About making the right kind of choices with what you do with your day

I’m sure we all have friends you wander around and you watch how they go through their day and it’s all chaos from the wake up in the morning they don’t want to wake up so they have no plan lunch breakfast dinner going out for the day making plans to go out in the evening everything is done like on a random chaos like a ricochet rabbit the people that you see that are doing really well they focus their energies they make a plan they have a plan long before the morning comes they have a plan of what they’re going to be doing for the day where they’re going to go and how they’re going to get there so people need to understand the choices that we make about when you’re trying to be empowered it’s all about realizing that you’re an incredible capable creature and you need to believe in yourself it doesn’t matter if other people believe in you you need to believe in yourself you need to make a plan what you want to accomplish find out what you need to do to accomplish that goal in the first place and if there’s things you have to accomplish before you can go there and make a real plan I mean look it doesn’t we’re not talking to one day plan I know sure some of the people will say it’s not that important because you don’t know how long you’re going to live that’s true we have no proof of when we’re going to live how long we’re going to live where we’re going to die but it’s important to be empowered individually yourself to go out and do these things that you dream of doing I mean if you want to go work out and train martial arts you go every day or every other day you spend and dedicate a lot of time into it whatever you want to do it’s about dedication of your time and energy towards those positive goals

You know I mean if you’re if your whole driving to termination is about money good luck it never works like that you’ll find that if you’re doing what you love you’ll make a lot more money being happy doing what you love then making money even if it’s more doing something you hate doing why in the world what I want to spend one day doing something I don’t enjoy it’s like my music I play music everyday for 2 hours because I love music it doesn’t matter whether I’m making money at it or not it’s about a self gratification of why I’m alive you know people don’t divide their lives up into proper sections so they know what they’re working on for a minute to minute I mean if you got a job you go nine to five you work at your job you do what they tell you to do but do you love what you do or are you out being profound doing what you love I mean myself I build custom houses because I love being a carpenter I love the smell of the wood and I go out and I work my ass off doing that because I find empowerment by those things that I do you know if you want to be a dancer you go and learn to dance you want to build houses like I do I mean right now with the world going crazy it’s fantastic to be a home builder people want really nice custom houses they’re tired of living in a city in a cage they’re trying to walk around being afraid of enjoying their life and being happy I mean that’s something I noticed from the West Coast when I go out to Oregon and Washington all my friends we all hug Kobe didn’t change that giving each other hugs seeing how we’re doing this is very social kind of a creation human beings are very social kind of creation what you got now is stress and anxiety and fear and anger and those things shouldn’t be directed each other should be directed to people that are making these policies that are making you so afraid

