Now we’re all starting to think the same way I think it’s important we’re all sympatico

How do we solve these problems first of all there’s a global problem going on right now with lies and deception you could attribute that to the media who’ve been paid off so extensively for the last year and a half to provide lies and deception to the populations of all the countries and states and cities of the world on top of that you really need to think about who is the one providing the poison that is everybody’s dealing with and that would be such companies as Pfizer Merkel okay and these other moderna these pharmaceutical companies are being paid billions of dollars to make vaccines that aren’t vaccines they’re experimental biological agents and that’s something I keep saying because it’s so important you can all go and look in the FDA site they were giving an emergency 2 year permission to test out the EBA on human trials so that means all the people who have been getting these shots the ones that have died the ones that have got Bell’s palsy the ones that have suffered from what they call the zombie protocol in the CDC website these have been because they were in such a rush to get everybody locked down and start jabbing them with the poison because this is not about covid this is about the population control.

So I logistically wise what’s really important is first you need to know who your enemies are these people that run the chief operating officers of these pharmaceutical companies they’re the ones that give directives down the chain of command to make these strange new experimental liquids for all the variants they’re finding and to be clear with all you people because I know I have a lot of followers you need to understand a very means they didn’t know something a week ago and now they’ve looked a little deeper into it so they found something new about it permission once they find a new variance they can mix up a new cocktail and immediately start distributing it no lag time no layover for 2 years to run tests they can immediately start putting it into people’s arms even though people are dying it doesn’t matter to them because they have no liability responsibility for anything that happens to any of you people that choose to get this job in your arm all right but from the point of view of logistics the names of all the cheap operating officers and the senior corporate executives that run these big pharmaceutical conglomerates they’re the ones that need to be known who they are we need their names where they live where they shop these people are the enemies of humanity and they’re doing something on a global level.

Find a way to focus on what’s most important, we need to decide what we want to do at this point human beings humanity as a whole needs to come to some kind of a collective understanding that what makes us so amazing is our diversity it’s our intelligence our capacity to change and grow and adapt and overcome to be amazing and profound like I said my other blog so with that being said when we work together amazing things can happen right now they’re stripping you of your human rights make you wear masks make you get the job make it so you can’t go shopping without a green pass is they only give to the people that have allowed them to stick this poison in their arms.

Import importance of teamwork we need to start establishing organized teams teams that work together to collectively accomplish certain goals towards doing many things but we could start with the smallest one we need to make it so they can never put another face Madden date on us a face mask mandate okay the second thing we need to do is take their ability to force people to get this vaccine Free Will does not allow for such things your free will does not give them permission in anything to do anything to impose any kind of regulations on you unless let’s face it unless you’re a mass murderer and you’ve been arrested for killing a bunch of people sure they’ll lock you in jail they’ll hold you on trial and they’ll do all kinds of horrible things to try and teach you a lesson but since the majority of us have never done anything like this we’ve never broken the law we strive so hard just to take care of our families and care about the people that we love and live with okay so what they’re doing with the masks the lockdowns these are totally against any kind of freedom okay so we have to get to organize collectively and stop following their rules these rules do not apply to you I mean I see people still walking around with two masks a year and 4 months now since covid was first to announce and there’s people still walking around rolling their eyes wearing two masks going and volunteering for any kind of shop they can get in there used to be a someone intelligent human being I think he’s got dimentia now.

America thank God America and a couple of other countries in Europe over the last 20 years have been at a constant state of perpetual war that means many of the people who got out of the military and have seen the front lines our soldiers and although they see what’s going on around them they are skilled and trained to stand up for the right things and use the right kind of tools and training to accomplish this goals that are desired here America is one of the greatest Nations on the earth the liberty and freedom and Justice that is always been here up until recently is something we need to bring back the media needs to be held responsible for the lies they’ve been using to deceive everybody the pharmaceuticals need to be dismantled and taking apart because what they’re doing now is no longer helping humanity they’re killing off humanity the government needs to be put on notice that their job is they work for us and if they’re going to lie and cheat and steal and go around the world doing horrible things in our name then we need to make them step down and stop them from serving in offices that reflect upon us as a species the world should be in such an amazing place people should have food to eat fresh water to drink good schools for their children safe place to live and thrive

