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When you look around and you start seeing how things are progressive here okay so we’re almost to April can people around and about on East Coast still people with people people wearing a lot of mass still being afraid of him just so oh scary word that they created shame on foxy if you guys take the time to go look into his reputation you find out if he’s really not qualified to be giving you advice I mean I don’t know except by smiling and lying and cheating I don’t know how he got where he is specially related to illnesses and viruses and bacteria foxy’s not a medical doctor this Guy’s in raving lunatic

If you take the time to look deeper what’s going on I’m especially looking to the politics of it what’s happening politically you see like Texas right now this is what happened to Sweden and Northern Europe about 2 years ago they were just bombarded by people migrating away from war zones ironically that we started and they’re migrating North and they just destroyed economies they took freedom and safety away from 90% of the people in Europe that’s exactly what Biden is trying to do with the border that’s why nobody’s locked him down he hasn’t done any big speeches he does little too minute blurbs he tripped on the stairs the other day they’re keeping this all locked down for reason they don’t want people to see what really going on

once you take the time to look around and see what really happening here the city’s still dead the real estate market is dead people have moved out of the rich neighborhoods the people that are left here are struggling to make ends meet in an insanity that they have no control over I mean the trains are almost empty supermarkets people waiting in line these are examples of something that’s very breaking point here and I feel bad it’s like we need to get away from the whole fear insanity

Once taking into account everything is going on the lack of economic stimulus at this point now they’re sitting to debate whether they’re going to give people the pandemic unemployment insurance anymore most people have been out spending that like it’s just free money and now it’s a real problem because there’s nothing coming and let’s see what they do I mean they’re guarding themselves inside the capital with a military but we keep safe from domestic terrorists the reality is is we’re American citizens and you do have a right to know what’s going on you do have a right to have some kind of same people at the top that are doing things that are constructive and valuable to us as a society as citizens of the world you know even even when you look around the world and you see horrible things like the chemical gases they were doing with Iran in Iraq and the rest of the world just sat there saying no big deal we have to start caring about each other on this planet because if we don’t sadly we’re going to just to be extinct like everything else but poison the water would destroyed the landscapes you know we sold the people’s water from Bolivia don’t have water because we bottled it and sell it in America for $3 a bottle
Something we were all hoping for especially the community that I’m involved with that people would finally wake up and get together and coming out and saying like you know this is enough what’s going on in such a political scandal and it’s just a matter of you coming out and voicing that I mean the media has been hiding it a long time now they’ve been hiding this whole scandal well planned out well executed I mean even rehearsals in the capital building for their speeches the next day they weren’t making any mistakes on this event this one this was going to rock the books of history and it has so figuring out what has to happen next that’s the difficult part I mean how do you put 12 million people back to work within a 300 square mile area when you can’t have them all stacked in the same building these restrictions six feet apart I mean whoever gave you that probably fauci I would think that’s something he would say
Irrelevant to change it should be what we should be seeing now people should be waking up and realizing if they’re not happy at all with what they’re being told me not being told the truth you’re not even being told of real professional lie I mean these people are feeding you s*** and telling you it’s s*** and you’re still drinking it and you’re eating it I mean come on guys go online look up the fallacies of covid I mean I saw a van today driving around in New York and Brooklyn that says they sterilize against covid really so this imaginary disease now you have a company that’s making money off coming and spraying toxic chemicals around to what goal I can’t tell you but I guess they come and they spray some sterilizer around that protect you from covid-19 aren’t they wonderful in fact this is they didn’t get rid of covid they just hit the cold too see you too 7th strain standard every year same thing cold and flu season from October through January every year for the last thousand years that we’ve been keeping any records whatsoever yes some years were worse than others efficient killer in the last 20 years the number of people that died from the cold and flu this year was 03% of the world population all the people that could have died from this horrible pandemic 0.03% so anybody who’s good with masks and trying to figure those numbers out okay I saw today a poor little baby screeching as the mother and grandmother held it in his stroller while some minimum wage nobody with no experience was sliding an 8-in plastic little teeny thing up their nose to the back of their brain to rub something off of it don’t they know the children aren’t being affected by this I mean this is insane what cruelty first you make their children wear masks they can’t see human faces anymore and now you’re letting total strangers slide a sharp plastic straw up their nose to scratch away biscuits material off the sides of your sinus cavity this is insanity with the capital of mad hatter I mean we’re talking The cat in the hat here green eggs and ham Sam I am I won’t eat green eggs and ham I think people need to wake up I think it’s time that we get serious and have a nice strong cup of coffee realize they’ve been lying to us find out the real truth and act accordingly not to ask them what they want you to do because you’re not going to get the answer you should focus your life on which is being amazing and profound taking care of the people that you love and care about fulfilling your dreams this is not a difficult choice here you stay locked in your house for the next thousand years until they figure out how they can tell you you’re safe from everything or you go out and you live your life personally I think you should go out and live your life I think enough is enough it’s over a year now since they started to shut down in New York City I’ve traveled all over the country New York City is still one of the only cities where people are running around wearing one two three four five masks because they’re in fear of the Kobe Covie and sanity that’s for sure

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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