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So I guess you guys should be getting out there now the weather is getting gorgeous I took a couple of videos the other day in the park it’s amazing to see people out and being happy and smiling and communicating with each other like humanity she needs to do it’s at the politicians are still playing their game of what do they call Russian roulette here bad name for it I guess because it’s not really our business what Russia I wonder how it’s going to work out with no idea I mean we just do the best we can do with it and just face the reality of where things are at now

You know over time some of these epiphanies that we have changed our entire character and personality when you’re living fearlessly you find that you do all the things you love that you want to do and say you experience life so quickly that it’s like you don’t have enough time to do all the amazing things you’re trying to do so suggestions are simple we make a good plan in the morning and go make yourself amazing do the things that you dream of doing there’s no reason sitting around being upset or depressed about what’s going on that’s going on all around us no matter what we do. I am very curious to see how everything works out now you have 100 plus million people that have volunteered to get the job four different companies that are doing it which ones are will not kill people which ones will wipe them out we don’t know yet I mean you know they’re not telling us the truth from day one so why would they start. Telling us the truth now I mean collectively human beings need to be really upset about what’s going on this is 15 months of our lives this is wiped most people’s savings out a year and a half is a long time to go without a way to work or earn a living or feel good about yourself for the things that you do it’s so important that people start caring about what they’re doing I mean if you have a job that you hate then you should find a job that you love I mean there’s plenty of opportunity

You know a lot of times on my post I always say be amazing and profound because reality is you have the potential and opportunity before you’re very eyes to be amazing do what you love what you want and be profound profound meaning accomplished things that have such a reflect on others the reflection is what the value is it’s the vibrations that are created when you do take a path like that to try and help people standing up for what you believe in trying to help other people come to grips with what’s going on people die every day you can’t blame everything in the world on covid and what if you’ve noticed half a million people have died but there’s no more diabetics dying there’s no more people with heart attack dying there’s no more car accident so everybody that dies els so sexy ain’t happening here till we do not consent.

You know opportunities abound if you’re chasing your dreams and trying hard to accomplish a goal you know in a good way one that doesn’t cause evil on others but one that’s positive in reaching towards a goal that you want in your life if each of us was busy being focused on our ability to be amazing because we’re the ones with the starseed rather than depending on smartphones that are supposed to be so smart that they’re going to keep you dumb down and lose your intelligence so I mean I think it’s real important to understand is that you have great opportunities and you could do whatever you like believing in what you sell believe in who you are as a person believing in the values that you were race with these are all tools towards these positive goals.

I mean today’s been in a total of 6 hours and every minute of those 6 hours amazing things were happening because I choose to strive towards those amazing goals you know Hyundai how great is that it means that we can choose with a great boom and kindness has been shared on us we can we can choose to have Boone in our lives and do wonderful things there’s problems all over the world this is true everybody deals with them but how you deal with them is the effect here how do you solve the problem of a flooded basement how do you how to solve the problem of a leaking roof same thing with the person how do you solve the problem of them eating poorly and having problems with their health well change your diet it’s one way but it has to be something they want to do if they don’t want to do it they’re going to cheat all the time

When you park start putting into perspective what’s going on around and how people reacting to it there are some good signs I mean a lot more people are being out and about still got a few of those people that are DieHard 5000 lb anchor on their face kind of mass people but the majority of people start to realize like they really been fed a bad couple mojo here I mean we’re talking to really really bad company and he’s important look Free Will means that you can take it if you want I’m not taking it I won’t take it and those are my free rights as an American as a disabled veteran as the son of a veteran yeah it absolutely free choice in America to choose to take it not to be forced to take it or cohesive take it I mean they’re offering them free donuts to get the vaccine because they know the vaccine is poison anything to get them to get the shot once you get the shot there’s nothing they can do.

So far the best way I found to approach it is just the respect these people for their Free Will and the choice they made I definitely stay far away from as soon as they find out their vaccine I don’t want to know him anymore I mean they’re shedding for almost 2 months after they get the vaccine shot okay and they’re not shedding something simple I mean this is a complex synthetic thing they created which nobody knows what it’s going to do nobody has the clue what it’s going to react to somebody but they actually were I tell you what I’m talking about the devil in the details they actually went to the supreme Court it’s about 4 years ago and got protection from ever being sued so the reality is is Pfizer moderna AstraZeneca they can never be sued for people’s illnesses or deaths or side effects from getting the vaccine and that’s based on their claws that they had them actually right into law to protect them from any kind of liability in fact some of these companies have literally gone to other countries trying to blackmail for their own military bases come on people wake up you worry about aerosols being sprayed in the atmosphere what about pharmaceutical companies playing over your town and putting everybody down with a little miss I mean you know people are talking about getting angry and the little way but the reality is if you think about what I just said military base and they fly over anywhere they want and they spread poison like weed killer okay nothing anybody will be able to do at that point definitely the paper mask won’t protect them from weed killer so so what do you do now well now it just gets really bad really ugly and that’s a tragedy I wish my son’s a safe path of the amazing Life and my friends as well but looking at what’s really going on this is like a flip of a coin here and there’s a lot more than two ways it can turn out

Most of my friends have found that by defining the things they’re trying to achieve and putting a little bit of time every day set aside an hour or two hours a day and focus that energy on your amazing dreams what you wanted to do and really think about it don’t think about it is it’ll never happen because everyone told you you’ll never be a professional singer think about it it’ll happen because you’re choosing to be that person you know that you’ve got the talent you realize that you’ve got the skill and the voice so once you create that image of yourself for yourself it’s so much easier to reach those goals when you go to recording studio and you’re playing in The sound boost I love it it’s private there’s nothing to worry about it lyrics it’s an incredible opportunity to be amazing and profound.

Another critical thing people need to realize is the exercise getting out every day even though this stuff happened if you’re not out keeping your body healthy who knows what they’re going to throw at us next but it’s about not eating the things that get comfort foods and realize is that if you eat really healthy your body will be really healthy that means it will be able to function in a much more efficient proper way so to do that you got to make choices all right you’re not even to think the other way to eat really good get some probiotics that are non-GMO from out of the country like Australia with green fields or you know make sure to put ASAP silver into your diet a couple of it a day a little shocked to last a little bit because there’s all kinds of things in the atmosphere you need to protect yourself from but the way to do it is using natural thingsGreenfield has a lot of different products we got the lemon and ginger which comes in 2 l we got the 1 l whole grains and then we’ve got the spirulina which is on a pint and we can ship these anywhere so the probiotics that we got our non-GMO they’re from Brisbane Australia water purification systems we have water purification system some Johann gronder and Austria and these systems basically not only enhanced the water get rid of the bad things for you but make it an amazing opportunity to choose and have healthy water around you all the time if you’re drinking tap water you’re getting sick just because what they get out of the top water when you put a grander filter on a basically trains the water to make these things in Earth and that protects you.

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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