying back there debt to society instead they have locked the entire world down.

to have friends and have love and respect appreciation for the great qualities in your personality and the determination to strive towards your goals with full force its unacceptable to be caged like a animal its unacceptable to be told i must wait in the street on a spot until i get given permission to continue on with my daily matters its forbidden freedom look at 2019 the holidays were amazing people together loving and laughing caring about each other making plans for the next year now no plans no gathering allowed no restaurants no dancing clubs not concerts its horrid and it up to us to demand our lives back the only way they win is if we cower down and submit to these insane rules put out by politicians
Wake up before the only freedom you have is to die at the end of a long sad struggle to keep your sanity and hope you are not alone!!!

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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