well lets face it the last day of the year from hell a political planned social destruction of life as we know it

the grand event of the year will mark the dawn of the American people who have lived and faught for freedom to ignore the new lies of media conglomorates and fools on the political path for the lies and deceptions that have been an open war on life as we know it. the fools that started it still push harder and harder now they have made another boastful claim oh no the new strain of invisible cold has arrived just in time for the regular cold and flu season but now they have a plan to inject you with a mind and body altering chip designed to take your life down the road to distruction. will you continue to fill your heart with fear or finally get angry so you can overcome the insanity we have long lived in freedom to live our lives fully and free only to live now in a life of absolute drudgery and dispair what can you do how can we come back, important questions that is for sure. look how the new vaccine is being horded first by the grueling animals who work in the three houses of the government they have decided me first and good riddens the vaccine is not what they are getting they have decided to expose the end cure for the wealthy by making you think you need to rush out to get a shot from your local medical deli.

How crazy to see people lining up like cattle in a slaughter house; waiting for the custom piston on the back of the neck so you fall. Forever what will the vaccine alter in your genome no children no future no hope but if you chose to stand strong and tall and like the millions of us Veterans who know how prescious Freedom is can see that its a call to arms for true Americans Trump won the real election by a thousand percent over biden and those behind the deep state its truly.

time to mark the target and expose them where they live listing there home addresses and meeting them in person to ask the big question who died and made you God? where do you think you have some magic right to control the future of the only human race on earth its time to face the music i know that on the sixth of January the capital will be surrounded by millions of Americans young and old demanding that President Trump launch a full criminal trial on those in the deep state who have gone so far off course for the only free nation on earth SHINING with freedom and the dream of a profound life where you can live in peace and have your family live a prosperous life with safe homes and children given full course education to be amazing sentient beings.

wow its such a nice vault im sure we will be happy as long as they promise not to lock us inside and let us die

the list will be long though there are so many who have drunk the koolaid the pharma has long funded decent and deciet they knew if they created the perfect storm that they could cash in well here we are they are ramping up production as per the order by deep state leaders to inject people with a new way to die one that takes about two months to happen but still a death sentence where your own DNA is altered forever the fact is each year will still bring the cold and flu season and they will still insist you get regular updated injections of new smarter tech.

Did you know the new defense package just put trillions into the Jedi protocal a new satilite strategic system designed to oversee and control the chips being injected into humanity and they have started it around the world like the prep for their xmas feast to sit safe in there hidden shelters far from the masses they are responsible for killing what will you do Shut the capital down now they have again dashed any hopes of some kind of rel dont you realise its our money they are hording not theres they work for us the get paid by us and have been doing so for over a hundred years its time to demand that unless you perform the job given with diligence and intelligence to stand as a gate keeper for the values of this great nation then you will be brought low by your exposure and judgement by the citizens of this great nation.

the list of culprits is long but here are just a few

Pharmacutical directors and corp exec

senior democrats who have alligned themsevles with the euthanasian protocal

the Bildenburgs around the world who meet each year in the private armed santuary in northern europe to decide the fate of the “Herd”

Bankers and investment leaders who are funding such evil around the world out of greed and in a cold attempt to destroy our lives totally.

Wall street raiders who have been bailed out in the nintys and now have been key in the destruction of the lives of billions of humans around the world

the policy makers who have driven humanity throughout the european union from war torn parts of the world while the military industrial complex strangleholds the oil rich middle east and the poppy fields of afghanistan for the pharma industry the true drug dealers on earth. they use our military to help them secure the resources that they desire without getting their hands dirty.

the communist government who has just put two million human beings in a concentration camp in china stolen these peoples lives homes familys and given the assets to there wealthy criminals who have by doing so show no moral values or integrity,

I could never be part of abusing humanity out of some inner resentment or deep felt hatred because we all must learn to live together but in American freedom is not a dream its a reality and must be protected i cant wait until six days from tomorrow the gathering will shake the world as all eyes watch what happens to freedom and liberty in this greatest of nations

amazing tools for your health

be part of the most important gathering in the history of this great nation be in Washington to demand they stop playing games with liberty and freedom they have no right to give orders that are against both human character and against the laws that created this great nation without each other we are just victims waiting to be pulled into the meat grinder.

