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I’ve got a really great idea for the community project for the blog okay goes like this we all live in different parts of the country I mean I’ve got Friends in England and Ireland so I want to do something in the community basis like everybody goes out and tries to see what they can find out about this topic and we share it like a great resource for people that are wanted me in the note so first of all wherever you are you want to start a journal for a couple of days let’s say 48 hours for each of the pages of the journal go outside and see how people are reacting to this fake pandemic talk to them try and talk to people I mean look the point is is with over 1800 deaths from the vaccine and people out there wandering around three ladies I know lost babies from this vaccine it’s time to really up the game on knowledge here so basically a community project is to go out into the area where you live the community live and see what’s going on look at people take notice of how they’re reacting and dressing and the other day lady walked all the way out in front of traffic rather than being on the same sidewalk with me here’s a horrible place to live so you want to just keep notes of this stuff see how it is and post it let us know where you are and what kind of thing you’re seeing when you get outside are all the stores still closed you still don’t hear a bunch of ambulances running around everywhere the police aren’t everywhere so there’s not a lot of covid going on except the stereo overcoat so keep a journal and let’s post it here and share it see how it goes maybe we’ll have something really wonderful maybe people are too old the ultimate goal is to be amazing and dynamic whatever it is you want to do I mean it to me if you’re a gymnast I think that’s amazing I mean I used to go study two hours a day martial arts I loved it and it wasn’t because it was a job it was something that I actually enjoyed doing as a human being as a sentient creature on this Earth and you all have these potentials and abilities but you need to open the door and get out and be that again you need to open the door and go out and show the world how amazing you are individually I don’t care if you’re short tall fat skinny beautiful ugly the point is is you live on a planet that’s spinning through the Galaxy you have all the opportunities in the world if you’re willing to go out there and try to achieve them most people aren’t though most people stay locked up in this fear because they see somebody or they talk to somebody that’s not the truth I mean you could look at what’s going on this is March 20th right this is world series
A f*** ups the reality is March 15th of last year America decided to let everybody you’re not working anymore you stay home you stay locked in your house 3 months into this horrible crisis where millions were going to die that’s what this idiot doctor said oh millions will die from this okay in the whole world millions haven’t died from it okay so look on the scale of mathematics I know some people hate math for reality is if you look carefully at it the mathematics said this year and 2020 with the least amount of deaths from the flu and cold season that’s a hundred years and they have less death from cold and flu do the people that lost people that you loved my heart goes out to you I mean I lost three people too but at some point you have to decide what are you going to do are you going to get busy living or get busy time go on with your life go out there be amazing talk to your friends I see is people aren’t communicating with each other anymore it’s not like I need to be anybody’s friend I have my own group of friends and they all know this is a scandal they’re watching people they love die from the vaccine so why would you get two of them why would you even get one this lovely lady that lost the baby the other day my heart goes out to her man what a horrible thing these doctors are doing I mean even the covid test you’re having an inexperience untrained person sliding a sharp little straw eight inches up into the back of your spine right next to your spinal cord connection to the base of your brain so many bad things can happen well what if they’ve never done it before it’s their first day if they go too far you’ll have things like this final fluid leak like the lady the other lady from I think it was Michigan he develops she was leaking spinal fluid from her nose I mean how much do you need to see to realize that you do not want these unskilled people sliding sharp instruments up in the back of your children’s brain I mean my children are sacred to me you’re not sticking today the reality is the test shows if you’ve ever been exposed in your life to a cold it’s a t cell it’s a simple little marker that your body never forgets it tells your body that you fought a cold on this thing I mean you’re the billion dollar creation here I say this all the time you’re a wet wired computer living inside of a body made out of flesh and you can be anything you want to be it comes down to you desiring now it comes down to you really want to go out and try and have those things in your life

Today’s world freedom Day people should be out enjoying their lives and ignoring things that are absolutely not true and if you just turn on your laptop and look and search like I said you can find 13 notable scientists as a doctors saying oh my God stop this is insanity okay covid was going to be a serious pandemic what happened between March and April not even a year later now they say oh there’s new variance well you guys are idiots you’re just finding this stuff out by research but think about it everything mutates in life