If you want to be bold you need to know that there’s all kinds of opportunities here I mean don’t look at this as the cup is got a hole in it and it’s leaking looking at this is an opportunity for you to choose to do what you love to do and be profound in that rather than working at a job you can’t stand because you have no choice you absolutely have choices what you do whether it’s a minute or the hour the point is is you can dedicate your day to whatever you want to do if you want to stay home and wasted doing nothing then you will but if you are trying to accomplish things if you have aspirations of where you want to be in a year it’s really important to focus your enemies on that I mean I have some people to come to the search for eternity and they go to the blog and they tell me what they’re going through one of them she did really well when this stuff started in 2020 she started training and eating better she said she always dreamed the working on a sale but I told I said look you should learn learning how to ride a sailboat because that’s what you want to do long story short she just got a dream job working on a catamaran out of Puerto Rico want some little Island to spend her time working for a very wealthy internet guru whatever you want to call it and her job is to maintain the deck of the boat and eat food make sure the food’s ready for them but this was her dream gig before she was doing a job she couldn’t stand she wasn’t making money she hated the people she worked with everything was depressing to her she go to work and be miserable all day when you spend seven eight hours a day being miserable you almost need to go to therapy just to get past that day I mean it’s important to do what you love I mean I tell others a lot of young girls to go to this block I tell them look you need to realize how important especially you are you need to decide what you want to do with your life how you want to do it and go for those dreams it’s not worth doing what other people tell you to do sure get a job but why not do what you love I mean if you’re doing something you love you’re going to be much more profound at it I mean if you like baseball and you play baseball all the time you get really good in baseball if you like to sew and you sow all the time you’ll get really good at sewing this is really like a toolbox you know your life is a journey where you build up a big toolbox how you choose to feel that toolbox with kind of stuff you put in it whether it’s things that make you successful or things that keep you healthy look I do probiotics from Australia every day why because I want to be healthy I’m 61 I can run 15 miles I don’t know many people my age are in this kind of health because they didn’t choose that as a priority whereas for me I’ve seen people laying in nursing homes that can’t take care of themselves at 75 I have no desire for that I love getting out and do it hang gliding parachuting these things I do I do because life’s too short to not do what I love very spontaneous I mean April April San Diego zoo great if you don’t spend your time doing what you love you’re just wasting time and that’s a sad tragedy as you get older you realize all the things you wanted to do but you wouldn’t do are you afraid to do or somebody else told you to be afraid of doing it feels like it’s like a coat of armor it doesn’t protect you in ways you down on Earth I mean being afraid of everything destroys what is life I mean you know it says I read something somewhere I said it said living in fear is like wearing a 500 lb armor code living fearless takes all that away and you can grow wings and fly if you love what you do you need to go out and try and do it I mean all in the memorial you know you go to other countries you go to Latin American stuff you find people and family groups that are very caring about each other they live and work together they know each other’s names you come to big cities like New York and Chicago if you don’t know anybody that even lives in their building they’re scared to death of the door slamming that’s not a way to live a life I mean I think it’s important that people try and do what you love and and maybe it’ll take you a little while to figure that out but ultimately if you do figure it out let’s say you do figure out what you want to do and what you love to do and you can find an itch for it an economic niche where you’re making money doing what you love I mean working on a computer some people are great on computers so why not do that for yourself why do you do it for other people you know the only difference between you working for yourself and working for somebody else’s when you work at a regular job nine to five

You know I had one of my one of my comments of the day was said you know I’m really sad I’ve been alone for two years since the Covington started and I reached out to them and I said look if it’s your alone because of a choice like if I’m choose to be alone because I don’t want to play any games and I’m too focused on what I want to do with my life whether that’s going flying or riding motorcycles then I don’t want to dedicate time away from what I love doing to do something that I can’t stand if it’s worth it to you emotionally and psychologically to be with somebody hopefully there’s a kind of person that makes you feel good about spending time with them what is the point of going home to somebody that you’re miserable with it doesn’t make sense people don’t get it I mean okay so you’re in a relationship but I’ve never seen anybody so miserable from 5:00 at the end of the day when you get off work at 8:00 in the morning when you go back to work what kind of life so we’re looking at a couple really beautiful Appaloosas out in Seattle that we want to buy and bring out to the east side of Washington state they’re gorgeous they’re two folds they’re like two and three years old you know and basically they’re gorgeous like 15 hand high opelousas they’ve got a real good bloodline on them and we’re thinking of bringing them out there to the high desert because for the six months of the year when it’s dry I can’t think of a better way to get around the property

Another thing that I miss a lot of surfing so I’ve been thinking about throwing around down in Vero Beach Florida building surfboards down there and I mean there’s a lot of money to be made because of my artistic skill but I haven’t decided whether I really want to be in Vero Beach Florida I’d rather be in San Diego with building a surfboard shop so I was talking to my friend about opening a surfboard shop in San Diego better waves you know better climate I mean it’s dry heat it’s not damp humidity stuff even when you’re swimming you’re sweating they say what is the water always salty in Florida well because when people go swimming in it they sweat salty sweat into it and make it worse than it actually is if you define what you want to do and you think about you know from a professional point of view what am I going to do with my life to make me happy to do the things I want to do so I have a couple friends it makes your whole life seem to run smoother when you dedicate the time and energy to keep your body healthy and your mind clear you’re much more capable of accomplishing things I’m sure anybody who’s had a headache trying to have to finish a complicated job knows how bad it can get but I mean if you’ve motivated health wise and you take care of your health I mean look as simple as a walk is taking care of your health I’m not talking to crazy stuff I hear people spending 4 hours you do need exercise you need lots of oxygen you need to eat better and if you do that you will find solutions to what’s going on in your life

