are you ready for the country ive got pieces of april keep them in the memory brigade put some whiskey in my water suger in my tea whats all these crazy things happening to me this is the craziest party there could ever be dont turn on the lights i dont want to see MOmma told me dont go

Take me down to my boat on the river; i need to go down i need to go back take me down to the boat on the river and i wont cry out anymore

Remember we are the champions we are the champions for all the right reasons that time faces opening the universe to us i remember about two years ago someone told me that we were passing through a threshold in time and space a point of elevation in the universe when the very vibrations of our inner spirit spark would be given a burst of new amazing understanding and its happening people are tired of lies and just ignoring the horriible things being done around the world that do nothing positive and drive the fate of all humanity towards personal distruction and that a few horrible greed driven selfish people thinking they deserve to hold everything in the world in there uncapble hands rather then the entire earths amazing communities grow and collaberate to bring the earth towards a point of balance where every human being living young or old male or female can choose to work together and bring about a peaceful harmonic society where all persons share in the personal responsibility to try strive to bring this world towards the vast future

important tools for my friends check out billy edward andrew meier from switzerland how and what truths are so profound hidden in plain sight this is some of the important things we need to strive for enought trusting our universe and the society we live in long overdue to the change coming forward its time no more blind following fools weather they wear some corp badge or carry some dictoral rule its time when citys are using various scare tactics to keep people locked down i know of four people who have had their businesses walked into and by so called covie verification teams from sherifs to building dept stating they are just trying to keep us safe from the fake covie rashs that have cuased them such fear i mean really do you want to walk around hiding your entire mouth and face from the huge red and green pusie road rash that everyone is hiding its true that the people who know the truth are not walking around wearing masks becuase the masks cause the rash and its permenant damage to the human face and even starts to desolve the brain due to those chosing to get the double bundle jab like good sheep

Maybe we can find a cure for them but to be told that you have to wear the masts to insure you are permantly marked by these specially designed nano face masks designed to get rid of the cheek tissue and start to create huge pus filled boils all around and inside the mouth and sinus cavitys

they beleive that if you wear the mast for enough days in a row that the bacterial infection will lodge deep in the anterior sinus cavitys under your pinean gland to cause none curable bacterial infections

so your asking yourself like they would never lie to us they are honest people but if out of half of the info given it half lies how can we ever hope to be given valuable info we are not the facts and the reality are so far apart what the Govornor of Texas did i am so honored i voted for him he has put a clear path towards the end zone its time enough of the lies we all know the sancturary cities will fight this to the last breath because everything they do is steal from the rest of the nation they refuse to see that only by taking all citizens and providing to them first that stable place of life safety and good health for all citizens can we hope to change the dycotamy on earth to one of growth and development on the spiritual level that place where we can see and do amazing things bring change the world will always see as that pristine truth the movie on amazon “DID THey LIsten” talks about things going on now that were spoken about many years ago not a new truth but the same truth and after all this time we missed the boat due to corrupt politicians and crooked media all out for greed

Lets face it life on earth is profound billions of creatures all part of dynamic societys that we can barely comprehend or understand using poison to show off because its a dependency we must start seeking real solutions enough of al lthe new weapons being created to some how make us safe with politicians out starting wars lieing stealing fighting arguing over things that lets face it regardless of here or some other location on earth its our only earth and we are doing an Zombie Apocolypse destroying forests natural habiitats the poisoning of our very sky that goes back to world war 2 the crazy truth is we are wiping out entire species on epic scale not one at a time but in one square mile of Brazils rain forest we will destroy the natural fauna the trees the shrubs the bees the bugs and everything inbetween even things like mushrooms fungus for thousands of years these bio systems have lived and matured into amazing creature dense societys that worked in harmony then came man.

What will be the end when the last tree is saved on earth standing in some museum or on some concrete build except a glass room with this lone survivor of humanitys careless actions and race to find worthless expressions of what life is not to see millions of humans out racing to buy some strange peice of clothing or getting some rave new colour nail polish and then go out to sit in some restaurant and eat and waste huge amounts of food that this earth becuase we have ignored the truth about population and allowed society to make excuses and in it have destroyed millions of family lives with even more children suffering each day without

We waste so much food water energy buy and throw away things in a hoarding insanity that scales the {Pharoahs of Egypt how much do we need

if we really cared as a sentient society of intelligent creatures and we need to face the facts there is enough for our world but we must meet the challenges and stop popping out millions of children when we have no way to multiply the natural ability of this earths finite resources and all people must be on that page we need to stop the cruel actions of a few small areas of socieitys around the world and we need to stop this cancer now the cancer will kill all of us how can we ignore these things

