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American Veteran Bucket list; is this your Utopia. Get Smart

  • to see all Americans finally be recieving their fair share of the huge wealth the UNited States of America Inc has made over the last hundred years on yours and my names and value for all the events in history the loss of loved ones serving in outposts around the world protecting freedom and liberty only to come home and see illegals get all the benifits of this great nations citizenship without a legal right to such especially since americans are not receiving there incredible wealth this nation has collected doing various international projects signed and delivered by politicians from our great nation. yet these officers didn’t relay even detail of such events as if we did not exist as human being worthy of all the benifits of the wealth of resources and international contributions
  • to see American families out enjoying things like great adventure disney land even disco clubs concerts social events without fear of some sanitation worker coming and demanding some form of social compliance due to the governments attempt to take our rights away using a fake illness and even though the truth is going out now people have all the rights of truth from thier Government its horrific to see these politicians deny us truth the rights to know what they spend our money on where they go for all these paid vacations and what kind of back door deals are they making for personal gain and saying they represent us the Legal Persons who have lived and were born here having full right to the share of the pot at the end of the rainbow.
  • to see American children not being fed lies that will forever weaken there claims to rights given all citizens of earth at birth and gradually fighting off the Hyennas that spend there lives stealing what others have worked so hard for
  • that the government step forward and face the facts and provide the truth as nasty and sorted as it is; to stop spending the wealth of this nation and at the same time insisting people cannot go back to life and try and really take care of family and loved ones working hard doing what they love playing hard with there friends and lovers being human and embracing the entire magnificent journey of life without restrictions placed by those with no right or even the significance in our personal lives to expect even a kind word
  • make the leaders of the corportations running the entire budget of this nation on things like new guns and weapons more deadly then the last where the only enemy is the secrecy and contempt our high blueblood monsterous childern waste the wealth of this nation on vanity and excess while almost 80 percent of us are struggling to keep even alive its not that there is no excess the fact is the US has a huge excess of wealth assets property cash bank accounts long abandoned locked in there bedrooms insisting we have no right to it
  • make the government provide full disclosure of our assets collectively and take away the keys to our banks and this immense wealth as we can see clearly now they are squandering it away foolishly like drunk college kids on summer break

to start seeing men and women out being amazing again with hugs and affection those shining stars of emotional magic where anything is possible love hope caring compassion desire respect affection happiness and friendship and all the family bonds that come from a society that cares about each other trying to build a better world we all can enjoy young old

a world where children are taken of the meat market by a rich Uber class who think that children are just sticks to kick when they get in the way or worse sold into slavery or quickly snuffed by some really evil people around the world who feel they are above society’s moral morass

a new type of leadership one that is put into office to help the world become balanced and more compassionate where money is a tool for change and quality of life not a bucket for the rich to keep in a dump truck they own but to be required to share the wealth and help those less fortunate its ok to be wealthy even beyond limit but in giving back to the world you change its very nature and it becomes profound and amazing life blossoms like an amazing landscape of life new different and amazing exciting and filled with bold vibrant life where each is allowed to learn as much as needed to create a world where wonders never cease and children are provided a door of protection security where they are treated as the treasure they truely are

where women finally given full rank for the choices they make and establish a firm balance to insure it stays that way a smart intelligent woman is a treasure just like an amazing carpenter is to building a beautiful home safe from nature a shelter of the body and mind and a woman given full cord for here amazing skills and talents shows society the intrinsic value of each of us daughters grow up strong independent not afraid of challenges that they will face and secure in who they are able to see through the fog of war they will face against men who cant mature enough to accept or even see how amazing they are skill wise

that our government open up the property resources that are mothballed and a full accounting of material assets this nation has no reason anyone should be homeless and with the amount of wealth our nation has built up over a hundred years denying us access to anything insisiting somehow the government and us were not the same

seeing young people wake up and start soaking up knowledge to insure they have all the tools needed to express the feminine side of the earth community to develop positive ways to help other women from other societys and cultures to be empowered and with full voice speak as one about the insanity going on i can not imagine how women can continue to live in this fake pandemic the fear is something you can see in this moment its impossible to not see you have been lied to on many levels especially as a woman and mother how can you bring children into a world if your afraid of it and think someone else has more right to use the world then you do deny you the rights and freedoms that you were born with and because you chose to bring children into the world

to see new levels of commited professionals stepping up to work for our great nation to expose the lies and excess being wasted to share truth with the american people and ensure that all the resources of this great nation are directed towards making the world a better place not guarding and forcing free human beings to be injected by some strange fluid being pressed by pharma. lets face it if they were not getting filthy rich each little shot and making billions more because they will continue to find reasons to keep you safe by injecting there smart dirt into your human body sadly as a creation of the Stars your miracle body and all that is you is worth more then the value of the earth and everything in it your ability to bring new creative energy towards the problems of the universe and earth is where your billion dollar wet wired brain connected to the universe makes you priceless dont trust some strange minumum wage child stick a sharp piece of plastic into your sinus cavity and touch the base of your brain come on then the injection is also a minumum wage employee maybe just got off welfare to do this

