Catching Miracles mid stride

So I guess I should send this out to everybody catching miracles mid stride when I guess that’s pretty profound the words the way they’re put there so here we go.

You know some of these days when you wake up you just think you’re going to explode from all the media and the horrible things that they’re showing all the time I mean it’s not they don’t want to show a minor car accident or something like that they want to show murder mayhem destruction despair and I think what really should wake people up is that you have all been here participating in this world up until last year and then suddenly everything stopped but those people that have always lived their lives based that they don’t really care about anybody else the violent people the criminals the people that choose rather than earn it themselves they’ll steal it from others those kind of people have always stayed around they don’t go anywhere but now it’s what’s happening at the border I mean this is tragic.

Has somebody who is ejected by affected by child abuse as a child and wasn’t from parents I’m talking about the horrible things that are done to children all over the world and I think it’s really important we all have to realize that what’s happening right now at the southern border of the United States from the standpoint of somebody who’s always checking his neighborhood to make sure there’s no predators around well welcome to 2021 and President Biden I can’t imagine how many thousands of pedophiles from South of the Border came across the border or how many race down to the border to join him on the free parole the carnivorous literally throwing children over the top of a 14-foot friend this reality and the fact is the new president who talked out he was going to make this country great and his vice president was supposed to God forbid take over if something happened to him well let’s face it he’s already gone it’s like he’s not even aware anymore I must have been the two aneurysms and the brain surgery but I don’t think he even had to get a physical this time Joe Biden just got in because he’s a dinosaur and he’s been there for 50 years but think about it from the point of view who’s controlling the Free world a man that has no awareness of what’s going on around him who has no intelligence people to guide him and give him advice a vice president who is basically dodging bullets here to not get involved the crisis of the Southern border Christ; we can all see the writing on the wall I mean thousands of people coming across the border IE thousands of children with no parents coming across the border no homes no money nobody knows their names nobody can protect them and all those monsters that came across with no fence literally being delivered by the countries below the southern border because our new president is first day of office was so rash to get rid of everything that President Trump did let’s face it my opinion is I think president Trump did a rather amazing job I think he did it against the horrible challenges and odds of a political machine that was biting at his heels every day a pack of wild hyenas no matter how hard he tried to do right they just wouldn’t give him a break and the media you were all on board with this thing I got requested to do an survey for one of the ABC and NBC programs and I decided to stop and do it and they asked me to rate them from one to six. So I put a one and I decided that I would actually leave a comment and they said oh why did you say this that you don’t like our service and I said any agency that literally goes out to promote lies that are deceptive that cause grief suffering sorrow pain and anguish to a human beings American citizens and people around the world you people should not only be ashamed of yourself I mean this is not what you were supposed to be the first amendment freedom of speech was one of the biggest totes for the media ever since the world began and suddenly in the 90s all the sudden you got in the game plan and you were going over reporting about our wonderful events over in Iraq and Afghanistan and come on guys now it’s Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe is not covey covey so here you are covey covey and you’re pressing this to the ends of the universe here everybody should be afraid everybody’s dying but the hospitals are empty the ambulances aren’t racing around the neighborhood running through red lights with their lights on people are wandering around trying to go on with life with no jobs no ability to do anything because the government is basically shut down a train That’s 5,000 miles long going up the Cascade range started again so the people coming back to earning a living being proud of what they do being with their family showing with love and kindness okay on top of that.

We’ve got crazies in the outfield my God North Korea are you kidding me his entire country is starving okay and he’s just lining them up and killing them so what happened to America used to be the country that cared America used to be well we’ve got the best technology let’s go help solve the problems and make the world a better place now it’s a corporate tyrannosaurus Rex it’s running around and it’s just slaughtering humanity it’s doing it with its crazy EBA experimental biological agent that they’re toting is some kind of new miracle vaccine listen I’ve taken a lot of vaccines in my life okay I was raised in a military family a polio diphtheria then in the military malaria I have gotten lots of vaccines something designed to help your body protect itself better that is not what this EBA you’re putting into people’s arm is now and it’s killing people okay this is not the way the world is supposed to work by society’s based on intelligence and compassion and caring I’m really tired of the non-profits too because they’re just as greedy as everybody else and they don’t put the money back in to helping people like they should this world should be an amazing treasure of cultural diversity and profound people speaking multiple languages admiring each other’s talents and being profound amazing creatures: we instead

Have Jurassic Park 4 and it’s not dinosaurs chasing us down rafters and and monsters stepping on us it’s a bunch of little teeny human beings with a think what they got is a lot of intelligence risking the very nature and survival of the human species with their EBA and the lies and deception that they’re using as well as to the links they’re going to to silence people who see through death of people they know from getting the vaccine for people to wake up it’s time for you to say I do not consent it’s time for you to get really angry why aren’t you letting people come into your store without a mask on what is the problem here it must be a lack of understanding and looking for the correct answers ready to look on those boxes of masks that you buy and read the instructions from the manufacturer who probably spent millions of dollars researching how to create math that did the job protecting you from dust okay it says right in the math these Mass do not protect you from anything they are made for a one-time use to protect you from fluids okay enough.

We really need a Kickstart that’s what we need the rest of the state to love America and the United States and the citizens of this country need to stop going along with the gag and tell these politicians until they get their degree in education and understand what the world is and what America symbolizes to the rest of the world they have not been given permission to be in charge of us this is out of hand and this goes out to all my friends who are veterans and soldiers and police this is so important and I share this with my heart full fully committed to you guys..

On the majority you men and women are brave dynamic hard-working struggle through difficult situations and complex social interactions to do a job and on the majority you guys are fantastic but what you need to realize now with the new rules being passed down to you by people above you it’s all lies and deception you are all human beings just like we are you all have families and children and mothers and brothers and sisters and people that you love and care about as a society we need to stop this now we need to bring this back to a place of Middle ground there is no reason everybody needs to wear a mask there is no reason people who want to open their business should not be allowed to open their business fully you don’t need to have a couple of City agents officers from different agencies come around and say they’re from the covid squad to make you feel guilty about even trying to survive I mean let’s face it what is the mass symbolize they symbolize submission okay like an upside down American flag and maybe for some of you who are never soldiers you don’t understand that what is happening right now is tyranny at the highest levels this is not what this great country was built on for or two.

If we look back at the end of world war II and we look back around the time of Eisenhower these were men that were not Superstars they weren’t TV you know Star wars characters they were dedicated Americans who did a job for the American people based on trying to make the world a better place and they did it full-heartedly but there was something that was said long ago it says that we as Americans need to be very wary of a military-industrial complex that can’t be honest with us can’t show us what they do with all the money that they use of ours and don’t protect our rights the police shouldn’t be guarding the capital they should be arresting those people that are in their spending trillions of dollars on their friends and their pet projects how is this even not being spoken about oh that’s right the media are in on it they’re playing the game

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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