Bridging the challenges that lay ahead truth about covid and the gross lie being used to spread it around the world,

edition Q

there was an amazing video on the other night on utube it was finally possible to share the complete details of the last year an you will not like what you hear but i think its better to have the truth and now how to prepare myself to handle it and continue on with life. here we are you should watch not because of my invitation but most of us in America have family and loved ones old and young here goes this link will take you to that video and i hope it helps no judgement hope its presentation comes as a valuable tool for you and your loved ones the organization has made a very patriotic and humanity based move forming a organization called the facts and all great deal of research went into this and you will not believe what she and her collegues share its a issue that effects all live on earth the very core of your being and those you love please read and share utube bans frontline doctors speech Dr Simone Gold has a team of amazing doctors and upto date very important info that she shares i am honored that real patriotic americans still exist and can see through the fog of reason. please share we all need to know that this is being done not only to some but all of us across the earth its a crime against Humanity a important tool before you volunteer to get the new EB

what is the goal i would ask and how much are you willing to invest personally into this desire dream and future you invision so brightly. Build it with a strong base and use your time wisely especially during the time you invest in design and planning the journey ahead; the fact is all life can be boring and worthless when you spend your live in drudgery and only if you decide to adapt and change the new world is full of quicksand and bogs that slow you down and cause stress. Having a optimum health is one of the best investments you can make and its not as difficult as you have been led to believe, we need to focus on positive things to bring the full force of the QUANTUM UNIVERSE INTO PLAY ” CREATE YOUR FUTURE BY INVISIONING YOUR FUTURE FULLY.

When you wake up be quick time is something that can never be returned always moving forward and always moving as fast as time wish’s it to move. you can remove the details that cause you kayos and put in time each day to find new ways to adapt the tools and skills you have to work in the new endeavors. its important to bring all your friends into your life forget the covid because without the support network to provide positive feed back a place where you can uncompress and feel comfortable and able to share your hopes and desires this is one way to get new input to help you choose the best path to your destination.

all around the earth you can find that ancient civilizations walked on earth long before us and we can try to build a world that can be profound and open up doors to vital change and growth. To take time each day to get exercise and work hard towards the goals you have made i find that some tools work better then others such as supplementing your diet with super trace minerals they fill the vacuum that exists in corp. farming where food is grown on the same field every year and no effort is made to re-enrich the soil with proper nutritional supplements.

you can get these at a great center for health only the best holisitic and natural supplements along with water purification systems that can work for your entire home; Probiotics from Brisbane Australia from lemon and Ginger to whole grains a full scope of other powered and pre biotics all from the best sources packaged and overseen by those who care about what you put into your loved ones bodies. the link b

We all have struggles and complex lives i am not trying to guide anyone offering amazing things that work for me as always the best tools of the universe are Positive in nature a vibration that abounds with each thought of good each touch of kindness we all possess a deep inner soul that is connected through the entire magnetosphere and bounces across the earth like a base speaker in a sound room.

having positive outlook is vital on all the levels of your life, weather you stand along or are in complex family the facts are valid to any outlet we have to choose the direction we are to go and then get up and strive for it like the brass ring on the old Merry Go Round

Each journey a assention in both experience as well as emotional and spiritual levels. when you touch someone you love it charges our inner being without connection searching the universe is difficult to say the least. Our lives deserve us to press for the gold not because we want to show everyone else rather we do it exactly to build our faith in ourselves not others any praise is great but that is not or should not be the goal.

within each of us are drives strong robust and profound in nature each unique special with talents that none can compare if you took time to search your inner self you could see what i am saying is so very true.

Each day i make sure to dedicate time and energy to the things i love and cherish we can build great momentum but it has to be dynamic in both practice and outcome wanting to excel and achieve your best at each step and being brave enough to go back and change anything that is not up to the high standard you should hold yourself to,

Second is to insure i make a good meal early in the day when i need the extra energy i find when i changed my diet from cereal and toast and went for the scrabled eggs and meat my body over a few weeks developed a huge surge in energy levels and alert to these in all the things i do.

The Ao Scan is next its amazing when you start to read about the Quantum fields and frequency’s we learn that our body and soul are very connected to every other magnetic field and person on earth across oceans and mountain ranges. this is helpful to me and takes less then ten minutes to finish and then listen to dot files mp3 in dynamic transducer headphone that uses vibrations from frequency to balance and cancel out negative field fluxs and bring mild adjustments and the information that i recieve in my email is full detail color images of all the various support systems lungs blood flow even DNA the full report has provided me a base line and see the ever changing levels in my body.

another amazing thing that has all come into play is that the same technology i got into aoscan mobile before it launched well yesterday was the official launch for Solex LLP Quantum and they also launched the new industrial laptops its so far above and beyond and having this in my personal possession to ensure my health stays at its optimum levels as much of the time as I can. another great thing is that this amazing company has zoom meetings almost four or five times a week to help us understand this amazing technology along with great videos on line that show how the frequency and harmonic effect the quantum field and that is so important to us as beings sentient intelligent creatures who are connected at the smallest levels,

My Phone has two sim cards and multipe amazing deep value tools that help us live a better healthy life

Over the last four months its been amazing that i was able to get in at the begginning like Apple when it launched had i the ability then but i didn’t

I was not going to miss this one and the rollercoaster ride has been amazing like a school i am learning through the reports about my inner works and how they work together. I am tired of trusting my health to overs and even to the point of Parasite cleanses they change everything we all have these creatures living inside us taking our nutrition and using it for themselves every full moon is there cycle and then you get more ever wonder where the chocolate cravings come from well i hate to say it but its parasites they crave sugar to the point there destroying the hosts look at all the diabetics and every store has hundred of pounds of suger filled goodies eye level to your children how cool. when you take away the massive sugar and fill your body with protein and healthy natural with lots of Water and exercise not running marathons simple go for a walk and each time try to extend the time and distance go easy and remember this is selfish your doing this for you.

I love to write seems a way to open up deep inside to let the energy run like the ideas, we can be amazing if we just try and keep our minds and spirits on h=positive dynamic and fully committed Life is to precious’s to throw away in the trash and if you sit at home ignoring your need to live a life with daily and profound emotional connections and building the spirit of your dreams as you press forward towards your place of AH.

if a day will pass and you hide in your room will your heart burst of sorrow as the sun crosses the sky and you miss another day to go out and be profound and deprived if you want to be happy it must be achieved and what will be the story if you hide from this journey

dreams and desires passion and life all that you feel the times you are filled with delight for love is there and in your life and your surrounded by those who you care and share in lifes great joys.

walk down to the beach or stand on a high hill at sunset wander through a forest trail deep green above and the shallow whisper of wind through the canopy above, do you remember how it feels to have a loved one give a hug or see that smile you waited for all day or week the one who knows you true. Majestic mountains distant lakes rivers running deep and nature never fakes we stand together on a spinning world surrounded by millions of creatures all under the same sky all seeking a way to survive will you hide until your death is near miss out on the life that will make it worth being here. i have included this u tube video which provides a good and professional description that will help you understand your connection to this unseen universe since the day you were born and finally you can bring it to bare and help manage your health and the efforts you put towards health become more positive to our lives enjoy

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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