So you have the reigns of power what will you do President Biden

clearly there is a real need for financial and emotional comfort and clear and complete team work to make this nation rise back up to the levels it was before Trump was slapped with Covid hysteria and the lies that followed Fauci has stepped up to some thrown but he is no kind his call to fame is the Aids and HIV such a sad claim to fame and to see the reciepients of the new vaccine are finding out they now have been given the best gift the gift of HIV and who knows what else its sad to see the throngs of gay men who are out so infatuated with him like giddy kids when santa is agreeing to let them sit on his lap. well time for this nation to be back on top and that wont happen with the houses of government divided and the truth is regardless of the tragic new plans to ban proper id to vote for all official offices of government Polosi her goal is to accept the Californian plan to stop all forms of ID and allow anyone who can write there name to vote on high power positions in this great nation enough scandelous treasonous acts she has neither the rights or the faith of the people of this nation and we will not ignore what is being done now to secure total lock down of this nation of laws and liberty and freedom they are trying to turn washington into a state not because it desires to be part of the nation but to secure two more dedicated slave democrats willing to sell there soul without even a clue what they are planning,

a great city that is basically dead all the huge buildings in New York abandoned streets empty except a few individuals wandering around the empty streets what a sad image of this once thriving national treasure with millions of illegals living and working here now only illegals have jobs Americans have only fear as the government keeps putting us in the meat grinder

The honorable National Guard troops who serve this nation and rise up to help protect the citizens of this nation from every form of domestic threat and now they are being abused by Polosi they are not your private security force to deny them the honor and proper treatment needed rather then line them up every eight feet around the capital rotundra foul to make them go lay in parking garages this is america and these soldiers are American and deserve the full respect both by citizens and those in office who think there job is to be a crossing guard and deny us the Citizens who own this nation the rights to travel to or gather near the capital there is no socialistic government and we will never allow one here so enough with the threats against Trump and the past time to focus on making this nation support the citizens of America with jobs and honesty enough with the lies and deceptions and before you go blow billions trying to blame all the problems of the world on Him we can be sure that a huge majority of those who work in capital hill have particapated and planned many of the criminal actions we have seen weather its stealing money from the treasury or running a world empire building plan that has been under motion for over 20 years now from Bush then Obama now a four years of Trump a Republican who did so much good for this nation yet since three days after his election half the government was worse then the march on capital hill they planned schemed and tried every possible way to bring him down and destroy him as our president.

its funny that now they are continuing to beat at his back as he walks away what a sad waste of time and money this nation needs its base values reinstalled and the criminal element removed with full prejudice either get busy bringing back this nation to us the citizens or abdicate from your new office if you cannot sort out the problems then you are not the people who need to be there we can elect better individuals willing to work hard like trump did to bring this country back from the deep pockets of warlords and dictators around the world it would have been called sedition in the forty’s and fifty’s if any American politician went to a place like china or north Vietnam and made a back door deal selling the treasures of this great nation to anyone who had the moral character of a Hyena.

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America need to stand tall and make those in office do the job we want rather then to line there own pockets and attend balls and parties while the rest of this nation is without jobs future or even hope as the year passes and most cannot and have not paid rent or even bills due with credit card company’s stalking us daily, yet the government never missed a payday while the majority of America was stripped of all they have worked for over the years now even the new help given by Trump to insure we had something for over six months there was no unemployment and even with the new update that six months is substantial we do expect you to take care of American citizens no one should be allowed into America until all American citizens have been provided fully for. we have no way to move forward in the present state of oversight designed to lock us down and deny us life on the grand scale i am very sure the people who work in washington have never skipped a beat to life parties gatherings dances concerts and private parties where no one wore a mask and they held these events right up to the new year of 2021 yet for the millions of Americans who were denied Christmas or thanksgiving even new Years because some idiot believed that only virtual gathering over the video screen or tv allowed even some states tried to force people in thier own homes to wear masks all the time how insane is that like i know they let the mental patients out of the psych wards but this is cruel and foul to a whole new level. and it still has not stopped now the press is on to force citizens to get vaccinated so the herd can be salvaged. Im not sure where you are from but i have never been called a herd animal in over sixty years on this planet as a disabled veteran second generation with a father who retired medal of valor recipient from the Korean war i was raised to love America and respect peoples freedoms and also stand against tyranny and sedition.