Are you really going to trust a urgent life (savings????) vaccine or Experimental Biological Agent that is injected into your priceless body for nine dollars an hour i dont know i cannot even see letting a family doctor inject me with it so the idea of some ill prepared child or welfare mother stickinig sharp objects up my nose and scrapping the base of my brain well not going to happen and if my doctor comes in to take care of it i will ask her to let me watch her inject her most prescious child first and maybe in a few years if there ever is a real covie outbreak one that actually acts like the predicted on from 2004 the sars and science has finally decided to run real lab experiments ones that test extensively the product that they intend to stick in my body

my machine is very important to me its a life sustaining vehicle and i dont have another one if something goes wrong the idea of needing help in life threatening event is one thing but for these so called experts telling us to wear masks that do not protect us from any bacteria or bug or virus or even pollution lead paint dust nothing so they are pressing everyone to wear masks that do not work and even the company that makes these masks know they dont work and write it on the package as a disclaimer to protect against law suits well politicians dont have either the knowledge or the skill to sort out issues of life and death for free citizens we are not prisoners in some jail who he or she has right to choose the food we eat the cloths we wear the people we must live with or love or share our lives these people have no connection to us as human being they neither life near us or share lives with us yet all citizens free peoples have the right to choose who where when and why there is no part of that saying that says a person elected to work for our nation can steal company assets dictate how people will live where they can live or who they must like or spend time with they are not qualified to be incharge of our children our wives or our parents they have no right to order agents from the police or fbi or fire department mental health services social services these people work for our city but are no where every provided power over us unless we are criminals or in care of government services designed to assist those with challenging lives due to real health issues and the inability to attend to these needs individually

there are no regulations giving the power over our lives a person who works in the parks dept has neither the skill or expertise to help a woman have a baby

a sewing seamstress has no expertise to build a new engine for my car and a top knotch pilot who flies giant Airbus 300 just is not qualified to handle raising my child with the matters of being infant or toddler or even teen we dont put emergency rooms in the hands of homeless people and doctors who work on animals are not qualified to work on human beings so seeing these simple facts its self evident that the political management team has far outstepped there rights tasks dutys pretty much crossed over so far the line they are already in the drainage ditch

its time to take our nation and who we allow to manage it that the have the skills to do the job well not getting into office for public exposure we dont need a new actor to provide our nation with sound advice on how we can work with the problems at hand in a world where we must share and become aquainted with the problems of those in other parts of the world so we can find solutions ones that provide long term positive effect

Having a bunch of old hens spending all there time playing and arguing with in there group and getting nothing accomplished is horrible and we need to see the system set right see our cities and communitys growth and safe development begin and see our children happy and able to dream the big dream and strive safe and secure that they will have shelter loving parents protection from violence and worse and that the bad people will be collected and put to task serving our society from a place of safe secure and a keep busy atmosphere where the bad things cannot be accomplished and our world can begin the long recovery its clear the world is in reallyl bad shape this is far past minor problems and we must decide continueing to follow the advice of madmen is worse then death if you only knew l

Want to see how bad it is watch the series on Amazon Utopia where you can just put a little thought into it and you will be horrified its like Bill Gates in a comic book where they are plotting to poison the world and they have been doing it for years and the comic is a true cosmic insanity of poisoning with vacines and biological agents here life is worth nothing sheep get sheered and children young or old are thrown into the pit of fire at a moments notice how horrific yet its on the teli and you can see that alot of planning went into discribing a world where children have been raised to be part of this global elites plan to decrease world population check it out it will make you think,

what needs doing to bring back this great nation and empower the American’s

enough of the illegals marching across the new border of Just hypocrisy our fear full leader Bison has really done his part he wears double fear diapers and goes out with his crack team of Demo bumkins i am wondering when he will realize these people are not his private dogs but American citizens who have families and loved ones what will it take to change a man what will it take to see the hypocrisy of Biden his life long employment as our government tenderfoot who never bothered to get any new education or even learn what it means to be free in America what that is right to be free in America you need to have a certain knowledge a given thing for most intelligent individuals

the face mask scandal is like England did to the poor people of Scotland forcing other brothers such as the Irish and welsh to go fight to destroy these communities of hard working peoples although there life was simple it was a place of values and culture developed over thousands of years

Bidison is a fool blown fool a joke that the rest of the world is laughing at us we all have some share in this for not stepping into the firing line to face the oppressors to ban the democrats for the evil they have done for many years is critical.

what will the next day weeks months bring i hope sanity and a full tilt knockdown planned for the Domino event of history we will see that first domino fall and its smooth transition to torque the very nature of the world mankind will no longer follow blind men into the oven thinking its just a little warm out today

moral decay and sacrifices of human lives and

junk food joey two tooth Bidonna

our fearfully Neanderthal President out to destroy America life of the majority of our great nation are suffering still after a year of media lies and hellish attempts to remove your freedoms in mass.

watching thousands race towards the border for there free check its amazing Americans not only have lost a year of hard work but worse they have now spent since sept 2020 without any source of income the pua stopped sept 5 and nothing came to us in January they suddenly told us all that 11 more weeks will be received but no retro active checks for over six months these democrat’s are monsters really fools without a clue if you reinstate pua then you need to send out to all the recipients full payments retroactive lets see at six hundred that is 24 weeks over 14,400 thousand but they have ignored it fully thinking American’s are fools and wont really care about almost 15000 and now they want you to claim it on taxs really shut down our jobs and lives putting the entire nation at risk and then to deny us fair value of life to continue to exist on the edge of insanity.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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