it has begun roving SS teams rolling into private business’s to inforce Nazi face mask requirements for all legal persons time to stop them at the door and refuse to provide service to them

be strong dont allow them access to your home and business they have no right but attempting to use fear and there fake official status to barg in and terrorize citizens humans persons time to stop them and share the standard response we reserve the right to refuse to serve you and there is no law anywwhere in America that allows them to do anything else unless your a murderer or being chased for some horrible criminal act other then that stand your ground when the so called agents from others offices of government such as building dept or parks dept attempt to enter your business and insist on some crazy covid rule fact the Governors executive order requiring face masks expired on November 5 2020 and was NEVER reissued so check it out!!!

another important fact is that if you stay isolated and continue to agree with these criminal acts actually they are pirates trying to steal your world with restriction and regulations designed to blockade a harbor like the british did if you stand your ground let them give you a summons if your a human being and feel you have the right to live then what else can you do but stand up to defend your rights as a human being this is not Teninmen Square its America and as long as millions of Americans stand up for there rights they will never win so many valuable rights you have been afforded in America from the Constitution and the bill of rights so read them learn your rights and stand up for them peacefully there is not a Nazi regime that i know of our fathers faught and won against them in WW2 and there bodys will roll over in the grave if we allow a new group of tech tyrants to try the same thing think about the concentration camps of Germany then Russian now CHina when will it stop and all humans stop smiling when they show up trying to bully you you have a mind to think and the ability each of us have been given to stand up and go out each day and be profound and amazing no time to waste on these fools this is not high school.

the irish have faced tyranny for thousands of years braveheart did for scotland what the world needed to teach a tyrant his tyrany would not hold the world hotage
these citizens who are wearing the uniforms have families as well and cant imagine they can every abuse another citizen of america because of stupid politicians or pharma ceos who think the world is there oyster i hope the get food poisoning

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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