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well its clear that now trump is gone and Pelosi is using the National Guard as her private security detail lining the streets of the capital i guess they will make them stand there until the summer comes hoping they can continue to steal away our world and freedoms before our eyes especially since no one is allowed within blocks of the capital if biden wants to show he is the right man then he needs to put the pit bulls back in there cages and return this great nation to the one which has existed for hundreds of years one based on the Constitution of the United States one that protects the rights of Citizens and Veterans are not living on the streets with no dental or medical unless they fight to get 100 % service connected, but if you sneak across the border you and your family will be given homes housing food shelter clothing and the jobs that will be stolen from Americans the Wall the began with Trump will be finished not to stop people from coming to America but to stop the gangs and criminals who sneak across the border to deliver the worst members of society down beyond the border from as far away as the drug torn central and south america the gangs that brag about how many murders by getting tatoos of stars under their eyes to show how dangerous they are. from murdering cops and entire families for not agreeing with the warlords and drug dealers so they must be silenced and the ways these guys work is there are no rules to life but power and death, this isn’t the world that i thought could ever survive in the United States a nation built and supported by Dedicated American citizens and veterans families who instill in there children the values of honor and integrity.

the vote is not something that can change; unless its just thrown away, if anyone can vote with no way to confirm there identity they have the ability to file dozens of votes under dozens of alias names and that is just what happened this time when ten million illegals live and work under the radar in the United States they are paid to support the votes told to them by those at the top ones who were elected onlly to distableize this nation from core values long locked and protected this nation will be destroyed if Polosi continues to foam at the mouth trying to destroy the leaving president what a waste of tax payers dollars and worse to ignore the huge problems that must be addressed now!


debt forgiveness

loan forgiveness and an end to the bailing out of corporate America while the citizens can not even breath buried under billions of dollars of national debt yet we still find hundreds of millions being handed over to other nations just beause the political will is to pay them off for some kind of gain individually by the leaders of so called nations.

education reform that works to give our children american citizens the tools to be amazing rather then offer those who will take education to anywhere but to the values of this great nation i cannot believe i see all these day carespopping up to teach foreign language what part of American language is English and should continue to be the language of our children i dont care what language you want to learn in life but all citizens must speak english to bring us closer rather then push us apart.

This engraving shows the proclamation of the republic in Bastille Square on February 27, 1848.

America is based on the right freedom of speeh yet Twitter and face book have decided they have the power to silence us What americans need to do speak your mind at all costs tell the truth even if it means your death stand strong for the values you were raised and support and defend this great nation against all tyrants weather foreign or domestic. to fight to your last breath for the nation built on the laws and freedom and liberty that the entire world looks to for guidance and hope. before we support a thousand other nations we need to first secure the rights of American Citizens who have lived and struggled to make this nation great.

we as Americans need to stay on top of these criminals who think we missed our boat when they rigged the election and now attempt to remove the very varification process of said elections

The power of a few angry politicians is not enough to stop freedom stand or the hundreds of millions of Americans young old happy sad single married gay straight a diverse nation of individuals who will and do believe in those base laws of freedom liberty and the constitution that gives us the bill of rights and protects our freedoms when ATT was controling the entire communication with there monopoly we forced them to sell part of there empire to allow a fair market share to others. yet today companys like Amazon Target Wallmart and a dozen other huge power brokers not only have a monopoly but need to be brought back into balance why are they allowed to continue to dominate the entire nation with policys and lobbiest who have worked behind the scenes to steal our nation and change the laws with amendments that are designed to disable the same bills drawn up by our for-fathers.

