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Hay little sister what have you done

the world is our oyster yet most are watching the very thought of freedom walk out the perverbial door. what will it take to see millions out in the streets across this country to show the leaders who we put into office that they will no longer be allowed to squander away the wealth of America on foolish plans for mere personal gain and vanity the new Vice President has not even taken one step forward in her new job but instead complains about the renovation of her mansion near the Capital while children are abandoned at the border and put into harms way and the very freedoms we all live under in America are being stripped away by a bunch of fools in high offices without a clue to reality

What will it take for the millions of Veterans who served this nation to stand up and realize that we have swarn to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America and to defend liberty and justice across the world as the actual center of democratic universe sadly they are pocketing the wealth and knowledge of our great earth for personal gain with no regard towards us as citizens of this earth.. To attempt to destroy us with injections of pure evil not only are they not a vaccine but a flat out lie since there is no positive side to this shot weather you get one and die or get it till two and then die the first cold season or flu coming around just before the thanksgiving holiday as it does every year we have been lied to and deceived

along with the huge wealth they have stolen from our chaffers they have signed two stimulus packages that not only go into there personal pockets but builds up the desired pet projects they each have in there states what evil and what a sandal the hens are running the hen house and the fox is on vacation we need to step up and demand our rights the truth and open the books its time for the world to prosper by our diverse civilizations sharing and caring about each other enough greed and politics what about god and compassion kindness and caring to see young children being forced to get a poison vaccine shot and even the long straw into there back sinus’s

this is out of hand what and why is even worse the plans and evil is outrageous. these politicians continue to press the lies as if you and I are stupid unable to see the lies or the piles of new people dying and dead not from covid but from the jab in the arm that was to what protect us no it was to make us more vulnerable to die and put our very lives in danger from lack of even knowledge of what can or will happen the next time we get a cold season.

Take stock of the amazing life you have had before the lies and covid

now take the time to imagine where or what you would be doing with life and the many plans and experiences you have had and the joy happiness and the love of those who you care about and your friends and their loved ones.

building up your dreams our dreams to strive towards the dreams you made while growing up in this great nation, more over the facts dont match the reality we are facing or the lies they are using to drive us off the cliffs,

what about your children do you really imagine them spending the rest of thier lives wearing masks and fearing the next news hour and more lies or watch them suffer at the hands of side effects from shots that you cannot remove retract redact or even repair the human body once its been injected what will you do or say to your loved ones when one of them falls deathly ill from catastropic failure of one or more of there vital organs as the shot shut down the control system to the body, how can you explain or even accept such evil by those who swore an oath to do no harm. these shots are harm they are death and have no positive sides there is no future protection and the next cold season you odds of one in three will suffer anapalactic shock and have there body fail right before your loved ones eyes, is that you full filling the dreams you made or will you stop while there is still hope the hope you have not put your arm into the hands of these delighted globalists who are sure out to destroy you and all you love.

A good place to go is the CDC website and look up the Zombie protocol its there in black and white : the shot can cause all kinds of unknown side effects but some were seen in the first trial of something simular where the mind and blood barrier is broken and the brain thinks its under attack so it starts to kill off huge sections of your frontal lobe causing a self destruction to that part which controls the moral limitations of humans where by which they become unable to think rational or even act so instead like a wild animal with rabies where finally you must put it down do to the same as the movie old Yeller RAbies is the closest thing i can compare that seems to fit the billet from what i read , will you risk this with your children will you throw away your freedom and liberty that has been faught for with blood sweat tears all that has been sacrificed to achieve a place where growth and safe schools allowed our children to excel instead our society is falling into kayos and dispair

The southern border was not a mistake it was a straight forward plan biden and his buddies had that is why the first day in office rather then focusing on American and her citizens he decided to destroy the treatys made with more then four nations which had kept our borders calm and stable and even though people were coming to the border its true they now have no order there are no balances and the wall not finished its time the wall is completed

America can also stop those at the Border trying to come illegally and make them stay in Mexico and build the wall to secure America and show through there hard word that once complete we will allow them to become Citizens .

So the wall is already begun and almost finished so stop the adults at the border and make them work to help America finish it to protect all her citizens and once done they can become citizens once all the process is complete and they show by action there worthy of this nations love and support but other then that unless our government starts to care about her citizens already here it will be clear a major shoke up is needed and we will need to clean house this nation is the shining star across the earth and as such rather then examples of empire building we should be showing we care about life freedom liberty knowledge education of our children all of them and protecting those who are being subjugated and oppressed we can do it if we work together as a species enough of the compartmentalization of all the differences rather then show how amazing our diversity is to build a world of such noble values and strong character to reach the stars as a civilization worthy of its magic and mystery

Why all the weapons if we choose to go to the stars to pick a fight im sure we will be destroyed we are nothing look how we treat each other rather then working together to share and build a great world we spend all our time hateing and fighting each other over resources that basically are destroying our world by how we act and utilize them

we have such potential if we care and show by action that we want the world to be amazing and profound where each child is given the chance to be amazing education safe schools homes where they are loved and given the best tools to grow up and be profound creatures able to feel in both there hearts and minds the great value to be amazing and support and defend the liberty’s and social dynamics that allow society’s to flourish and achieve greatness.

the people who sit atop the offices of power have shown there not interested in our good will infact they are out to destroy us Biden has not accomplished in task of value as our president infact all h e has done is bluntly put all our lives at risk from the evil surging across the border and im not talking the children or those seeking a better life i am talking about known terrorishs who have easily walked among these poor people seeking a better life with wealth and power sneaking into america to cause a worse sept 11 this time i would doubt they dont try and do a dozen of them yet our new elected official is out to lunch and his VP is on vaction her abilities do not give her much skill dealing with such crisis as the flooded border but its clear what needs to happen even before they are removed is to seal all the opening to the border as quickly as possible.

in simple terms we could have these walls finished in several months with the full dedication of Americans all tired of no jobs and the huge influx of what america doesnt need more mouths to feed and fear of violence and loss of our rights at the hands of those like Polosi its time to take back our nation with wisdom not to do more of the same but to make America Great Again I wish {President Trump was out holding rallies every day America was getting so strong and united before Biden beer took over and Kamala was too busy eating good food and complaining about her new digs what kind of example is she making with thousands of children sleeping in corrals with space blankets with hundreds of boys and girls all in the same rooms

what kind of insane image is that painting for America’s history books to come i know many would gladly go to work at the fence and they would be grateful for good pay while saving and protecting all Americans from what is and should stop now its time for this nation to show its true colours red white and blue enough lies and deceptions President should form a construction company of American Patriots who will get paid wages worthy of American skill and know how to complete the fence with total dedication and action there is no time to wait I will volunteer as someone who has done construction all his life i will help oversee the project to completion give me the chance and i will also train those who need to learn such skills this nation can shine bright like the sun if given the chance President Trump was on the right path another clear fact is enough with the covid lies if you get sick and die it was your time to think some politician can protect you from anything is the biggest buggery there can be and to hope some scientist who isout to get rich will care to protect you is a sick joke they are busy trying to play god mixing our family cat with a lizard so they can have a cat that can hang upside down on the ceiling and a two headed cow or sheep these guys have gone so far off the deep edge we must declare them mental as that is why the world is in the mess it is now

Pharma needs to be shut down and dismantled they have crossed a line of no return HItler was not forgiven and none of these guys men or women should be forgiven either they deserve real punishment even now middle of the night people are dying from the jab in the arm they are living in fear by media imposed cruel lies and deceptions designed to destroy human hope and force you to fear for your life shame on them

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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