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words of contemplation

so you race out each morning but there is nothing to do, the world has stopped spining and your heart trembles inside want to know the feelings that lived here before the storm.

what to hold on to the memories or the dreams, the sound of water falls crashing on ancient stone yet here we all sit all alone, open the eyes and see the reflection cast on the waters face

diving in deep face first knowing that its safe. holes deep that swirl around like a great storm, moments we spent together laughing and screaming so as we raced down the rapids before us after a years heavy snow, tossed like salad back and forth all our attempts to change the direction lost in natures main course,

high above the water churning the sound of thunder just ahead. bold new adventures that can excite us so much and hoping that we can make it through any storm,

to carress your hair and touch your lips sweeter then honey to a bear love to a sad clown a thousand minutes lost to this a special moment a time so devine sharing these moments a priceless above devine.

to meet and catch a star a midnight blazer racing across the sky a world full of beauty that with eyes open cannot hide, touch the salt sea be brave and find love and desire with every breath you breathe, to hold her hand love her way to get excited at the things she might say.

wander along a raod distant and true a million cuts and a million dreams a life profound and wanderers dream. open the door and wander up the trail towards the top of the rise ahead and the magic you express when we share delights long low conversations by candle light, hearts beating fast as the minutes tick by the defining dream the sound of waves crashing into the sandy shore.

kiss me again and hold me close share the inner smile and that laugh i love most; just a quick taste before we go out, to that club for the boxing match you look so devine all ready to go out between rounds in that sexy budweiser danty blouse, so sexy and delightful wonder if they will even go through the match just to watch you walk by,

making love all night and waiting just to hear you make the sign of such contentment and satisfaction as sweat drips down your golden chest a miracle that your real and in my life tonight to make love for hours every day waiting until the end of the day just to soak of that sweet love you share.

We are the billion dollar creation a inventory of humanity that has spread across the earth like a giant arabian carpet filled with intreket details and amazing cultures all blended into the vibrational matrix a profound living and breathing magic created billions of years ago its time we stop looking out and focus on looking inward the whole world needs to be elevated rather then dedacted by a few greedy little elves.

Before the morning rises the sun before we wake in a new place far from this blue marble spinning so very fast. a bold design across the universe a gentle rustle in the top of the redwood trees four hundred feet tall a thousand years old a mystic connection that few can define

i remember walking on deep green carpets and the giant redwoods tower over head, wind whispers through the giant trees, along open journey that evolved before us and all should be expressed and taken for the amazing it can be find love and desire touch the star’s blanketed across the night sky.

taste of honey that laugh that you share with me the look in your eyes that blazes deep inside my chest like you take my heart and rip it out before i can speak or reach my feet or even protest; your smile and soft hand hold me down with that glance that playful look to pounce to love and play catch the circus clownm take a few minutes and think about later tonight as we pounce on each other and take our lust to task and reach that special goal

when we walk together or hold each other tight to see your eyes reflecting the moon high in the sky or touch your soft warm flesh and touch your ear just to be near your soft golden hair love lust desire all fair game when your there,

simple things get lost in front of us while profound changes happen before our eyes between the sunrise and sunset a journey most profound a dream from many years ago but today was its destination cast all those years ago whe you were young and dreamed of lifes many days and how it would be this monent we waited for to burn off the haze life profound desire tp be amazed depend on your wit and desire be that creature who can wal on fire touch the highest clouds and feel rivers run through your soul.

walk with me touch my brow love me much and love me know, wake up in my arms and hold me close to you all day be the inspiration of my hearrt the miracle of my love the dream of my desires the gifts from high above.

Wander through the universe seeking you again in another life another time a way where we can once again be friends, open to the sounds and sights the open heart the love we embrace to hold you all day on a tropic beach far from the noise of a city and crowds just the two of us happy loving and full of the profound,

magic and deepest desires shared in secret or open to the world to see the special land where we walk as one under the bright beauty of a giant sun where the waves crash on the black beach sand thousands of days nights that pass to become familular and delight to hold you close and hear your heart beat and watch you smile as we love through the night and dance through the day two of us as one so special we share without a word or open conversation so well connected in emotions and love

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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