the given truth at any time is based on the reality which you face lets look into the present truth the world has gone batty everywhere you go the sight of strangers giving each other dirty looks and nasty comments as you try to carry on your life.

really it is so sad to see how people choose to live life in a cage of political design and to such an extent they fear each other even family. the truth is in this life we are faced with thousands of challenges and some we have no ability to avoid but to live your life in fear is no longer life what about all your friends your dreams those who made you laugh all gone now locked behind a mask of lies and deception. Bring up the ideas you grew up dreaming of all the years spent putting away little tokens of your hard earned resources for a rainy day only to watch it vanish as the Covid deception took hold and has been building for almost a year. look at thanksgiving virtual really the most important time for family and being grateful only to be told go out to family for thanksgiving and be gone by Christmas how horrible what a scam a disaster and a cruel joke the fact is this years cold and flu season like everyone before was actually mild compared to past years we cannot deny the truth

Be brave and strive towards your dreams time to check out the truth and like Tesla stand against ignorance and strive towards your dreams and build that life you hoped for as a child there is nothing sadder then to see millions of Americans living in a cage of fear depending on corrupt media who have been paid handsomely to decieve you and those you love.

At what point will your start to see the big picture they have robbed your very life without even asking you if you wanted to be denied all that made life amazing no more gathering at the water hole or with your friends no more family or social connections its beyond cruel and we must wake up and look at the truth its the only way to choose your path forward one that will fullfill your dreams and build that amazing life you hoped for and wanted since you were young

health is a priceless gift the earth is your treasure and its being sold out i keep wondering when will you wonderful creatures get tired of the lies and worse the denial to enhance your life because you are so afraid of what the media has sold as the plague of the century now there talking about mandatory vaccination how can they even attempt to do such a viscous attack on your freedom as a sentient human being your rights since the beginning of time a goal all of us have earned by the sacrifices of those who came before.

its time to realize what was really taken from us lets make a simple list

1 they have taken your jobs

2 lied to us and assumed we were idiots who needed to be restricted and denied rights of being human.

3. forced mandatory masks that do not protect you from even large matter such as dust or pollen yet they insist its a protection from a microscopic bacteria smaller then asbestos from getting into your lungs like the cold or flu bug

or maybe its bill gates master plan to jab everyone in the arm with genetically modified agent like he has done over the last twenty years with his take control of the cdc and cruel game of using humans as test lab rats and get the governments to give them emmunity from prosecution by anyone even if they suffered watching there loved ones be shot up with poison and further smile as he does it making millions a day shooting up poor people around the world and even go out and insist hes cureing them from cancer really i guess i missed the hail emperor Gatie diabolic welcome to his vision of how to clear the house put it on fire and tell the firemen that dont worry hes having a barbaque and all are invited to watch the screaming and burning free of charge and besides dont worry next week hes going to start injecting your children and loved ones besides its the only way you can be safe from life get his patented jab in the arm and if you die dont worry you didnt want to be here anyway this will not be a happy ending for most people on earth he wants to have full control we all have met people like this they need to be everything to everyone especially in the mirror/

4 forced the social fabric of friends family and loved ones to be isolated and denied the social fabric of our species especially in large urban and metro cities where we live on top of each other and the fact is its physically impossible to accomplish the goals of providing for family because you are also restricted on how and when you can go to take care of these matters as well have not anything left to use of lifes savings due to months of joblessness.

5. the daily bombardment of lies on the media and social controls pressuring us to stop being social creatures and forget dreams and hopes as now the lock is closing the chains being put on.

6 Now the big news that in the greatest nation in the world an attempt and steal away freedom by rigging the election and doing all forms of backoffice deception and blatant cheating to steal the freedoms that you have as Americans and stand on national TV and feed you a daily dose of depressing and impossible to accept or follow each day another tall story of deceptive almost abusive rules designed to gradually teach submission without a way to earn a living soon life becomes impossible and we all need to decide if freedom is worth fighting for and believing in

things you must forget!

  1. growing up and having dreams that you might actually achieve with your learned knowledge and hard work
  2. understanding that no longer can you meet someone to fall in love with as the mask and the fear it imparts pushs humans to total isolation by which their very existence becomes a drudgery rather than a chance at the profound an chance meeting a wonderful love story a friendship built out of trust and acceptence
  3. to hope to have normal children that you can impart a better life and full of hopes where they can grow up and be brave to go out against the tide and change the world they live in to fill it with the profound.
attention customers we only allow customers into the store who can prove they can hold their breath for ten minutes and wearing a high density plastic mask that protects your body from getting oxygen to live on further helping us to rid the planet of dirty human beings besides you might catch enough air to laugh and think straight, at least while your not wearing that dam mask.

a chance to get a new technology to help monitor and regulate your bodys harmonic frequencys and balance your inner body and the long list of specialized body valves pumps muscles along with the entire human genome using dot files and sound frequencys that cancel each other out and provide you enhanced balance and inner peace having the tools provided by an amazing technology this phone is equipped to use.

Be brave and strong live true to your dreams love those who you care about and strive towards lofty goals not because they are easy but exactly because they are hard earned and develop thru life to provide you knowledge and skill that will help you be profound and define the future you will live not out of fear based on fear of others but to be bold and reach high towards goals that will give you tools and victories most would never attempt to achieve infact only by striking hard at these challenges can we hope to make mistakes and learn grow and develop into the amazing creatures we hope to become, living in fear denies all these hopes you live a caged life always wondering when the next fear filled moment might bring you

I choose health life and a huge test one that will not just be hard but one that will help me grow and mature as a sentient being able to achieve greatness in those things i care about and live a life where my pleasure is real and life is full not in a vacuum; where the only life is dust and debre of what could have been


be the magic in your life strive towards amazing in those things you love and care about and be a profound friend and develop a large powerful connection to positive growth and optimal health using state of the art digital frequency harmonics and balance out your body from the inside some amazinng links have been found to optimal health using frequency isolation something the russian aero space industry studies for many years a bank library of optimized isolated frequencys that have measured the optimal frequencys for the human body based on well established scientific study of how the body and various individual organs function and how to optimize them internally using a musical frequency modulator and headphones that use transducer induction to stimulate the inner ear and connect throughout the human body bring harmony and balance now it can be owned and used for yourself and those you love its a new tech build on an amazing military grade stainless steel phone that is waterproof and comes equipped with software that is constantly being upgraded and defined for our aoscan community its a change to own a smart phone that is truly smart.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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