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without fear you are free to live life beyond the limits of your imagination

to be bold dynamic and live profoundly towards the dreams only you have. if you have finally reached the edge of this insanity being thrust upon you and your loved ones maybe its time to decide will you rise up too the huge challenges that face you or throw in the towel and bow down to be a human slave to people like bill gates and his oligark of corp raiders i mean think about it he got rich jabbing needles into poor african women and children promising them a bucket full of something these people didn’t even understand the events that followed of disformed and dead humanbeings that were tossed on the perverbial pile so he could have his team of WHO and bankers come in and demand the payment in blood no in natural resources that these nations have long held buried in the last giant continent of simple complex humans living on a pile of wealth beyond belief and now finally after he has successfully exterminated a total of over 90 million people africans men women and children i remember seeing his media talk when he was explaining how he jabbed these children of africa with a gentically modies agent in a needle and smiled as how easy it was to destroy entire families with a back door payout at over 20 times any other investment he had and then run hide under policys he helped establish to insure that no vacine company can every be sued or held culluple in wrongful death or other serious injury polio and his other attempts many are easy to find look at his history and his portfolio

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what did you read that right hell yes and that is only the beginning for im pretty sure when he travels to far off places hes surrounded by an army to protect him funny hearing politicians talk about how they want to do horrible things to our last president from the worst to the worst even if joking how is it these same people are feeding you a line of bull to get you pumped up with the new manna from gates a bio terror weapon designed to kill of entire groups of human population he wont fight you for your land and treasure he will just sterilize and leave you rotting on the side of the road red with the blood of all those who went before the images are too horrible to share here and i wont cause distress its not the goal the fact is all im trying to bring in is truth and that can stand on its own you can find the same videos i hat have been shared on other blogs about the cruel and almost nazi ish plans and that they have begun and we are watching literally million of peoplr race out to wait in line thinking this little test and the jab twice will solve anything But truth is Bill is prepping you for the next big one coming soon when the roads will be stacked with bodys of young old men women children of every color not there chosen ones they will stay in the trees awaiting time to come pick your bones clean as the vultures they are and im wondering when people are going to start talking in hush tones about what needs to happen to bring our world back from the brink its not politics they are foolish chickens clucking about rules of a corp and not even caring about the human being living on earth that they literally kicked Bill Gated out of iNdia over the vaccines he shot into poor people in india gross and cruel yet done anyway and acutally begining to grasp the evil he partook at the wonderful cultural indian people out of ignorance and poverty they lined up for hours to get a vacines shot from these well paid employees of the Bill and Malinda Gates foundation and made billions

to poison the people of india promising cures for cancer and i guess its clear if your dead or permenantly damages from his shots you wont be around to get cancer that is true but the amount of suffering these people around the world have had to go through walking days to try and save there children agross hot savanna’s and throught trecerious jungles only to be met with sorry there nothing we can do good luck snd because of poverty there is no recourse so ask yourself now your living in the western world where you have all the comforts of modern society but they have been paid to look the other way and go inject you with this poison im shocked they are actually injecting military and police and first line workers who will take the tast of serving there duty when they fall dead or ill and cannot come to protect defend or put out the fire i guess to the rich who own everything it wont matter they will make it on insurance payout after our world burns they will cash a check and pop a champagne bottle at a grand a glass who cares right no history books will talk about the amazing peopled who lived here only the poison that we all rushed out to take becuase they lied to our faced come on the sky is not falling and i would rather life free of fear it is never a direction of faith or backing down to ignore the lies only stand against them hoping others will rise up to the call and see what needs to be done here its quite simple Old Yeller was a great dog but when it got rabies there was a base change and it had to be put down sadly now the dogs are not putting us down because we are rabit but are injecting us with a foreign agent designed to alter our genome and take our rights away like the air in a fire wake up is not an option it is a matter of life its sad to see people rushing out to become guinne pigs for pharma they have crossed the line and are commiting crimes against HUmanity funny how the major media is not even talking about the ongoing events in the Hague crimes against Humanity is not a small matter we all need to stand together and give these carp a quick wake up call and let them know we will not get altered by any means and wont allow them to take our rights or our assets away from us ever they will need to tear them from our cold dead hands and many wont volunteer to be test subjects on the various new ideas they throw around board rooms where bill the emperor of pharma thinks they can deside who lives and who dies i sure wish the poor african people who lost so very much could get ahold of him and his crew even india would take him to task for the evil hes pushed and the sorrow he caused hitler was a bad bad man and his actions and beliefs brought him death but now the numbers affected are in the billions what will the world do to this crazy monster who wears thousand dollar tee shirts and smiles even as he poisons a poor child already estimated to maybe live twenty years on some parts of Africa or india where poverty and lack of even drinking water can cause death

great movie the Constant GArdner what a amazing movie how greed and evil people take it for granted they can do what ever they desire and no one can stop them well its time we shall all show them and anyone else who thinks they might try ruling the world and killing off its citizens funny how they make movies about aliens coming to attack earth but its the very love and morbid species of greedy humans who take everything without measure and demand others suffer to suit there ideas about the world/

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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