But moreover like 87 teachers say okay kitties remember this your children you’re growing up in a brand new world and you can be and do anything you want to do so you misleader used to say I want everybody to think about what they want to do that’s going to make them happy for a job so some people were like I’m going to be a doctor like my dad was a doctor appointment I’d rather build houses than draw houses it was no difference so for me designing houses I’d rather design my own house and build it myself and big into the post and beam and the lentils and stuff I’d rather build these big beautiful vault ceiling houses been working the city restoring old brownstones that are falling apart you know

No I mean here it is it’s 2021 I think people need to get out and do what they love to do a lot more time being healthy going out being happy then working at a job you can’t stand making a little bit of money and not getting anywhere believe me your happiness and getting paid means a lot more to you than working and hating your job so I mean find somebody that you like somebody that you love to cuddle with I mean I tell you what I find affection a lot more sexy in a woman than than the drama I mean who wants that in their life I don’t know many people to do somebody get together with and it’s all both of them all fun and happiness and working together to get things accomplished with we would never accomplish separately that’s a great goal and great incentive I mean find people that you enjoy so much being around them that you spend your time with people that make you happy and then work on the other things in your life where you think you need that work whether it’s your health or your weight or how you approach jobs it’s all a big giant test here kiddos if you decide that you want to just Coast through life and make just a little bit of money and do like everybody else does it has a 9 to 5 job I mean look at my parents are very successful but they were miserable they had no life at all they never they never went to dinner they never went out together on vacation they could say it was the kids they could say it was their job but ultimately it came down to a choice they made a choice to not go out and enjoy life and be amazing in life they chose to just do the nine to five and get a paycheck every week and pretend like they were happy it’s you know eating your your health are you kidding if you eat the wrong kind of food you’re not going to be happy anyway I mean if it’s about picking the right kind of foods hi Lana
So here’s a thought let’s imagine that people let’s say United States of America let’s say there’s 500 million people in the United States of America don’t care where they’re from what their nationality is what their languages what the color of their skin is no judgment whatsoever 500 million people live in America and they all love America they have freedom and liberty and they have a government that actually does their job and that are honest and tried to do the right thing so collectively 500 million people I’ll get together every morning and they’d say okay we need to build up the industrial side of our country and make our factories run better automated so that we don’t have to work as hard so everybody collectively get together and bang they make it happen so all the big giant factories rather than a bunch of people making minimum wage or a bunch of people fighting over these jobs at minimum wage the fact is used robotics to make these things so people don’t have to spend any time and energy working in factories making things okay so let’s say the next thing hell’s things let’s say 500 million Americans all colors all creeds and they have a group that’s overweight and diabetes so how do we solve that problem 500 million people all come together and say okay this is important that our kids are healthy let’s come up with a play to get rid of sugar out of the diets of Americans I mean they put sugar in a gallon of milk now there’s 12 g of sugar in every 8 oz glass of milk and I know the cow didn’t put the sugar there these companies did these corporate forms because actually sugar weighs something so when they put a gallon of milk and they put 12 g of sugar in it it’s going to weigh more so they have to use less milk it’s going to get people hooked on the sugar high that they get from it and basically give diabetes and a whole bunch of other bad things to people’s lives but let’s say okay 500 million Americans all colors all crazy get together and they say okay we’re going to solve this problem okay fact if you go on a ketogenic diet strict meaning pure protein fish dark meat chicken beef steak any kind of protein meat protein all right for 9 months your kidneys will reset your body is the smartest thing in the universe so 9 months on a keto diet your kidneys reset you don’t have diabetes anymore so you don’t buy metformin which is $500 a month and you don’t need a glipizide which is the anti the stronger kind of diabetic medicine you get rid of all the sugars of the diabetes coming together and working on ideas and Shazam they’re just solving these problems they’re making the world a better place next to say okay we won’t climb it all right it’s sad what’s going on right now oil isn’t the problem clean energy means that it has to be processed in a way that’s clean you don’t get rid of something because it makes a mess you work out how you can utilize those things so it works meaning there are cleaner ways to burn coal there was solar energy but we’re not at a point with solar technology where it’s a viable means of replacing gasoline for cars it’s not like you have a solar powered car so as long as there’s cars around we’re going to need vehicles right so 500 million Americans all crazy colors living together under the same Rock okay I’ll come together and say okay we’re going to drive our cars only for important things and we’re going to use less gas so the prices will come way down goes to be really cheap but people will be morally sponsored responsible and they will choose to dedicate that money