hate is a horrible diet to eat and as such America is not that place we are a tribe of many diverse citizens and cultures all with the rights and system built to empower us as individuals as well as communities

Santuary cities have been working to distablize this nation by the very fabric it was built on and they continue to force there draconian rules to subvert our great nation what is life without freedom as any slave or travel to india where there lives entire sub cultures of people called the untouchables shunned by all of society even the poor what nation is this that we cannot support our citizens but we daily send millions even billions around the world for any nation regardless of its human rights or political system and they have been given not only the key to the nation but have spent years emptying our coffers.

the acts of a few do affect the masses and which nation will you wake up in tomorrow our soldiers are being abused by political leaders for there own personal protection why is that they are honored citizens who have signed up and risk all for this nation and that means the citizens of this nation not the elected officials they work for us and have far too long walked on the dreams of us for there own personal gains.

If you have ever been to Cuba we can see how hard the life is for most citizens without any rights and left to the mercy of a few wealthy families who care about others who strive to bring the people hope not church but the inner drive of human beings working together under horrid systems designed to deny anyone rights except the few who feel privileged and above the rights of others

i would hope after so many years working in Washington that you would be able to unite the three houses of government and move forward with plans that can bring this nation back from the brink but if your team is those like polosi who are rabit hunting Trump for some personal vendetta that will never allow the different factions of government find a middle ground and move forward, first if you think to stop building the wall that took many years of crisis and facts to start building; we are not building a wall because its pretty its being built to stop the influx of very bad people and worse drugs human trafficking cayotes who care nothing about there cargo weather its young or old children or drugs they sneak into America and cause huge problems for our society as a whole so saying you stopped the building of the wall is a bad joke so what now the bad things stream into america day and night and we just ignore it that half a million children vanish or are abducted and pretend it isn’t happening right now the nation needs unity

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and unless we start now to build on that idea it is pretty much over our nation and the citizens who have worked and lived here all there lives many have spent time serving this great nation in the military what part of allowing non citizens into this country without even knowing from where or who they are or if they have a new strain of covid we all should worry about this move to rush in non vital executive orders seems like a bad donald duck cartoon with millions out of work afraid of the media and politics that seem to imply we must stand six feet apart and wear masks but you are going to open the flood gates to all the illegals entering through our southern border those who have spent months even longer wandering north to the US border from places of extreme poverty and dispair where your children can be sold from your back yard into slavery and prostitution while your out going to the dirty sewage filled creek for a bucket of water; and by stop building the wall: Somehow bring us back to the table as citizens and ignore the real issues that face us as a nation will be the beginning of the end for the Democrat’s Americans need to be taken care of the National Guard standing on the streets in Washington eight feet apart to guard what the new cartoon pollicys like stop building the wall are not important the capital was not marched on because we hate america it was marched on because we do love and care about this nation and all it stands for and does in our name.

Covid lockdown closing small businesses by instilling policys that are impossible to work with and no honest details to the public its clear there are real issues that need dealing with not trying to get rid of the things our last president did or didn’t do how can you think Americans after a hellish year want to watch the democrats spend entire year or more just trying to cancel anything that President Trump signed into office and spend billions doing it impeach a President that is no longer in office because you said a fair election and circled your wagons is a hellish comedy really! that is the most important thing to do, focus on destroying Trump rather then show you care and bring our nation back to where it was just before the covid scandal our military strong and provided for our citizens working and earning good livings raising there families with hope and vision of a great future. one that was promising for all Americans including those who sneaked across the border we are the most important thing y, ou should focus on lining the streets with our citizens who are trained soldiers and mistreating them is so wrong what will you do when they choose to stand with the Citizens of the United States against scandal mongering politicians and officials who say one thing and do another what will you do when the soldiers you lined up stand with the Citizens of this great nation??

