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Ao scan mobile a new digital freedom platform

for billions of years the universe has filled with sentient intelligent creatures and there great advancements were in the quantum realm where time and matter collide at every level.

for the last four months now i have been out trying to share this amazing new phone and the technology i get to use and its beyond my hopes so lets share it on the blog right share it hope you like and can find the great value it provides i am glad to offer something that work on such a deep level to help the human body function better.

the 9100 doing a comprehensive scan

it makes sense if you would like to see how it works i can provide you a full demo what is needed is name age date of birth and weight and height and an email address so you can receive full report there are so many different specialized scans that can be done but i will provide you a comprehensive.and inner voice scan if you will provide several things needed to activate the hardware in inject your specialized frequencys through voice stress levels when you get your report by email it will provide you so much relivant info you will think i have details of your life and who you are but that is your frequency’s and how the scanner reads them with in our world and universe we are all connected at atomic levels and the connections are profound. the greatest gift is that micro tech has allowed a machine used by hospitals and medical labs to be made so small it could be delivered to an individual for there own personal use as well as there ability to use it on those they love and care about a tool of infinite value in these day and times its your chance to get into a next apple without being under there control or domination. be your own best friend and trust you connection to the universe the next tool is focus on your health stop eating the bad we all have some basic knowledge of diet and what sugar and starch are carbohydrates and protein all vital to life as we know it and some of us choose to burden our body with so much it must break down for you to need to fix it rather then just keep abusing it i have four main choices

1 each day i eat healthy protein few if any carbs no sugar and a active life style you need not run miles each day unless you enjoy that simple walking and daily exercise do great to help you keep your body active and balances

2 pure source of Probiotics from Brisbane Australia both liquid and power spirolena lemon and ginger zing don quai and alot of water. i have a filter system by Johann Grander from austria but if you want the same the only water company that grander treats there water is fiji water and that is the best look for square bottle good stuff or contact ask for rebecca or anyone in the store can help you with convenient mail out service provided or go to to order on line.

when you look into the mirror try to stare deep inside and think about why am i here what do i want to be and do and will i share amazing and happiness or build a vault of sorrow by filling my world with fear sorrow anger frustration dispair and a support group of negative thoughts and people who are not profoundly honored to have me in there lives

if you need specialized work you can also go on line to seek both readings and individual appointments the site

when you take the time to care about your health and are tired of a dozen different doctors with unknown names make huge decisions about my personal life and health based on there best guess so i should think if i take the time to learn myself about the important things in my life rather then sit waiting on some new order or direction of what i can and can not due. its amazing the life you have if you fight the urge to give up and surrender each day a more amazing one then the day before only if you face it fully and dont give up on your own dreams sure others dont understand i was talking to a friend the other day and he asked me how i could continue to go out with out a mask was i not afriad of covid ? My answer was very simple i have had a profound life traveled to amazing places faced uncertain events that almost took my life or left me injuried and wondering if over time i would be able to do the things i loved and there have been days when the sun set i took a deep breath and was grateful to the day for all i learned and experienced with no regrets life is a profound journey when you choose to show up and try to be the best you can be at all you chose to do why would i deny myself another chance to be delighted and educated by the universe i am so blessed to live in.

the journey a sheer excitement race against time and space to learn experience and enjoy so many things from love lust passion sadness desire humbleness compassion and understanding that in this life we all have differant challenges to face and how we do depends on how hard we strive to accomplish the goals and lessons with no expectations beyond doing my best sharing with those of like mind and values and making sure each encounter is one of positive growth and understanding:

a moment of AH

the value of life is such if you knew all i have done in life how can you not understand the sheer magic of it and race towards it. I have spent my life filling time and space with fantastic and amazing why would i ever stop now; weather bungee jumping or parasailing surfing or scuba diving with sharks live is an endless opportunity to live amazing be profound find things on earth that you only dreamed of. From riding on one of the sleeper cars across India or visiting ancient temples or mosoleums of ancient princesses life is a journey and i push the limits at any opportunity the year 2020 was for all extents and purposes another year except everyone else stopped living and i wondered how long they would stay locked up rather then being amazing. I have found that by choosing to go out each day and strive towards my dreams and goals is the only way i can feel confident that i am doing all i can and striving towards amazing and going for the life possible.

There are real important parts health is one knowledge is another if you keep on track towards the knowledge and goals your striving for there is no other nation in the world where you can achieve so much and be so fantastic a sentient person who has chosen to chase a dream and finds that once there they are so content

A man who grew up dreaming of flying as he grows older realizes that there are no short cuts to dreams only Devine dedication and a diligent attitude towards learning and growing each day is one last chance for amazing and unless you show up at the starting line you cannot enter or finish the race to the place of AH. the fabulous knowledge put into the software library for Solex or aoscan is a well defined and intrensic tool to optimum health in the quantum level where all of us are connected on a global level thru the magnetosphere we all connected like talking on facetime to a friend or loved one thousands of miles away just another level of harmonic frequency each of us is a magnetic instrument that needs tuning from time to time and aoscan gives you access through your membership in the tech a library that was developed over twenty years and in USSR they dedicated billions of ruples to understanding optimum health and isolating each and every micro cell structure and full detail complex value system that can be read and understood clearly by the reports and from all that i have brought into this company they find great value in nightly zoom meetings by senior science staff allowing us to learn from the source and develop our own skill set to knowledge of the human body and how it works within the Quantum realm