Instead we have a world that is being succumbed to swallowing up by wild hyenas the the monster that is there is not from another world the monster that is there is a bunch of greedy selfish wealthy wealthy individuals who think they have the right because of how much they’ve stolen from us to cut us off his knees take those resources and save them for them and their children and let us be shot with the job in the arm to die and they’ll take care of bearing us if even that I think it’s important that people get together and start forming organization and groups that work together and keep in touch and have frequent meetings almost like a club they get freedom club how’s that that’s a good name they get freedom club we’ll call the GFC club how’s that sound so the GFC club we need to start standing up for those rights of our constitution. We have come way too far and struggle through so much sorrow in pain to get where we are backsliding isn’t an option we need to figure out how we can keep moving forward where everybody is included I have nothing against the people that are racing out of the horror that’s in the middle of Central America and South America to come to America but unless America takes care of American’s first they’ll be nothing for anybody when they get here. It’s important that we start getting organized into small little teeny groups of individuals who have the same values and principles who care about each other and trust each other we’re willing to work together towards a common good the common good is a world where the human species collectively has gotten rid of the problems that have existed for so long by focusing on them that is ensure that everybody gets the opportunity to have a life that’s profound and amazing where children are not abused and sold as meat for the rich to abuse I mean it’s like the Border 9,000 children 100,000 children coming across the border with no parents you know who’s down there the pedophiles it’s a freaking smorgasbord for them these kids have nobody to protect them or support them they’ve already gone through it with the coyotes and the drug smugglers they’re being used as bait it’s time this stuff stops it’s time that we get serious to bring this stuff full circle where society is moving forward in a positive way then collapsing and hiding in their apartments waiting for some new ruling to come out from some guy who thinks that because he wears a suit and he was elected your children deserve you to fight for them your family’s deserve you to stand up and speak out against this tyrionic reality that’s going on I don’t know what else to say at this point to some people I have talked over and over again shown examples to people I have mentioned people’s names that other people knew that died from the vaccine okay if this is really meant to help you then why are they telling you that you have to be afraid of getting covid after you get the job you need to think about it none of this stuff makes sense yeah don’t worry you can walk on the moon but you don’t need oxygen tanks because there’s plenty of oxygen on the moon come on stop drinking the Kool-Aid start looking with your smartphone into the truth of what’s really going on once you do you’ll start to agree with everything I’m saying and hopefully we’ll start getting organized because this can’t continue on for four or five more years I mean personally me and the veteran friends I’ve been talking to will be wonderful miracle if we make it to the 4th of July without this turning ugly Americans are tired of being suppressed do I and denied their freedoms I mean what is going on with these people how much do they really think you will allow or we will allow them to go before we say no I’m mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore I have not been able to work for a year and 4 months not because I don’t love working I love doing what I do but because there’s no way they can enforce these regulations on a job site without facing huge responsibility of liability and risk of lawsuit because they have made everybody so afraid of the covid copy this covid that the Coco jab okay which I think is a great name for it is a joke it’s killing people the kill kill jab is what it should be called all right so you guys really need to take a little time and search on the internet you will find the answers you need you can’t find them on YouTube because they’ve been bad because they’re telling people the truth okay Dr Simone gold another amazing truth all right she speaks from a lifetime two generations of working in the medical field and she sees the lies in hypocrisy going on I just posted a blog from the senior vice president who resigned from Pfizer because of the lies in the scandal and he will not be part of this anymore because what they’re doing it’s criminal with a Capital c why is it that a poor person gets arrested and goes to jail for 50 years a rich person goes to resort for a month and gets off with good behavior with the tracking bracelet that nobody’s monitoring and they go jump on their yacht and they go to the Caribbean and and do everything they did before they got arrested because of hypocrisy the hypocrisy needs to stop the hypocrisy needs to be shut down America is a democracy we cannot allow it to stay hypocrisy the media who used to fight for freedom of speech who the hell are they now I mean these people that are working in media now they’re like drones people I mean you know just horrible

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