Wonder what its for; Life, Happiness, Desire, Lust, passion, laughter,

so here we are standing on a spinning ball about three thousand miles across at a thousand miles an hour and following in its trajectory the sun and the other planets following our small sun across the spiral galaxy

we have successfully harnassed oil from dead carbon reserves poisoned the oceans and rivers killed off entire species of life forms on earth we have driven to extinction dozens of species vital to life on earth

we have caused and faught in the wars of hate greed and brutal attempt to destroy those who didnt fit a cetain persons point of view.and now sit on the brink o world destruction because of a fake pandemic and the plan to reduce the world population by half using the most horrible processes to accomplish this literally poisoning the DNA with a synthetic strand of something never intended for injection of any kind on any person.

when you open your book of life i would hope that its filled with amazing new adventures by which you have achieved many of those things you dreamed for your life

positive outlook positive input taking situations and building internal stop gaps to help overcome challenges faced and situations that taught us lessons and brought more tool into your tool box lets face it having alot of skill in various fields gives you an edge to achieve those most important things in life

I would say its been a long year and now its time to re-evaluate the long term goals and friendships some are missed and vital others were never going to pan out into smashing successes towards your goals and now is a great time to check in with those dear to you and verify if they are still going out to be amazing or have they also locked themselves in a self imposed lockdown fearing much more then they needed the stories and fantasys being fed to us each day on local and international media like a bad drug even though you know they are not giving you something good your still hooked on it the time has come to face the mirror and choose go out and be amazing or hide inside until all thought of freedom and liberty are gone from your head and even your body wont work anymore

going out and being amazing is so important a nice day comes why would you not be out before nine in the morning to go see the world and reach out to learn and grow from those around you finding paths of industrial people who have the same drive and determination that you are putting forth another things is finding love searching out someone who is really on point with you able to adapt and change searching for someone who makes your world amazing but dont be shy go out and ask the universe what you want if you dont know how can you achieve it

forming positive friendships that developing caring relationships with someone who you feel comfortable and alive with no reason to be around someone who is dead. taking up old habits that you enjoyed such as painting or art of some kind bringing back music into our lives has been so helpful to me i find so much i can relate to in music i write and the rhythms i play we are creative creatures and our profound skills to think outside the box give rise to amazing things both as practical real objects as well at those that are more esoteric in nature

i enjoy star gazing as well find that I gather comfort from seeing the small lights in the sky become alive and more defined. which ever is your choices of talent and how you choose to spend that time go be amazing find a group or class where you can share those magic talents and skills during the last year i did a great deal of work in mixed medium such as stone coat epoxy and custom wood working playing my music and developing my skill set to make people happy and enjoy there lives.

the most important thing i can share is not the insanity all around us but to make you see that you are a sentient being created from a spark of star seed and our bodys serve the process of transportation and moving us about the source of the incredible talent comes from a small spark living in our mind the value is such that no man could alter it or change it they cannot even find it yet our that miracle the skills you have the ability to adapt and grow learn and change finding the best way to express your unique skills to the others who live in this spinning blue marble

we can be so much more and in that we can drive the issues of our world into the history books of what we did to save the world from our carelessness and how we took charge of our responsibility to preserve the earth and the millions of micro-universes surrounding us all the time.

your mind is a billion dollar wet wired computer with no wires built in tapped to every part of our body and the universe around seen and unseen we have the capacity to adapt to minute variations and alterations of time and space to see change alter remove replace anything made of matter if we only spent the time and energy focused on making our world that miracle we dream of rather then feeding each other lies and deceptions based on isolation seperation discriminations miss information all tools to lower our mental capacity and drive our willpower into the gutter where it will be washed down the sewer of sad rather then rejuvenate the universe by actions and thoughts deep in nature filled with wisdom from the best places of our civilization another fact is its time to share truth with humanity we all know that life can and does exist around us yet its not confirmed as a tool to steal and keep us blind and in the dark about amazing truths that will propel humanity into a place of polarity and powerful change developing to a new way of thinking and understanding how to accomplish the goals you desire and opportunities to increase greatly the personal skills through solving the various challenges that can be solved and through these accomplishments achieve all that you desire and move forward towards the dreams you have.

if you were a turtle you would spend your days going around at half speed and be fine with it life is everything you make it defining your universe through self actions and amazing accomplishments being all you can be through hard work and determination we find so much out about potential and in these lessons we find a second wind a place where we can perform amazing acts of skill and prowess in our lives opening up to new things is part of the great opportunitys life can provide you.

You will see if you make the efforts the dynamic changes that life will drop into your world through positive thought and surrounding yourself with these dynamic tools opens the doors to you seeing from first hand experience that your abilities do not live in you but are created by you and when you possess personal self worth the challenges become easier and your able to move through them without delay .

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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