Vaccine w/ synthetic code – the Supreme Court Justice ruling, by law, patent owner/s can now Own You

Can You Say SLAVE
Hoax Vaccine with synthetic code – the Supreme Court Justice ruling, by law, patent owner/s can now Own You
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Hey Wilbur see the latest update horses and humans now can share the same arm

at what point will humans wake up and see the truth its clear and right in front of you be brave and bold go out and define your universe open your heart to the profound amazing things you can be and do dont waste all the time on worry and fear its not worth it over the next few years your life can become a totally new creature your changes define the world around you open the door to your miracles by being real and present in the choices you have and now go be that dream that miracle, offer the universe your best and be filled with the star seed of the universe where you can define the very reality that exists and oversee the changes you need by action not reaction.

larg or small the universe is filled with amazing beauty and dynamic life on all levels and spectrums why would you ever be of the mind everything the same what a boring world this would be the amazing things on earth are unique and defined by there own beauty and positionn on earth look at flowers they control a huge micro world of diversity the bees that spend there entire existence spreading pollen and across the world we do see the magic in such a reality

taking the time to see what you want to be and opening the door to change because its what you desire rather then waiting on the world to become what you didn’t want it to become we all deserve to have a real dream one that we can achieve by our efforts and choices rather then struggling to alter the reality you didn’t want in the first place but the fact is only by your actions does the world become what it becomes.

for those who are still thinking that no one would ever damage you intentionally then your out of touch the pharma wants to decrease the world population and they dont care how or who suffers along the way get a lawyer to provide you some standard liability forms and demand anyone who is trying to get you to volunteer to be jabber track and trace you have the right to be protected and you need to make sure the people behind this new push are willing to accept full responsibility and further will be held responsibility for any adverse effects and challenge the majority of lies and deceptions.

Being Profound being amazing

when you wake up its so important to be positive if that means get a hot shower or go for a run get to it if the goal of the day is building up your connections in this post hysteria world according to mork enough with the lies and innuendo time to go out and become that which you want time to wake up and be bold change your routine go out and eat something new find a new way to share your talents open up to change as the most important part of life is the ability to alter your world through actions and positive thought enough fear and anxiety enough lies and media launched hyper hypo scandelous attempts to destroy people who are basically struggling with the hardest event they have ever faces as human beings

Over the last few years i have seen huge changes in my life from the ideals and principles that define my world to how i choose to alter and change these things to better fit into my life choices and dynamic efforts to pin point and develop new strategy’s for change adapting to over the top ideals that you find work better for you

Take the time to go out and get some fresh air and always keep an ideal of what will bring greatness into your life you can materialize the world to be what you want it to be rather then just learn to cope with the world as others create it you are the one who can take and alter the journey and the very path you choose will devise a better way to organize the structure of your life demand more from the universe by having an idea of what you want it to be over that which is just a simulation only when you choose to design the world around you and put the efforts into it to describe in immense detail what where how when and because can magic happen so allow the universe to give guidance. but some important advice if you are thinking about letting these idiots give you a vaccine then make them sign a full liability and protection from any side effects or even future problems associated with this shot make them take full responsibility as its clear alot of people are becoming very ill from this shot no value to there wellbeing in fact most i talk too think they can get the jab because then life will return to normal and they can go on with life i cannot understand how that is even possible your are altering your DNA down to the microscopic cell level and there is no cure to give you back that part of what makes you amazing there is actually no help in future exposure to any cold or flu and your health will be the true value to your life and finding how to expose weaknesses and change to become more vital and striving to be dynamic in your daily efforts to find and achieve the goals you have dreamed of in life.

its truely sad to think our politicians are attempting to force us to vaccines and that these same so called vaccines are not even close to a defines vaccine as our children have used they are a totally new non human synthetic made in a lab and no idea what or how the human body will react but the idea of being forced to get a jab of some unknown liquid by those who have neither the right or the skill to understand and at all levels be able to define the facts and the lies all bashed together on the rocks

in my heart i hope sanity will prevail we are so far off the beaten path here with scandels and political science fiction running our governments selling our very souls for cheap the lack of character value towards the citizens of this nation and most others is horrific the value of life is so prescious and the governments and those in positions of power tend to regard us as inconvenient truth so to kill us or experiment on us is not only an idea but is actually under way with a clear twenty year track by Bill Gates and his team of thugs out jabbing innocents around the world india africa and anywhere he was allowed to come in and smile and explain it was so important that they poor people needed his jab in the arms young old men women children of all ages

Did you know that part of what is being injected into your body is stem cells from aborted fetal tissue did you know they use fetal tissue in so many chemical mixtures because these base cells are able to become anything or as i like to say they speak the bodys language as they were part of a vibrant young infants tissue and busy building what was to become a amazing bold dynamic creature with will power and intelligence from the 21 day in the womb of the expecting mother regardless of where or even who the end of its life was done in the most violent way and run through a blender to seperate all the various little micro reactors of life.