Watching the events in Washington i know the reason Trump left the capital he knew his integrity would be mared by the lies and deceptions of the democrates who still think they are so smart to steal the election and trillions of dollars in our American Assets. for the next 69 days the UNited States will keep the capital locked down thinking they are insuring there power will be complete yet they didn’t watch the Apprentice or they would have known that was is coming is not victory but the ultimate loss the Military is guarding the treasures of America and the citizens of America we can clearly depend on them as President Trump has serve us well and especially the military long ignored by those like BUSH and OBAMA they used them like dispensible tools to consolidate there world power base instead they have shown there true colours to our Veterans and active duty soldiers the time is coming when this nation will have full control of its borders and the people who thought we didn’t see what was being attempted instead we saw it and rather then waste oru breath allow them to hang themselves with the rope provided Had Biden really taken the power of washington DC the games would have stopped and the entire nation who has waited over a year now to be free from the insane covid which even against all odds has still spread just as it would have done without shutting down the world to see it first hand instead they destroyed our lives and left us in a learch

so to make a bold statement regarding what has transpired the democrat deep state has attempted to steal the rights of Americans with covid and lockdown instead they have shown us the true nature of the beast for four years all attempts to remove Trump were fouled by his hard work and dedication o making America great again securing our nation from possible future terror attacks and that is why 300000 men and women were busy working to secure our border from illegals especially the worst from south American the gangs and drug dealers who have been chased out of there nations by there own actions rapists murderers those hiding from crimes too visceral to speak about and yet the first day Biden decides to show trump what he thinks about freedom and Americans in general no intelligent American would vote for such a man who wants to focus the next four years on destroying President Trumps hard work and good things done for America and the United States citizens so lets put a day to that prophecy 67 days from the 20 th of January March 28th our nation will rise from this nightmare and the criminals will be on the run all the plans and schemes will be foiled by those loyal to President Trump the military is not supporting Biden why would they support a man who goes against everything there oath stands for “Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and in theend we will be thanking the sovereigns who have taken the time to study the rules and worked hard to instill the system values in there children a nation built truth and liberty freedom and the stones to stand up for it at all costs God bless America.

Its a new day another life will you survive the day will you meet old friends or accomplish something amazing we get no take overs and rather then continue the kibbles and bits we should understand how the government thinks about our intelligence capabilities capacity and dynamic drive the images are a mirage the truth is much deeper about America and the founding fathers to protect us from the worst attack possible the rise of corporate greed against humanity; they have been feeding us media about the take over of AI and aliens rather then the truth we have crossed major universal thresh holds in technology and understanding the universe but they refuse to share it for any valid reason. the four years we have just struggled through were blanketed by political attacks by the democrats for every day o fhis term of office. Not one time have he faltered or swayed in the goals of this nation and we as Citizens need to inform those who still drive our nation towards destruction should wake up before its to late you can do alot of things in the world but not steal freedom from the United States of America the Washington DC area is locked down to protect the system of democracy from any attack the fact is Biden has no power over our future then Carter did to his brother billy bob down south and peanuts.

the full constitution is filled with precognition of any thing that could threaten our nation inside are entire battle plans towards protecting the world according to a system well versed from many years of struggle to escape tyranny and injustice under british or spanish rule.

these rules lock the offices of government and no one is allowed into the entire government those there cant leave and those outside cannot get in.

lockdown on a empire level the capital is the motor of democracy and as such all the various parts and controls live and work here we have watched something horrible but it was not really horrible it was all lies how can President Biden accomplish anything if the government is in lock down and the split in each house and the congress have made it impossible to clear or approve any bill to help our nation without unity and team work right now the economy is shut down except a small tech sector and minor minimal jobs around the nation

i am your father you will come to the dark side

What can happen if we continue to starve out the people who depend on some hard work and income to feed and provide a life to those they live and love what kind of society can bare to live on one 1% of the income achieved just one year ago and will never recover.

there is no time for these people to argue back and forth and get nothing accomplished everything was still running under Trump moving forward at break neck speed and now nothing is moving the world has shut down and we in the UNited States have locked those who are in major part the cuase of everything that has happended in the last year plus present day problems in one hour Biden cut the jobs of hard working americans who were estimated income per month of 1.5 Billion dollars in payroll one signiture of Biden has shut down z entire line of workers across the southern UNited states