You know another important point is I know people that have gone in to get the vaccine and they’re still here okay but I’ve known a lot that have suffered horrible side effects of this like the vaccine from hell and this is just their first shot so let’s say you don’t die and you live a little bit longer now you don’t have to be just afraid of the covid insanity in a new strain has come along you got to worry about how your body will react now that they just jacked up your computer I mean it’s like a virus there’s no better way to say it for smart people what this job in the arm does with this mrha it hijacks your computer that tells your body how to function your eyes blinking your mouth swallowing your heart rhythm all things in controlled by the microchondria and the DNA at the smallest level and these idiots are literally sticking something in your arm that says hey Google okay weird thing is that I always try to respect doctors for the incredible jobs they do the passionate ones the ones that are kind to their patients I’ve always respected them but what’s going on right now is it’s a mad tea party here who is running these hospitals it can’t be intelligent doctors it can’t be intelligent doctors coming out and saying the truth because you don’t put a human body that’s not in a coma on a ventilator that’s just Insanity it blows your body right up there you blows your lungs up that’s what it is for because your body is stop doing its own business well what do you think the mhrha that they’re jabbing in your arm is doing to your body I mean look you don’t have to listen to me you could do whatever you like I mean this is Free Will and I accept that I’ve really got to the point I accept that even amazing people I know they went out and got the vaccine hey whatever comes to them comes to them but the outcome of the shot is not that you’re better protecting that’s crazy thing it does nothing to help your body function the way your body needs to function it doesn’t protect you from the next cold season it doesn’t protect you from a friend does nothing except allow them to put a little bit into your body and later on when they swap people’s mouths to see who this person is if your DNA has that name written on it from the patterns the reality is is you’re not on yourself anymore they just the supreme Court just cleared it for somebody who has a patent to take into electrical property wherever it is so that means a human being with the swab in their mouth that shows the DNA owned by Bill Gates or some company they no longer have the human rights to be a free human being they become property the supreme Court princ at the most basic level

Well you know today was Monday a new week people out and about the weather was gorgeous sadly I saw a mother and a grandmother holding down their two year old while some minimum wage covid-19 test for the fake pandemic stuck a 6-in shiny little white straw up this baby’s nose and the baby was terrified I’m wondering at what level do human beings start questioning what they’re being told to do you know this test does not confirm you have covid it doesn’t confirm anything to do with covid in fact it confirms if you have ever been exposed to a cold now let’s see yearly all over the world there’s a cold and flu season September 8th September through December beginning of January so every year for thousands of years we have the cold and flu season and human beings are affected accordingly some seasons they’re worse than others sadly 20/20 when they screened pandemic world crisis people dying millions dead well there wasn’t it was 0.03% over the world population that died in the last year meaning that even the number of deaths was less than a normal cold and flu season year but yet they’re calling it the pandemic of the universe they’re telling everybody where to mass now now there’s a new strain of it people don’t get it scientists are not experts in anything what they do is they take something they try and dissect it and give it a name and classify it so they can say they know this well let’s talk about our good man fouche f a u c i this man he is a fool he is the most illiterate ignorant stupid man I’ve ever seen stand up on a stage or on a talk show and preached everybody about why they should be afraid of covid-19 listen let’s be real here there’s nothing that’s going on that should make anybody concerned the hospitals are empty the emergency rooms are empty these people have been going for a year now on a lie keeping people out of the hospital so you can’t see what’s really going on telling you that it’s too dangerous for you to know what’s really going on and I think people need to wake up I think you need to go and look at or Frontline doctors or a thousand other professional sites where doctors are coming forward and say listen I’m a trauma doctor I work in an emergency room and I’m trying to understand why I literally spent a year with no work because the emergency rooms were empty not only were people that really needed emergency Care not allowed in the hospital but whatever cases did come in they were all classified as covid-19 so they can make more money off then let’s face it anybody who died within 28 days of going to an emergency room or hospital was said it was covid related I mean we’re talking even a car accident or heart attack I mean these people were all classified covid related well why well because when the government to keep stimulating the numbers and make look like they’re having a good year when they’re not having a good year to help them convince everybody that they should be so afraid it’s time to stop being afraid let’s get fearless people let’s go out there let’s expose ourselves to what we can’t see and what we can’t feel and try and let our bodies do what they’re designed to do which is to help you overcome conflict and problems that arise in your body’s health systems you want to stay healthy you want to stop eating the garbage food and you want to start focusing your time and energy on energetic positive things in your life because without those things like this is not a life anymore life is a prison cell and nobody wants to live in a prison cell at least I don’t so look I hope some of the stuff I said resonated with you I’d like to think if you really want some information there’s a lot of important things that I could share with you like this new technology you can go check it out it’s

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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