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Glorious you

we are the most dynamic creation on this earth still alive you can dig for thousands of years to see that many great cultures have passed the way of extinction and some have vanished from the earth as if sucked up by a giant vacumn. our universe is one of millions of inteligent creatures small large and every size in between you and I are now struggling to resolve a horrible lie one that has grown expedentially over the last fifty years with dirty politicians worse some have gone and become agents of other nations around the world bribed with a few trinkets selling out our nation and the noble values that exist in each of us yet free will is a double edged sword one that can cut in both directions you and i must choose to expand our minds and look at our world as a treasure rather then a empty containership with no one to make sure we share and take the high road of life.

The american Indians didnt have a word for owning the land because they knew in there core that mother earth was her and to live in harmony was the best path for all sentient beings. yet we can see the excuses made throughout the centuries has been its our devine destiny and that no one can ignore the rights of the rich and powerful to own everything including our very souls. yet you and i must choose either to be a volunteer slave or a non particapatory free human who will not allow there freedoms to expire in the hands of criminals.

time to return to life and live it fully without restrictions or political intrigue

To all the amazing women in America i say be strong and bold but dont throw away the baby with the bath water our world is over populated and its not right to go and start snuffing lives because we want a quick fix we need to allow life to take with the harmony that it established long before we walked here and we can spend the time focused on finding real solutions that can help us grow as a species. to see amazing beautiful women dressed all stylish and when you give a compliment they roll their eyes and get angry almost beside themselves really if someone gives a cat call or wistles at you this is uncalled for and you do have the right to be annoyed even angry if they go far beyond a kind word but a kind word is not a reason to be angry

last year while the covie idiots had locked down humans i was out being amazed at the beauty of nature we are approaching the spring a year later will you again let these fools and criminals lock our lives up again

it is time for the wise free americans stand strong against illegal mass information like a junkie getting a botched bathtub herione from the media

lets face it no paper mask every made can or does protect us from micro organisms or any form of foreign matter that is living or floating on this amazing planet we must bring back sanity our women young and old mothers daughters sisters aunts grandmothers its time to get the clowns out of office who caused this and demand them to stand trial for the evil they have brought on us as sentient humans living with a devine right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness not the pursuit of double and triple paper masks and buffer zones around each of us enough

infact you should be honored that someone notices your supreme efforts and how hard your working to be amazing. i grew up in CAlifornia and on the beach every day surfing and rollerskating hanging on the beach the girls from my schools walked around with amazing beautiful summer dresses or even less smiles and long golden hairs bleached from so much time in the sun we can choose to be profound and amazing in everything we do but its a choice finding it inside to be positive and share this world with others without judgement and hate but with compassion and desire to work together our world deserves so much more that every child is rather then starving and dying from lack of food or support systems designed to insure children are all given the chance to build a better world with efforts to make education a real chance to inhance humanity and build our societys advance both collectively and universally becoming a rising influence to stop all the wars and violence to spend time directing all the resources to be collectively shared and ensure that all people have food to eat and water that is not poison and healthy enviornments to live in with proper sanitary facilities we cannot hide from our own waste we must learn to overcome this huge problem

but i will say the answer is not to go and jab billions of people with poison or jab them with foreign man made substances hoping this will give us some control over the world it wont’ we cannot continue to press people blindly and force those with freedom to be subdued and abused or killed we can be better and the universes of inteligent species around the galaxys are watching and im not telling you to believe in anything but your own ability because you can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution be the later choose to find the right information and learn the right needs and how you can open up to become a vital link in a world capable of thriving rather then becoming a swamp of slime.

We have the capacity and the tools now with tech to change the entire world launch our societies out into deep space with positive drive and capacity to become a valued member of universal star travel capible people only we need to stop building bombs and weapons to kill and start enhancing the lives of all those who are here on earth we cannot continue to destroy every forest on earth and its our responsibility to rise up and force the protection of the treasures that make earth so profound and amazing we cannot survive if we blindly waste everything on earth nuclear power petroeum fracking all these old energy systems need to be put to bed its time to stop while we can still hope to restore our world. sure the rich and powerful who are at the top dont care they are going to keep pressing the buttons until they have to stop and have no way to continue down the road to earths distruction and seek compassion and caring servants of this magnificient planet and all the creatures that live here

We have spent a year watching how bad it can be with idiots at top shelf demanding us to live by there rules and ignore our wise individuals who know how to bring our world back from the brink, we dont need to keep playing war we dont need to think this is a solution we cannot survive to experience the universe if we are busy doing ku da graw on all the species which live here we must choose to be amazing and ignore fools who scream the loudest and do our own investigation to learn is what life is about

its not a bunch of years to go out and do drugs go out and abuse the poor because your strong and there weak we need to rather come together and forget this empire building military industrial complex its time to direct our worlds resources to the people of this earth no one needs to be as wealthy as we see now how much is enough how many life times do you need worth of money how will you wear ten coats or drive a hundred cars or inslave millions to work and provide you this life while you squeeze them to the lowest level out of your greed we can share and grow like children of the stars we are billion dollar wet wired sentient beings who without knowing it our spark that star dust that animates this body with all the emotional and physical realities of caring and sharing becoming the most or best of our possibilities individually and then work together collectively we need to give more hugs care more about seeing that those who have nothing are provided enough to share and shape there world for the dreams that they also have working together

one good deed at a time growing our community one plus one is two two plus two is four sharing caring loving hugging showing the depth of our intelligence helping those who have not to ensure they have enough im sure they wont complain and you can survive with a little less. the Earth is above all other needs or world is on the steep cliff we must chose to care about each other each persons life deserves to be one of compassionate human comfort and existence where our elderly are provided for out of filial responsibility and our children are not here to be sold and have there little sentient beings shredded in the foul hands of those who steal lives of children each day for greed and nasty habits that bring no good

A child is not here to pop out babys or be used as a sex slave male or female regardless each of them are prescious we can manage this challenges and we must stop throwing money away on vanity why so many hours a day spent on appearances rather then see the amazing miracle that lives inside you that star dust spark that is deep in your mind which arrives on the 21 day in the womb and begins the growth and development to be amazing again and again to steal water from one part of the world so that it can be sold for the highest price further we must stop hoarding the resources of food and livestock out of futures and greed of the stock market we must choose to share for the betterment of life on earth rather then allow food stores to be rotting in silos when they could feed millions and instead they destroy them to keep there prices high

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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