Freed all gang members and illegals what will tomorrow bring how many billion will they spend to try and press against Trump and anyone who spoke about freedom the gathering was not a riot not even the march there were a few who went over board and they will answer for get punished because that is what a democracy is supposed to function like there is no double Jeopardy and those who are witch hunting are on the wrong path that President Trump has left office not even NIxon was punished for watergate none of the crimes commited by wire fraud or taping phones was ever put on trial it seems that with facts like that nixon walking away on air force one with a wave the new government went on with striving to accomplish positive things in this great nation how can the new officials get anywhere when they are totally focused on trumps image walking away and the dont attend to vital things jobs debt releif and a national pride that shows all American citizens are well provided for the opportunity and ability to live free and chase there dreams along with those of there loved ones and community.

when you chose to join lthis is the phone you will reicieve and its fantastic already set up and ready to go just log on and start bringing it to bare in your life and those you love balance harmony substantial tools of frequency balance and deep scan technology to help you manage your health at home without facing these places of fear like hospitals and doctors offices use to be you would stay home when you felt sick and if it got worse go to the doctor and only in extreme cases would you then go to the hospital now even the healthy are told pretend you ill and wear a mask to protect you from things in the air

but unless and until the government starts to accomplish positive moves forward increased freedom to move around and continue on lifes journey stopping the over baring media and monitoring going on around the nation that cities and states have stripped all citizens of work and future hope of any work now they are trying to blame the world problems on outgoing president who at his midground had a seventy percent positive feedback from American citizens around the nation jobs and hope were in high surplus now we have not one of these in place to work out problems and deal with normal everyday needs even a advanced fema plan show.

gaining in pressure the deep state took it to the limits by pressing at all sides against him not because he was doing something wrong in fact because he was listening to the Citizens of America and working long days and nights to provide us the best chance’s

when you look now at the government they are fighting to destroy Trump not restart the nation seems they missed the game plan to put our nation back on track, somehow they think we all marched on the capital to complain about Trump yet it couldn’t be farther from the truth, we cant continue under draconian rule by political parties who care nothing about us as a people or the nation your and my forefathers worked so hard to build there is no excuse and we need to hold those wasting all the millions every day to destroy a good american so they feel better about the horrible things they do in office with the resources of one of the worlds greatest nations because there job allows limited access. so now they have worked for years to disable the bill of rights and amend the constitution to make the real amendements less condusive to the design of the original individuals who were building a nation that protected and defended the citizens weather buying all the land from Texas west to California it was to build this great super power and now.

they are attempting to steal the thrown incognito while we are distracted by the fake pandemic sure this year there will be another covid a worse strain and all citizens should race out and let them pump peanut butter into your arm because Fauci has made sure it works by testing it on chipmunks and they did well. time to wake up and really look at the truth behind the year long lockdown and what the results of hurried shots of unknown products. from the first wave the damage is fatal to think that you will be protected when the fact is our government is hiding from the things it has done over the last decade with the resources of this great nation. again i would love to share the tech what is needed is send me an email with full name date of birth height weight and your email address with and a short nine second recorded txt message or email i will put you into the system and send you the report from your scan and you will see the report has been spot on to everyone that has been tested it develops such a close description to you and this alone is amazing the reports are very accurate. so anyone desiring this send as requested to my email at

one last thing today senator Kennedy said it best that Polosi has no right to deny a sitting president the same rights all americans have and further to impeach a President after leaving office is not only wrong its illegal to try him for the actions of other citizens of this nation we would not want to have the president of the United states taken and charged in a foreign country for crimes of individuals in times of conflict {Polosi needs to be muzzled by the rest of our senators and congressmen she has gone too far and further considering the issues around covid and the year of hell on earth for most Americans we need to calm and bring back normalcy not rabid attacks and spending billions on a wasted trial only thing that can accomplish is a long drawn out insane media circus which we neither want to hear or face enduring with no jobs and no answer to the problems we face to restart America. we need economic relief such as wiping out our personal debt and opening back the work place for the majority of Americans they just want to live and work this insanity over covid now a new covid next year another new one the answer is so simple the cold virus is alive and it mutates itself every generation so if you get tested for covid your getting tested for the proof in your body that you have been exposed to the cold season virus which happen every year the only difference between this year and past years was 5G rolled out this last year and finally the markets are saturated with these 5g waves and frequency’s this has altered how humans react to the cold and flu season and now add 5g or 6g the help technology but hurt humanity but its not important to worry at this point what is so important is let us return to live no need to redraw the rules of society out of fear everyone is already at the edge of the cliff enought if you want to change the world go and do it dont sit at home wondering when the media will tell you it ok every new show is a tv show they read scripts writen by someone they practice and prepare for days to perform these information rituals that is why they are always on the same time same station life needs to get back to some form of normal we cannot accept the streets lined with soldiers its our nation and we have done nothing wrong you dont punish one person for another’s actions but here we are being scolded for being frustrated and angry about what has happened just like Hurricane Katrina when New Orleans was wiped out millions of life thrown into a living hell on roof tops waiting days for help no water electric shelter and the government was busy making deals in far off country’s while Americans were dying here this is not an exaggeration the truth hurts but right now America needs some real experts not vendetta time but magic time like the last inning of a world series and who wins comes down the the last inning last strike and winner takes all

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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