All you have is yourself and your dreams

when you wake up to a new day there are certain realities that do exist and others that cannot. you know that yesterday is gone and no matter what happened or why it cannot be relived today, which choices you make and how much effort you put into the dreams of the day;

If you desire to have a day filled with fun and laughter you will choose the materials that will bring about those desires such as surrounding yourself with events and materials that bring fun and laughter into your moment by moment adventure; let us understand that it is a mystical journey we live and deep impact to that adventure comes from what we choose to do with the time and efforts put into your journey.

Some of the most important things we live through in life are based on dreams we had as children weather travel love laughter excitement full and life changing impact on our lives comes from the dynamics of these choices. we all know people from our childhood who knew from a very early age what they wanted to do and even then were pressing hard on those dreams. most of us dont take life so serious when we are children as we are surrounded by a protective family pod that gives shelter and guidence daily to the experiences we are going thru. thankfully some of the greatest tools have become available over the last few years tools and technology’s that can provide both a intrensic and deep understanding to the world and how we are part of its magic.

Defining our path seems to me one of the most important things to take care of early its much harder to go out later in life when it is complex and difficult to even face the more natural events of life if we have a understanding of how the world works and what helps us and what in opposite hurts or hinders us.

Gathering the best tools can help weather your talking tools of your trade or developing a new direction and path forward the tools to a musician would be his or her instrument to a carpenter its his tools for manipulating materials in his craft an artist will have a full assortment of small but vital tools to work there magic on canvas or in clay what ever your choice or medium we all want to insure our tool box is full.

Because of events in my life i have suffered a life altering injury early in life i was paralyzed at the height of my race to achieve; some of us focus too much on unrealistic paths and desires and find that after all we put into these adventures we feel isolated and totally ill equipted to accomplish the rest of the journey due to a failure at the basic level to understtand the scope of what we thought could be achieved so easily.

this brings me to one of the only topics that is critical to our journey that is our health we are all living examples of the profound amazing world we live in a collection of billions of small leaves from the same mother tree spread across the earth. yet we fail to see that connection due to the scope and size of the universe even at the smallest level and take important factors and ignore them when its at our own peril to do so. I have spent over thirty years struggling with my spinal injury it has taken so much just to continue forward and face each day without a constant limitation caused by the side issues it has caused, so i have done a great deal of research and tested and tried so many so called solutions that didnt work some gave minor comfort to bare the pain and limitations and others were more damaging.

To this i have finally found an amazing new tool that is non invasive and provides what i thought was not possible a deeper understanding of how my body works and what can be used from the point of non invasive or barbaric ways such as cutting the body and trusting others to carve me up to remove something with the assurances from these doctors it might help with pain but there will be long term side effects i must understand Eastern Medicine uses the values that cutting the body should only be used as a last option as we destroy vital energy pathways when we cut open the human body it causes a ripple effect; sadly in the Western world its about carving up the turkey or supplying a box or a suitcase of pharmaceutical’s that cause more harm then good.

The new technology of aoscan is dynamic and amazing it works on quantum energy and frequency harmonics by using some of Tesla’s key theorys and the extensive tests and long researched tech for over thirty years its tried and true and provides real tools for you and the people you love these scans used to cost tens of thousands of dollars and up till recently took an entire room to place the machine so check it out and any questions do let me know this is the next big thing like when apple launched this is taking the world by storm especially in America

the amazing part is i am presently seeking strong social and dynamic individuals who want to be on the next big thing Solex will change everything and you can be part of it. seeking strong driven individuals who want to make there mark and help those they love get this technology among those they love and care about what better gift then the one about health and quantum frequency balancing like tuning a guitar or violin we know and can hear the difference fine tuning your inner frequencys will dynamically change your daily attitude and outlook towards the challenges of life it is crazy to stand in a line in the rain outside some strange office built like a modern deli where they imply they will provide cutting edge medical care and its impossible when they have no clue who you are or what your dealing with in life its so great that finally a tool that comes in a compact industrial waterproof phone with waterproof camera multiple sim card cappabilities and a vast library of frequencys a library filled with the most optimum balancing frequency library that is growing all the time and it works i have and do use every day if you would like to experience it contact me and i will be glad to do a inner voice scan for you and send the full report and then you can check it yourself its profound when you take a few seconds and speak your name and talk casually for 8 seconds the software is amazing and deeply effective in finding and providing an easy to understand report sent directly to your email this technology has been around for over thirty years but until recently it was so large it needed a spare room and a lot of wires and cables the New Blackview 9100 is that amazing phone and we have also launched the new industrial tablet that also comes with the bank of isolated frequencys used in aoscan and with it you can find valuable tools of keeping yourself and those you love healthy and at your best

at the quantum level its the universe at its finest we are all a complex field of human beings functioning in the earths magnetosphere and our individual frequency’s are part of the music of earth when you are healthy and feel vibrant the entire field around you is profoundly active and inclusive in nature

like the billions of trees on earth all connected with a micro fiber network that similar to our brain humming away in frequencys we cannot hear but affect everything in our lives, check it out i am sure considering the value and technology it is years ahead of any other phone on the market and even with the social and basic apps like all smart phones this one is specifically designed to provide a unique and powerful tool to keep a individual ready to access at a moments notice the specific information to the inner workings of your body.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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