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The essence of life

I guess it’s taking quite a while growing up learning out the truth about the world and the craziness of the world we live in right now is pretty bizarre. Sometimes we have to really think about where we’re going to be and what we’re going to do with this life that we’re given if you just run from one thing to another thing you never find the satisfaction of success it takes dedication and determination to achieve your goals. Next you need to discover about yourself the amazing gifts that you’ve been given which are totally unique to you I mean none of us are the same we’re all unique our voices are all totally our own no two people sound exactly like although some people do good invitations like some comedians and some good character avatars who are actors and stuff like that but the reality is still on the level of scientific evaluation your voice is only yours nobody else on this Earth has it you’ve got different accents because of how you were raised the family that raised you and where you grew up. Sometimes you have to really think about what you want in the next year or month or day or week and if you waste a lot of time doing it you all accomplish nothing but daydream so how do you solve these problems with the world spinning out of control and the Border being barged across by thousands of people who don’t belong here expecting a free ride because America is a great freedom of immigrants well that is true we are a nation of immigrants but this was done legally at least in the 19th century sure the original people who came here and thought that they were better than American Indians in the native peoples who lived here so they just used it as an excuse. So how do you find amazing well when you start realizing the things that you love to do and you start dedicating the time and energy and focus on them to achieve these goals like a gymnast learning how to be the best gymnast they can be or martial artist learning how to be the highest most successful martial artist for somebody even simple like we using a bow and arrow and learning how to always hit the bullseye with their bow and arrow they understand the tool they use it they practice and you become very proficient at it but what’s going on right now in the scientific community is tragic on the one hand you have Rich beyond belief people racing to create rockets to get up to the stars because they see the world is disintegrating. So if you want it really understand what’s going on you need to think about you yourself the people you love your children your family what about your rights what about the Liberty that you like to be able to go to the movie when you want to be with the people that you love and care about there’s plenty of information online now that shows you that what you’ve been fed is a total life for the last year.

It’s starting to anger Americans that the president the new president even though everybody knows the lie was totally rigged to vote was rigged they they weren’t struggling so hard to ensure that it didn’t matter even if Trump was the best choice to take another term and do the job for America to finish building the wall to stop illegally immigration drug dealers smugglers gang members pedophiles and the list just goes on and on yes there are people in South America that are struggling under horrible socialist governments and if you just take the time to look online you can see how bad it is in some of these places running water electric those are privileges down there they’re not something everybody has. So here we are in America the greatest example to the world of freedom and liberty being consumed by a bunch of jackals and hyenas who are wearing power suits and thinking that they’re the rulers of the universe well Rome Alexander the Great Egypt the greatest pharaohs of Egypt and the civilizations who came long before they ever came all ended up in destruction vanished without a Trace so now we’re dealing with the society right now or they’re trying to take away your rights to your freedom what is freedom oxygen to breathe being able to go out and do what you want to do when you want to do it being able to protect the family that you love and care about without worrying about having to call somebody that might show up in an hour and be more dangerous than the people that broke in your house in the first place all along the southern border, you could see what’s going on I mean we’re talking thousands and thousands of people storming up to the border and racing across because the border patrol is over well there have been put to be responsible for a huge important project for America to keep America in North America secure and safe and instead they’re overwhelmed with the propaganda promises made by Mr Biden the now sitting president who fails to even hold press conferences and keep in touch with the American people just telling us so put your mask back on don’t worry we’ll give you a little bit of money so you could just barely stay alive we need to lock the world down again because it’s going to happen again.

But you all know the reason why it’s happening again it’s happening again because Mr Brian made all these promises that in his first hundred days he was going to open up this country and he was going to rip down the wall and he was going to spend his whole first two years in office destroying every move that President Trump made to make America safe and secure and a great country and not for nothing I met Donald Trump before in New York City when I was doing construction in the union back in the eighties in the 90s he was a very dynamic hardworking person that strove towards the goals he desired he pushed people hard because he wanted to see success in what he was doing and sure everybody has failures and everybody makes mistakes and he’s no different but what he did as the President of the United States for 4 years with people fighting at his heels every second of every day was he still got amazing things accomplished for this great nation it’s time for the corporate America to be shut down their bankrupt they have wiped out this country they’re spending the pensions in the annuity funds of Americans who have worked hard for generations and there’s going to be nothing left the debt they’re building right now with this new 1.9 trillion dollar little promise to stimulus package let’s be real what’s a trillion dollars well that’s $99 billion dollars and you still have zeros so what’s going on here the reality is simple that wasn’t going to be passed out to the American people that money is being spent on projects that have nothing to do with American people a subway for pelosi so she can get to work easier and safely and impress her little group of people that like her and her loud voice all these other programs meeting potatoes just for the rich and the average people will get one sixth of what’s being issued 1.9 trillion dollars well take away 1.7 trillion dollars because you have to consider that the military industrial complex is going to suck down at least 75% of this it’s all going to go into their black budget programs that we don’t know anything about sure we do we all have been seeing our beautiful little spaceships flying around in the sky using alien technologies that we have reverse engineered yes they could tell you it’s all just a joke it’s not real but come on you have to be smarter than that I can’t imagine living on an Earth with people that think that you’re the only thing in the universe that exist my God Earth could have another civilization living inside the earth we don’t know Giants of course there’s Giants I’ve seen skeletons back in the early 60s I’ve seen images of giant 16 ft tall skeletons in cough and standing next to cowboys out when I went to Cody Town Wyoming I’ve talked to people that have been an excavations.