when i think of whats happening even now its only been a few months and already maybe a hundred million or more individuals men women young old children elderly have been jabbed and in doing so there is no turning back even if you stopped this psychos the like the old neal young song “Ive seen the needle and damage done a little part of it in everyone “

can we now agree that what ever happens next there is no real hope for the first batch of pre victims here some are already dying horrible deaths others jut shut down like a computer failure and fall to the ground dead no ambulance no doctors not even a answer as to cause of death they wont tell you it covid related now they will say natural causes somehow they just stopped doing what it is that life does.

the others how tragic is that they will suffer unimaginable side effects life altering effects to base cognitive skills eating thinking walking taking care of themselves or not the many who are already dying are not going out in a blaze of glory they are oh don’t open the door don’t turn on the lights i don’t want to se’e mama told me don’t go.

most of my friends and family know that never will they volunteer for such insanity its crazy enough trying to find a way to survive with no work lockdowns and crazy politicians inviting million of illegals into the nation at a time of such what is the world lack of a economic boon instead bringing them here when even those who worked every day of there life now with nothing but small hand out checks from these same politicians who insist there is nothing wrong with bringing millions more across the border even throwing there children away to race across the border making the human trafficers and drug mules have a perfect opportunity to make a killing literally thank god the Governor of the great state of TExas stepped up and i have faith in his resolve Biden is a flat out uneducated back woods hillbilly with about as much info as a roll of toilet tissue and im glad some of the other great states can see the writing on the walls Americans are suffering and your inviting a entire population of poor illeterate without even the skills to speak the language or have a home to go to or food to feed the large families they are dragging with them worse off is they are also sending poor helpless children across the continent of Mexico without parents to struggle and race across the border because they want us to pay for there children’s lives or watch in horror as they are sold like cabbage to the highest bidder human trafficking’s is as bad as the PIzza gate from Epstein i guess they’re still here his buddy’s and they need some new young blood for there spirit cooking how can America continue to ignore the horror of these sitting in high places running our nation of values freedom liberty and the rights given by a constitution that regardless of the democrats insisting that its good America suffers economic collapse and its ok what part of all the hard work President Trump put forward do they really think we as a nation will return to four years ago because they will totally dismantle the nation and all the positive things done over Trumps efforts to make America great again.

So already five plus nations have come and stopped any and all vaccines due to horrible side effects massive brain melt down blood clots are not the type being described we are talking literally emptying the human body of blood like a train wreck.

while many other are dying alone in silence which has been there plan all along to inject and they quietly pass away in the night from catistropic failure and besides they wont call and bother anyone

Shedding the new problem for the rest of us is that those who have gotten shot the jab will start shedding toxins from the jab as there new non human body begins to reboot all the mitochondria in the body with the new mRHA strand and this will totally destroy the human cell building system from the ground floor up.

so if you are smart enough to not get the jab then continue to be smart the worst is the cdc protocal they put on there web site called the Zombie protocal and on there own site there is a huge paper written years ago that discribes your and my favorite zombie flesh eating monsters even will smith took at jab at them with the moive i am legend and ironically in the movie hes the doctor who was working in the secret secret governmetn project and the outcome was the movie and the zombies were worse then any imagination and i think it was watered down for the movies so go on line check out the cdc research and the notorious Zombie protocal and its all about the attempts to pass by the mind body barrior the one the long straw is used and the other day she began to leak spinal fluid the truth that those hired to jab your sinus’s hage no previous experience in this unique new job sticking a 8 inch straw up our noses and try to scrape away hair follicles from the base of your spinal cord and the sinus canal ceiling where there exists a few passage ways for nerve endings from your sinus’s directly into your soft tissue of your base of the brain where the spinal cord connects to your miracle star seed are you really going to let these unskilled laborers poke that weapon into your nose when he or she doesnt have even a flashlight they do it by feel and how much of the straw they slid into your nose i mean even your eyes are there all the prescious nerve s optical and sinus even your hearing they have a pigmy spear with a white cotton and nano tip

when will people wake up well if you want to pay close attentions to the news now they cannot hide the death of estimated deaths over two thirds of those jabbed with the cool new goo. did you know that amazon and other major manufactures have stock piled cardboard coffins all around the nation in warehouses and closed malls to use once the bodies start to pile up i guess next is soylent green or soylent red maybe they will call it chowder or vovid burgers,

already we can see whats beginning to happen at the border how long do you think before there are millions storming across the border and Biden JOE will be there waiving his special little flag he carrys since childhood in his pocket because that is what he does well with no jobs and Americans struggling and now train loads racing across the desert and across mexico with there help of course providing rest stations and food for the trip to the usa thanks mexico worse though is the drug cartels and human traiffickers they are ruthless in all they do these people are only money for there pocket men women children young ones are sold into slavery sexual or other types but that is fact it is known so what are we going to do the large citys like new york are shut down except those rich who continue to act like life is normal most struggle to find a way to keep heads above water and survive but with a millions plus each month by the end of summer the city’s will be bedlam and violence will not be in the media they will be afraid to come see what they have participated in gathering in this once great nation its sad but it just affirms to us Americans that the gloves will come off and even the military’s and police they are American as well and will strive to protect there family’s not a bunch of greed based careless fools living of others suffering the end will be only those at the top roasted and out of excuses for there evil

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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