Solex Introduction Video

I really wanted people to understand this new technology that’s come out and I hope this little video helps you understand it better and if you have any questions you could reach out to me at all right have a good day

it seems amazing to have finally a tool to help me not only understand my body and all the amazing things inside but provides me a huge library of knowledge that i am able to learn real time in the best way by practicing at a point in life you get tired of asking others about what is going on inside and how can you help me rather then finding out through study and learning the names and functions of all parts of your amazing creation and becoming more aware of the entire universe in the process taking that first important step into understanding the miracles that you cant see; but if you try and listen you will feel them, and this does take time to become sensitive enough to feel all the things you have become numb to from noise to unaudible sounds that do affect ouir health and lives profoundly each moment of our lives

and after you understand and can reach them in your conscience you can begin to adapt and learn to use these feelings to build a inert conscience of understanding and learning to use bio feedback and breathing tools to manage your universal drive for far too long we have decided to let others search out knowledge of the human body and we will ask you and hope somehow that education guided you to be smarter then we are and sadly that is not the case anymore too many have gone on the greed cruise and ignored the moral and social responsibility to honor there sentient nature that cares and shows compassion at the smallest levels in all life

im having a fantastic time learning about the tech and dailiy have plenty of time to utilize the tools available to me and learn at the same time giving me positive focus and energy that seems to compensate so well the rest of the things i am facing each day in life great tools that help focus and keep calm provide me an outlet of growth rather then a stop light of fear.

I am tired of going to strangers who are not close friends people who have nothing in common with me yet seem to think they can guide me to a life based on their values and lessons really to be honest about it we all need to larn ourselves how to manage our bodys and our lives from the smallest tasks to major life shifts we all face health is critical regardless of your chosen life or journey the fact is your life weather profound or misery will be not only overshadowed by your health but all the things you feel and do are affected by the same values and important issues.. taking time to learn about your body and have a tool of such a deep ocean of knowledge can change your life like a good college education can do but this one works in our hands to help us establish a base of knowledge that they have collected and used for decades and give you both the tools and its unique manna for the quantum universe and all the things about it we still dont know and will probably be investigating for hundreds of year more the simple truth is all around and inside us is a micro universe so amazing and filled with millions of other creations living and spreading across time and space adapting to the changes of earth and nature by the second and each one of us reacts seperately and uniquly giving the survival of our species a better chance of survival across time and space , its crazy to hear so called smart people insisting that they have somehow achieved in forty or less years the knowledge of the vast universe and now stand and guardian of humanity because they have some knowledge that they think is valuble and that they have money which they feel gives them title to choose our destiny for us and finally the saddest part the moral fiber of a blind undeground goffer who lives to dig to the next meal,

What about the universe the stars what about all the amazing things we have done imagine us working together as a global society how we could change the stars of our lives and that of virtually every sentient being living on earth and even across the space of timeand the gravity well we survive in.

Talking about having the will to try and make the existence of all life prescious rather then the ones who have gotten the most chose for those who never got a chance justice is a cruel master for the thiefs on top sharing is our source of greatness sadly now the corps have chosen to allow vast storehouses of grain and products we all need rot in storage facilities rather then sell at a loss so people could all eat it is unconsciencable allowing millions to go without even water each day and spend our time fighting over who has the fastest car or boat plane who has the fancy custom vehicles or shiny cloths yet each day millions on every continent go without water food or even basic things mostt in the modern world take for granted and sadly now we need to come together to solve lifes problems not as enemys of each other but as commited to come together and seek out real solutions not political ones they never follow through but humanity must come to the firm believe as a species we can achieve anything if we work together teach our children to share care and provide with this all can have the lives of bounty and prospertity is the wealth of smart caring children living life with opportunity and growth as a species well defined by a high calibur moral fiber about the sancty of life along all lines on earth each has its place and deep dynamic value to the marvel of this blue planet if your continue to destroy species we dont even know what or how they contribute to us as a planet and we are murdering millions of them they have no recourse on the chain of life they depend on our intelectual growth and learning curve to stop destroying before its far too late when the poles have melted and all the water on earth is poison and the only human hope is to try and go steal anther planet with resources for us yet we have neither the tools knowledge or ability and to spend fifty years tring to get past hate and greed could be our down fall each and every day