To be amazing is should be the biggest goal for all of us whether you’re young or old child and adult man a woman transgender whatever you want to do with your life that’s your choice okay and we need to stop spending so much time and trying to isolate and categorize each other into little teeny packages that we can zip lock and stick on a grocery store shelf it’s not important our differences that’s what makes us amazing but it is important that we learn how to treat each other like human beings that wouldn’t make us special and in order to be special and amazing together you accomplish fantastic marvelous things in the world so your health is very important the covid the SARS the severe acute respiratory thing that’s going around here listen this stuff this stuff was created in the lab how could you not know that is the nature does not mix together different species only a bunch of idiot scientists do that they think by taking one species of something and mixing it with another species they’re going to be able to control it break it down understand it. But that’s not the truth the reality is this they’re mad scientists and they built the Frankenstein and the worst part is they don’t know what to do about it and now to make it worse they’ve actually been hired by these idiots running the world to build a whole bunch of new little micro experiments that will build the Frankenstein to a bigger monster one that can control all the human beings on Earth I’m sad that I don’t see people out in the street every day not wearing masks regulations you’re not doing something that’s good for anybody but if you’re hurting yourself and this isn’t Junior high School guys so forget the people that stop you and say where’s your mess they listen I’m not in junior high school and you’re not a school hallway monitor so leave me the f*** alone in mind your own business we all need to be brave enough to realize is what’s the worst thing you’re going to happen that’s not going to hurt you it’s just going to be their impression and that doesn’t matter to you it shouldn’t matter at all who those people are because if they have nothing nice to say to you that means all they are is trying to break you down and make you littler in their eyes the reality is the most amazing people I know don’t need anybody else’s approval for being amazing they do what they love they strive with all their heart to be the best people they know how to be to do amazing things that not only help them but the people they love and care about and trying to build a better society to live in so it is time to stop the political intrigue over the mask it’s time for the media to realize is they’re running into a real danger zone here when you’re out there lying to all the people of the world making them afraid you have to figure they’re going to react and sadly people some people react horribly to these kind of stresses and anxiety some people have real mental health issues because our society does not care about those people they’ve been thrown out in the streets for the last 20 years because the mental institutions we’re so poorly run and abuse so many patients that it became clear that they just let them wander the streets homeless with no guides and no help and no organizations that are there to support them when they have traumatic realities that they have to deal with nightly daily it’s so sad to see veterans homeless on the streets in America all over this country there are men that have spent the last 20 years of their lives struggling through the traumas of what they face when they went to Iraq we’re Afghanistan or Vietnam and really Vietnam veterans who were awarded to go and fight for the freedoms of democracy came home there was no fanfare when they came home they were abused beyond belief they were left to just rot and die these soldiers who went through a hell on Earth over in Vietnam and Laos and Cambodia we need to wake up and start realizing is we need to start working together as a single society the society that’s based on caring and humanity and making the world a better place for all the sentient beings so you going out and being amazing in spectacular and being profound and what you choose to do and how you choose to mark your space in the universe that’s what you need to focus on there should be no reason you wouldn’t want to help somebody if you can it’s a good deed it makes you feel good when you help people out it makes you feel proud of the effort you make when people around you smile at you when you give people a hug so look I know this is a short blog tonight but I think it’s important that people go out there and try and be amazing in this world I think you need to go out there and do the best you know how to be and you need to stop the hypocrisy that’s going on around you with the media and the politicians these people work for you why are you running around listening to what they’re telling you to do they are not smarter than you are these are a bunch of ignorant chicken strength to tell all the animals in the farm what to do why do you think the media calls you with her heard h e r d a group of cows a crop of chickens a crop of sheeps goats lambs llamas camels you’re not a herd you’re human beings well this new covid vaccine that they’re giving everybody this is being used to get immunity hurt immunity h e r d herd immunity okay so you’re not part of her so that shouldn’t apply to you and you shouldn’t think it applies to you and when they come and tell you would you like us to give you our free new magic juice in your arm you should say I do not give you my consent you have no permission no I will not take your swab I will not let you inject me in the arm I will not stop my life shame on you people shame on you political people who think that you have the right to force people in society human being sentient human beings on Earth to have to subject themselves to the risk of dying with a new experimental biological agent that you have created in some cocktail lab with a bunch of guys in glasses and white lab coats who have no idea what life is all they do is there all day and all night through a magnifying glass it’s time to get rid of the insanity it’s time for societies to start caring about other societies Rwanda the Congo Iraq Afghanistan all over the world we see what happens when we ignore what’s going on around us instead of the media give us updates to show us the tragedy of what’s really happening to the human species we get the same story oh you have to wear two masks now my friends it is time go out there and be amazing go out there and try and build a better humanity on the earth I know you’re only one person and you don’t think what you do matters but when people go out and spread positive energy positive thoughts and positive deeds it grows like a wildfire the one that happened last year that went all up the whole coast of Western United States okay when you spread negative things when you spread fear you are spreading horrible and it spreads very fast too just like positive things if you think can try and create negative things that’s what you’ll get you can literally trap yourself in a cage that you built with your own hands by your own fears and never be able to get out of it unless somebody helps you so why not build yourself a positive amazing world around you eat healthy think smart be kind to people show compassion to the people that need help care about other human beings try and make the world around you a better place locally because it will spread you’ll see it it doesn’t take long you will start seeing things go be amazing and profound change the world stop following these stupid mask regulations they do not protect you from life there is no protection from life and being locked in a room means you don’t have a life you are a caged animal waiting for slaughter so it is time to really wake up

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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