our world to think that millions of children go hungry and without even water then if somehow they survive to be at constant risk of powerful rich immoral people who have no desire to help the earth but choose to take it all and run we need to forget some of the excess and put more into the growth and dynamic survival of this amazing planet our collective must work together and when you look at the most recent experience of covie coco clock and a year of total overwhelment with lies and deception its time to rise up from the smoldering fire and go gather the people in charge who have cuased this and bring them up on charges not for some fine or a year of there life they have destroyed billions of peoples lives around the world feeling no innate impathy as humanbeing being they are defective our world is finite and out across the earth from water to resources they are being taken away from the local people who depend on them and sold for huge profits to others worse yet is that the way they continue to make great wealth is by rigging the markets and when the sky gives abundant rain and water the crops are stashed away in some silo or dumped into a pig trough even then when the pigs have a bunch of piglets they let them just die rather then lower the cost of bacon and lose profit water from south america is bottled and sold in the west because they havve money and the population locally is denied what it depends to live and grow there own substainable food crops and live stock how can we continue to ignore this with a nasty bunch of politicians who feel they can do what every they want and use our treasures and resources are theres only and from police action to war and domination through killing and war even bombing societys back into the middle ages becuase they refused to bow down the power at hand these cause huge migration and bring down other systems like what we see in europe famine war unrest drugs murder it is not about denying people to come into america its about the lives they left behind and the political corruptions of those citys and states filled with political sell outs living the lives of princes by selling out there citizens America is a grand power broaker and can stand to help protect others or as we have seen be a cuase of such violence and mismanagement towards life in general what you have witnessed is not the twilight zone they dont control the virtical or the horizontal you do but you made the mistake of listening to there stories regardless of deep deep inside knowing the truth

we all have a special pearl inside a miracle of the universe with the potential beyond any calculations our bodys and the systems that run them are just a operations vehicle our spark that miracle that resides deep inside the mind is a spiritual reality creator filled with advanced knowledge of the very boundries of the universe and all we need to is get our health on line and start to dive deep inside there is nothing that you can buy which will provide you the answers even for the problems on any given day but your spiritual spark a fire that resides where they cannot see or even understand and within its build s by the intensity of our efforts to understand the profound like training to be a marathon runner you practice and strive hard towards the needed goals learn to and eat better provide the substances your body needs for muscle mass and strength indurance all tools towards making your human vehicle work at its optimum levels so you can achieve the highest goals

Just like that your spirit is something all living human being have inside weather rich poor young old happy sad ill or healthy regardless of color or what language you speak that spark is the energy of the universe and everything inside the hard part is learning how to create the matter of your life into the shape you desire like a sculptor who daily strives to learn more and gain knowledge to achieve this greatest of goals to create the universe manipulating matter that surrounds you into the life and things you wish it to bare like planting a million trees if you can imagine it and keep your thoughts focused on them there is nothing in the universe that can stop that idea and the stronger your thought process the more others sparks will be inspires as well to help mange the manipulation of the universe this is knowledge and understanding at the most profound level.

Escaping the mondane growing towards the inner power rather then making the outside look cool but inside is actually empty without light the job of the body even the most pristine is to get you around take care of your inspirations and desires perform for the purposes of fight flight procreate and all these things can be amazing especially when your at peak health love lust passoin desire fantasy your spark is a billion dollar invisible rafter able to conjour up anything you can imagine and even those things you cannot control like fear and lust depression and hate base sparts that can burn so hot but still base in value on the scale of your mystical spark that spirit seed from the universe so it will take time to train it into its almost cat like reflexs the ability to manipulate matter in our world is done by motivating or challenging the minds of others to see your side and accept it learn from it and follow it so this last year has been a treat correct we have been dooped and pooped dropped in the soup pot when it was nice and hot to flail around until cooked like a live lobster

you are a billion dollar creation that has spread across the galaxys and lived millions of eons we are not alone and everything is wet wired to understand that except your human soul that part of you that lives from 21 days in the womb to that last minute when you fade out and take our last breath what we do how we do it and what we spend our energy is critical finding the path to AH does give great comfort as you know that is your goal to understand the universe to its smallest level and to its largest be profound be amazing seek to understand that if you want to eat cake with enough energy that is what materializes for you want to be wet the sky fills with clouds and rains fall want to have that amazing beautiful woman walk up grab you and give you a big bear hug and smile and say she likes the person you are we all want that. a hug is worth more than any money can be made the connection to others society humanity life love warmth comfort desire compassion trust faith are so deeply imbedded in our spark that we can literally die from lonelyness a year locked up as political lab rats you know those four footed creatures with long tales in the maze we have been denied so much more than most even can appreciate getting out and being intense profound full of energy and letting our spark brighten up the room so to say be amazing at all the moments of your life and you do not need too pay hundreds to paint your face or polish your toe nails or wear hundred dollar silk thongs its about being that special energy that makes others get involved and inspired being close to each others warmth and determination drive and exceptional skills builds closeness.

oh no the actions have come to haunt Coumo

what he should do at once to get the media hyennas of his back for his abuse of power and women is to announce the total reopening of this state at once that is his only chance to save somewhat of who he was trying to be for the state this witch hunt needs to stop enough wake up and announce before the day is out that you are ordering the state to at once lift the mask insanity and let people go bACK TO LIVE ENOUGH LIES AND CONTEMPT TO HAVE OFFICIALS FROM OTHER CITY AND STATE OFFICES GOING ON A COVIE HUNT BOTHERING SMALL BUSINESSES AND TORTURING OUR WORLD WITH LIES


Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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