EVERYONE NEEDS TO CROSS THIS RIVER ; regardless of there position its a very free choice to be made here either they choose to find a new path forward or throw it all away intentionally there is no coming back from this reset on a glabal level and we all must choose how we want to move forward weather its collectively with faith and the help of positive impowerment from those you trust and care about. building this new world will be hard at least difficult absolutely and with full intentions i hope we bring back to the balance once enjoyed in America after the British signed a peace treaty for sea commerse that enrished england beyond any other treasty they had at the time or since.

When you value the truth you seek the various parts of the puzzle so you can make a bold yet totally understandable choice one that will open new doors and close old ones, we can be amazing when we want to but then there are those who have not the will power to rise up from this huge challenges they face now : we all face now.

HOw you choose to move forward is important and we should be thinking of many choices to do that not the same old you that did everything on a schedule and habit now its time to dig deep and go for the gold find that path that best directions afford you and go full steam making your best effort everyday its time to make and start filling your bucket list up now rather then later and choosing to be a influential member of your extended community and drive hard to keep your team and those who you love and care on the front page of this journey and never look back with regrets that is what losers do they focus on the past and never see or touch the future because they choose to focus on the things that didnt go perfect and the things that were not possible to even accomplish so you want your journey to be amazing that means going above and beyond the attempts made before 2020 now its time to press hard towards the new you the one that you only dreamed of who never got the chance to build such amazing pathways to the future and now you do,

Put on your big boy pants and to women that means take out your tom boy jeans and lets press the magic against the tests and challenges that face you in your new journey the adventure where you have promised yourself to not short change your future by being mediocre instead only profound and amazing will be accepted and that has to be a deep felt believe as you understand the the universe will give you what you ask not what you want some of us spend all our time complaining about the things we could never do well there are no excuses any more because what ever there calling the new fear candy you still need to ignore it at the deep level of commitment positive and dynamic changes which will bring our family and loved ones the tools which are available to help us and bring new players into the game ones who have the same determination and drive you do; open the gates and let the flood of new chances overcome you and bring about magnificient changes and possibilities from this day until your last Day.

taking time for abundance

the time and efforts you and i put into life are the reward and challenges we face daily and our ability to grow and adapt change and redefine our world around us using the skills we have learned and the endurance to overcome the hard tests. formations of perpetual temprances in space time where the value and vibration of your efforts come into tune with the forces of the invisible universe to grant both your dreams and deepest desires wanting something and not making the needed efforts will never become the reward as your journey and the tests are designed for your universal growth towards eternity not towards today or tomorrow bringing the collective actions and dynamic choices which open doors to success on many levels we are not living in a real world but livingin the middle of an invisible one and the profound belief and dedication to accept these magical vibrations of the universe to allow the growth to spread like a carpet of fungus across the floor ofyour life and inject the positive tools and lessons learned and adapted on a ver personal level.

weather love lust desire happiness passion sadness longing we all carry our heart on our sleeves and only by opening up the the increased vibrations that our world is entering can you see and adapt to live in balance with the change coming over the world we live in our desires can be fullfilled but we need to make sure our intentions are directed towards positive goals as well without taking time to invest in the little things then the fact is the best layed PLANS CANNOT BECOME REAL UNLESS ITS A DESTINCT VALUE TO THE OVERALL UNIVERSAL PLAN AND NON OF US KNOW THIS WE MUST JUST KEEP PRESSING OUR GOALS AND WORKING TOGETHER TO GRANT OUR WORLD THE BEST OF ALL THAT CAN BE COMPREHENDED IN ALL THE AREAS OF IMPORTANCE.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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