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heaven is a kind word and good effort love is a bold desire and a passion that launchs the stars

to be bold and dynamic to except the knowledge is your door to understanding and taking the chance on living life fully without fear is the path to enlightenment

some of the sights most missed hiding from fear what an amazing spring and summer in 2020 could not bare to miss the beauty of life laid before my eyes like a beautiful symphony of sounds and colors

its like seeking to walk on a warm tropical beach and suddenly your barefoot in the warm white sand life is only worth living if your going to reach for the height of your amazing and to do this you need to be fully committed to the goals you have laid before you. How can you ask the universe for what you want if you dont know yourself be amazing dream big and strive hard its only your first and only time to walk on this earth as your amazing self

i have realised that unless i go out each day and make a huge effort to bring my life what and where i want it to be i must get up each day and strive so hard but the great thing about that is you get alot of amazing positive results from all the effort made and you enjoy how the day flys by and your problems although some still exist they have and will be resolved and all you need to do is keep chasing the stars, you can sit down at the end of the day and watch the sunset knowing you have done your best efforts towards your goals and realise that all those around who waste there energy to judge and critize you have no power of your life they cannot even grasp there own life,

we can be profound by only putting the efforts into our dreams not judging what life puts before us and walk thru with the best qualities we have learned in this journey how did great men and women in the 1800 travel to AFrica on Safari and wander through unknown jungles see wild tigers and huge elephants ride down long rivers into places on earth where they had never been and where no one else had been except those who lived there with new languages and cultures i remember growing up watching tarzan and all those great movies from the 40s humphrey Bogart the nile river the amazing sights and found magic and miracles of living life on the edge of your seat finding new ways to live and tasting food from far off places i have walked into magnificient palaces and ancient buildings built thousands of years ago by cultures and societys profound like india and Pakistan the north of Chitral in the high mountains where Ghangus Kahn lived and over the last hundred years some of the most famous amazing people in the world walked down the same slate and marble floors as i did

the magic is life is addiction of the best kind sight one of the great gifts and amazing the way i want to journey through the universe one minute or a thousand years be amazing and profound

its your life what can you say to missing out out of fear be brave and profound strive to reach the highest mountain or wander an ancient beach, I remember riding a Arabian Stallion with a great long flowing white mane down the beachs of Karachi Pakistan as we real in the magic of life and seek our magic its so important to go out and strive to find the tools you will need and meet those amazing characters who life puts infront of us but you need to be brave enough to say hi and go smile speak and show compassion as a human being to others the barrior of language disappears and communication finds a common ground its amazing i can tell you i spent four months in some amazing journeys through the old India and saw palaces walked through the Taj with its amazing white pillars and reflections from the garden pools the story of this magnificient place always touched a cord but there is still so much to do i want to go to ankar and wander through Ancient China and am striving towards this goal now why stay stagnant in a pond be bold and choose to go out and build a life of profound dreams and magic adventures ,

i have been so blessed to see the magnificient and met so amazing people from a round the world such as Pramuk Swami and Maharaj Swami and great muslim clerics who wanted this world to be amazing with each of us touching the Ah and knowing that by our actions and deeds by deepest intentions are built and they can be amazing if we just strive fully towards being the most amazing selves haveing faith that the universe has given you bounty and your able to access and use these amazing tools by simple thought and desire put into action with positive innititive and planning to go for the right reasons such as all good that comes its not the actual deed but the honest heart felt intentions we make so make great ones each day and strive as you know towards these greatness and good deeds we are rewarded by our kindness and charity of spirit not money but our heart and how we treat others will be a huge wealth for those who are striving to become the immortal ones those who live a life and leave behind thousands of kindnesses and good deeds the Zoastiran faith says it one of the best ways good thoughts, good deeds, good actions. So i challenge you to build a goal of high intentions and built on hard honest work with your heart open to share and be connected to the universe as she unfolds the galaxy before your very eyes be brave and think from a place of faith and understanding that you have all you need to achieve the goals laid before you and all you need to do is take one step and another.

Besides even if you do not accomplish everything you dream of the challenge and amazing is the joy and blessing that over time you inherit and share with others the world grows as we walk forward as amazing sentient beings caring and sharing the great wealth of this planet and the stars in the sky but we cannot accomplish such things if we stay hiding in fear or putting the responsibility on others for how you will allow your life to unfold only you can decide what and how why and who be brave be smart and see the truth as the main guide on your journey,


We met in clove lakes park one hot summer day in 1982 you were sitting along the trail and i couldnt take my eyes away how much i wanted to stop and talk but felt i need to wait how amazing that three hours later you and i passed again this time i could not help myself and gave you my number and took yours as well that we would get together and spend a day you and i maybe we could just be young and play,

pale pink sunset in the stormy clound filled afternoon hot and humid its true but like the time we shared so special im grateful to now and be alive loving the moments shared and the things we dared when we were young and so many dreams.

The day i called and you invited me to your place got to meet your mother and see your home but the hours spent in your room just the two of us alone the magic and excitement shared something i have never forgotten and would never dare so sweet the sight the love intense indeed the taste of your wild honey the smile on your lips the feel of your soft silky skin as i wander with a kiss to see you above me after your massage the excitement was bold and the afternoon so amazing sad only once and then a few years later i met you on the ferry in early day and again got to taste that honey and its been a memory great in my life so true spontaneous delight what a goddess you were those deep blue eyes and large curvacious hips perfect teardrop nipples that rose to meet my waiting lips to hear your sweet sounds and hold you close what an angel of desire a treasure that touched me so much.

take my heart and beat my soul filled with desire that you and i might know; dont be afraid, be full and fearless: to take this trip far beyond this moment warm ruby lips wet with my kiss, remember well and know it true so much the passion we shared time so true.

I wonder about you sometimes hope your life has been filled with love and desire that all your dreams have come to your life those amazing things you shared long ago about what you wanted to have and do hope you took your jouney across the sea to the mystic places you spoke of when we enjoyed the park that afternoon.

imagine love and lust desire and time together they will fill your heart and inspire your mind to be amazing and profound such a special creature that i have been blessed to meet and know far across the dark night sky wish you the best and hope for your joy in all you do and feel and dive into see and know be brave and bold make abundance a tool of your joy as you journey across the heavens weather day or night to the full moon and stars high above sharing these special feelings of love,

under the bright sun the beachs glimmer so bright and at night they reflect the heat built up all day as the gentle waves wash away the tracks of those who stroled this shore like lost love full of memories that we cannot ignore wander the mountain trails and enjoy the silent dance of life withour barrier and regardless of risk the total journey a gift worth the struggle in time as our world and andventures value in time prescious to have and they never forget the dynamic conception of such prescious gift a soft kiss and warm touch to hold all night and never rush for in love the time clock slows to a crawl as all the emotional and physical tethers fall.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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