the tragic truth is nothing you or your new elected officials can accomplish anything if you wont stop trying to destroy the legacy of his four years which have done amazing things had the Democrats ever tried to accomplish even half of what he did in office a nation can only move forward when it works together and unless what we are seeing is somehow a united nation and our citizens come first let me know let us know because it surely looks like none of the things you are spending all your time on seem that important to the citizens of this great nation we are tired of the games and lies the soldiers who are lined up in Washington are members of our nation and communities they have families and children loved ones and lives that they care about there not your private security force to protect you as you began to rob our national coffers again or spend it trying to change the outcome of the second world war or stop even aids you in fact are injecting people with HIV how is this not intentional in every aspect. to even hear such shows Americans in fact citizens of the world that we cant trust pharmaceutical compays only as far as the crow flies and politicians even less.

Maybe Mr President you should focus all the energy of the government to restore the lives of American Citizens rather then focus all your thoughts and energy on the president who vacated the office only to avoid blood shed of our citizens and i wonder if you actually think that the veterans and active duty soldiers would ever fire on American citizens family men who have children and live in communities around this nation. they will not do this they are representitives of America and We are the Americans who they represent and protect at all costs even life and freedom liberty and justice


around the world all eyes are on America for if anywhere freedom exists its here and We are those gilded in metal as warrior men and women who have served and honored our nation with dedicated service.

To know personally all the illegals who march across the border to steal into america do it intentionally with no regard for the risk of or from the people who make a living marching them through the deserts of Americas south west. Texas has long stated the border is not a place where you want to go on vacation and the huge number of people waiting just south of the border is a migration beyond belief they come to take the jobs of our citizens and steal the benefits of our tax dollars just like the politicians have been doing over the last twenty plus years with wars raging and excuses of need to kno they have cashed in big time at the innaguaration its funny who came to Bidens private armed party only his friends in crime Bush Obama what part of this picture do you think we missed,

the capital was marched on by peaceful American citizens and they walked and expressed there first amendment rights loudly after a year of watching our nation shut down and lockdown life by political decree and now after a year of having no idea when the gates would be opened they marched to voice there citizens rights. Take a look at Twitter and facebook who choose now to silence any voice that doesn’t fit the political voice approved by those at the highest levels like Kim in north Korea paranoid killing anyone who doesn’t kiss his pale ghosty ass and now we are sitting in America with our rights being removed and the government not only didn’t step up to defend our rights but literally agreed shutting down those who don’t follow the sky is falling video prompt must be silenced this is not the nation of America and the entire population will soon raise there voice to a level not heard since the civil war.

why not try to form unity here and realize that this great nation is founded on principles that protect and defend our rights freedom of speech being the one most important one all others come along with this so will you unite our nation and send the scandal mongers out to pasture or let them divide this nation even further Trump has been blamed for every crooked road and deal in America and now he’s gone from office what will you do bring our rights to full and amazing places where safety and security ARE NOT at the mercy of the wind and tide crossing the southern border is a huge issue to national security why make all Americans go thru tsa and be searched if you will allow anyone willing to walk thru the fence without even a drop of connection to this great nation. what and where will we see you stand up for America rather then the small powerful groups of imbedded politicians who sell us at the weekly fire sale around the world.

I and millions of other veterans want you to rise to the occassion and serve this nation with honor and integrity silence those who work under you who seem lifes great joy is destroying others regardless of truth and facts simply to cause suffering and sorrow to the rest of us in this great nation.

I met a woman on a local street in NYC said hi and suddenly she launched a hate violent constructed attack on me for saying hi what kind of insantiy is this in America or any other place in the world humanity needs to stop subdividing and start focusing all our energy on a bright future where all our citizens have the rights and security to live profound lives based on values we were raised with not subjugated to the imposed values of those who believe somehow they are above the laws of men. i would ask all those who read this to share we all have power we just don’t understand how the system works they have worked so hard to insure we didn’t have the knowledge to maneuver thru the very system we live in.

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