Already the world has changed course

the life of Politician he has attempted to run for president for his entire career forty years a world crushed by fear mongering just got a boost from Biden he has halted all checks on border and issued standing policy to offer free transport to all illegals lost in the southern deserts free of charge. All American citizens must hand over there first born children to any one who shows up at there door the Americans will now be expected to volunteer recompense to the Mexican government along with amnesty to all drug lords for anyone killed during the long standing war over power south of the border now they have a seat behind the thrown like in the movie Oh brother where for are thou at funding centers designed to make sure anyone who came here illegally will be entitled to free housing and a custom credit card with 10 thousand dollars per month to help you bring all your relatives here.

Until further notice by BoViden the national Rotunda will no longer be open to American citizens for fear of Covid and Freedom of speech is now banned forever in Washington DC. as new corp. governess to control the spread of information wow just like the movie equilibrium feelings are banned forthwith

When he takes his oath it will be in a military isolation zone literally nothing but buildings and soldiers for miles how can a man who ran three times for president continue to believe the image in the mirror is so amazing, worse then than Twitter needs to be shut down for taking the freedom of any american away for expressing his or her thoughts any company that lives on the system of America must honor free speech funny what will they do when the citizens stop supporting and using there services for this breach of trust.

the best response is to stop supporting those who have funded this presidential first the first president who bans public access to the inauguration because citizens might not behave as ordered until further notice all Americans must wear a red arm ban showing them for what they are enemys of the state of insanity the enemy’s of freedom and liberty the enemy’s of the entire world all must see and know who you are.

edward munch did this ghoulish painting and it fits the present day world completely

Executive order 2

that by no means will anyone sneaking across the border be stopped searched or detained in fact all border staff are to invite these people into there homes and make sure they have what ever is needed to begin there lives as neo-Americans including their first born child will be renamed in thier honor to Chuko along with food and transport to insure they arrive at the desired city they want to take over in the new Mex-Americo.

to hear today that dozens of soldiers who serve this great nation were removed from Washington DC because of there personal beliefs what in the hell are these idiots thinking to remove soldiers because they held different views on government and policy’s is not a valid reason to remove a soldier in fact its funny with his plan to inject there beliefs on culture and personal characters into the service of this nation. i am glad he will stand alone in the capital and speak to a monitor of well behaved media followers and a after party that will include free face masks and mandatory bubble rings that all must wear to insure no one gets closer then ten feet from each other to protect from covid.

oh how nice he is pushing that all Americans must wear a mask to live on earth funny the south American claim to fame is that 17 of the 23 most violent country’s in the world with a population of less then 8 percent is the home of over 34 percent of violent crimes and murder ms13 is just one of dozens of gangs who hail from south America of course i am sure its all trumps fault he caused all the problems in the world and now we can scape goat him for the rest of it, yet it seems careless to not see the truth before our eyes that what will become of a nation that keeps acting like a ping pong ball bouncing across the net from democrats to republicans each choosing to counter what ever was accomplished previously.

I would say that we need to remember this day for the rest of our lives it was the day the devil won big now long held freedom s will be questioned never have our rights been more under attack not interested in attending the party of a criminal with his son hunter which way did he go Biden.

ex order 3

the corporation of United States will seize all public held assets and from this day forward use sell destroy give away at their own discretion America will demand all citizens must be tracked with tracker chips and comply with mandatory vaccine or other health innititives based on making sure the herd is kept at peak consumable quality for processing.

new details of President Boviden

America will not stand long under the contempt of deception and lies sadly the citizens of the United States fail to feel the gravity of these parlor tricks and control tools designed to remove all freedom from the citizenry of this nation,

bugs Bunny new executive orders on first day of loony tunes presidential orders

1 all people will from this moment forward request permission from local agents authorized by Biden to oversee rendition and decide what will happen to the assets portfolio of those who we deem worthy of euthanasia’s policy towards cattle in the herd who will not listen and follow the screams of the political management who are here lets face it to hunt chickens because that is what chicken hawks do they hunt chickens.

As Americans i would hope this new president will honor the constitution of the United States and not undermine the greatness of our nation by division.

its time our people feel represented with integrity and honor that no quick return to lobby hell for the majority of citizens; finding a common ground one of trust and integrity. Windows of the world will remember this day as it is a return to all the policy’s that were destroying us from the inside and only by active involvement can we hope to stop the downfall being proactive is better then waiting for the dam to burst and the flood waters rush into our homes and lives no matter what the new leader feels about the wall along the border unless its clear he can stop the violent gangs from central and south America from riding free across Mexico with the help of those who sit in high castles of old design pressing hard to destroy America by policy’s designed to hurt the freedoms of America.

A lonely day for the new President ?

Why: the facts and the truth are not separate but they are complex our nation must insure that elections are based on the values and principles of America and as such the voting and election of citizens to serve our needs must be chosen by Citizens not those who have no say or right to say who will serve as representatives of our great nation.

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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