the election has developed a cancer one of decetion denial and lies to hid the huge sums of money we have made our nation rich beyond word the whole world looks up at America and here we have those who didnt get into office to make this great nation a shining example of life and justice peace and organizational skills collectively as a society not a few hedge hogs out to impress us with swagger we can be pirates cold and cruel when the basic values of our society are being threatened,

its true for over forty years the world has feared the scary big enemy and we find now after all this time its not political system that can be valued as better then the others except as per our character and how we behave as humans.

that being said its a principle of honor that will always bring this great nationi back to center of the road the people that I grew up with know that there are millions of Americans families that have long held and lived by those values brave and true but here we are at a turning point the wars over the last twenty years has touched us all the mass mogration of millions from the midde east over lies and deception over the very reason for the war’s. big global has finally done it they have lite fires on three continents towards power and might as a valid reason to take what they wanted and then press the world to know that we are supporting them its time we choose wisely who sits on high as collective members of a larger society the society of man dream and nightmares are just differant paths of a dream, America is not for sale and sadly they have already put a deal on the table will america become just a has been. Giving the world the hope of freedom and liberty.

be profound and reach for your dreams no matter how high they might be bring amazing to the journey as you live in the only free nation in the world be profound happy new yrear may it finally begin the retacking of America and the nation of liberty. bold dytnamic and a place where the best people on earth work to make the world a better place rather then a place thrown to the wolves of Wall street and pharma snake oil sales men and the military industrial complex.

check out the full interview by catherine Austin Hicks its profoundly true and needs to be learned the ” Planet Lockdown” we all need to go to washington to let them know how we feel as Americans the lies and deceptions the stolen billions no trillions of dollars of our hard earned currency that was a beacon to the world economy no amount of apology’s will solve the crisis of these criminals in finely tailored suits who have the gift of gab and go about justifying lies and stealing the entire wealth of the people of the United States of America not the corporation which has squandered all the treasure on a bag of dirty deeds and crooked deals designed not to help the world but to destroy the cultures and communities who live around the world

just like a tsunami from hell one that had no warning and was intended to keep us blind until it hit. the economic crisis based on the foolish choices of wall street and the banking cartels with there dirty deals and attempts to assure us the actions taken were not there fault. even though they pocketed billions of dollars in personal family wealth while the rest of us gradually fell thru the trap door of hardship because every system was built on lies that could not hold water a dam that could not contain the lake behind it the shopping trip of cheap for us and gread for them.

weather cars or airplanes houses or corporations when integrity and honor go then you have disasters both in small and rural as well as urban sprawl America can look back ad Chicago and Milwaukie/

lets face it simple the literal year that has passed has destroyed millions of small businesses and put the rest of this world into a place of war torn europe because of a invisible bug that kills but cant be seen sort of like devine decision when no matter what you do its time to go and as sad as death can be we all will get a front row seat to this to struggle thru in our own way like game of thrones all men must die king of the north being a leader is about skill and determination strong will character and integrity and in the end the evil lives bring their own judgement look at the bastard son ramsey bolton wow he was a nice guy not who you wanted to be in charge of the castle well America is a great collection of families and diverse values but to go through life in fear takes toll on everyone because people who live in fear react without care to harm the living humanity sectrum of life bold and dynamic if we keep healthy and work hard the future can be better if we spend years like this hiding under a chair waiting on the big earthquake life is already over we just have not looked ahead. bringing the facts out will provide you the proofs that confirm both that i am telling you the truth and that you can choose to walk an inch in fear and die each step or walk a thousand miles being grateful for the experiences you have partaken in and become the profound amazing thing called a life worth memory, dont throw it away its not something you can request a second chance the best examples are history

when you look at east Germany the citizens wanted freedom more then drudgery and risked life and limb to sneak past the five thousand special troops guarding the wall well in the end finally the people rose up and refused to be beaten down any more well this example speaks volumes there are so many of these events in history its only right that America also must rise to the challenge and overpower the criminal element and press the values of the United States of America the bill of rights the fact is covid stopped all access to rights for all disabled people they could not travel or even get basics while locked down. there were no numbers to call no staff to respond and yet a year later it has not changed infact they keep pressing for more regulations to control more of the total access freedom provides and they want that to Stop now.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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