that they were putting into gas to drive around the neighborhood and play loud music into something in there like that’s positive that’s eco-friendly okay so thanks they start doing that over 4 or 5 years the problems with pollution go down 80% how do you fix the problem that they have classified so secret did not even the secret people know about it okay time to come back to earth politicians time to come out of your little blue bubble and stand and breathe air like everybody else freeze it and realize we got 500 million Americans all different colors working together towards a common goodness of America what’s next well next is you shouldn’t serve this country in an office of political power where you have access to huge financial assets if you’re not honest if you’re not decent if you’re not a caring or a person you should never serve in an office that literally is in control of people’s lives you know and you can say all he don’t know what he’s talking about yes I do if you have people that are in charge of them and MTA in New York City and they don’t maintain the tracks because they want to use that money for other pet projects they don’t maintain the tracks and the trains and the wheels and the brakes and the electronics to the cars okay what happens is you start seeing horrible accidents happen and when those horrible accidents happen it’s not a matter of a train that just won’t start in the morning it’s some train mangled up in a tunnel somewhere with 10,000 people affected by the minute and growing so 500 million Americans all different results all different colors they come together and we’re working on a project okay so now we’ve solve the problem of that we want to help elderly people have a nice life why elderly people have to pay rented or American citizens we’re giving $15,000 to every illegal person that comes across the border right now I’m putting them in A1 hotels where we’re off does our government get off spending that kind of money to put people in hotels or not even American and they don’t take care of The Americans Americans citizens they need to have a roof over their head they need to have a place to live you don’t need a prison system you need a society where you actually care about each other and work hard together to make each other’s lives betterMy it’s not important that we spend more money to finish the wall along the southern border back to the contracts were already paid out they were already approved by Congress so the contractors need to finish the wall but what I’m saying is all those people that raced up to the Border because of Joe Biden didn’t come all Harris let’s say listen why didn’t you stay here we’ll get you some trailers to live in and you guys can help build the rest of the wall and once you prove that you’re going to work hard and you’re going to try and be part of America then not only will when it’s done will you be allowed to come into America but you’ll get your citizenship and everything so sounds like a perfect plan I’m surprised Donald Trump springs didn’t think of this I mean or his stuff he is very smart people around him I mean have them work to build and finish the wall and they get their citizenship by protecting the American sovereignty of the nation great I don’t care how many people come here like that they’re all contributing to make this country great that’s good the politicians in charge of this covid scandal well the eggs already running a big trial right now there’s a crimes against humanity trial that’s been going on for a year and a half a bunch of doctors have gotten together from all over the world and they have file charges from bringing any covid vaccines into their country and brought them up on crimes against humanity charges this is Big stuff trying to make you humanity this is not a joke this is like world war II people need to understand that you can’t let this stuff go by without stopping it people dying because of a vaccine shot this is not acceptable so you got yours and you survived it but somebody else died from it so everybody should get a shot so every other person will die and that’s okay I mean the compassion of a society is how you judge that society’s future if you are caring moral society you’re going to help the worst people have a better life and the society will be a little less rich but still as happy

If you devise a way where you can work 6 hours a day and make a very successful living doing what you love that gives you more time for your personal stuff more time to learn things you have a technology in your hand most people now that you’re smart enough you could you could find out what they did to go to the moon and your phone is not smart now but the question is are you spending time playing pokémon or you spending time researching stuff because having a bucket full of knowledge doesn’t mean anything if you don’t take it out of the bucket and read it and trying to apply it to your life

One of my friends tells me that I should do an empowerment block I’m doing a blog just because I want people to hear this stuff and hopefully it helps them because communication is so important for human beings one of the problems for the last year and 4 months is lack of communication you’ve been fed a bunch of lies told not to say anything and just go along for the ride most of you realize is you don’t want to go along to the right you want it you want to make a decision.

If you figure that this is 2021 so let’s try something for 3 months I’m going to try it for 3 months let’s see what happens and I’ll share with you okay right now between now and the end of August what am I going to accomplish so plan to go flying three or four more times between the middle of the summer I want to go twin engine Apache flying with a friend of mine love you because as soon as we take off I get to fly which is always great I don’t have enough hours to finish my license so the pilot’s license for a twin engine is going to take a little bit longer next thing is Motocross I’ve been looking at some really nice large motorcycles for dirt riding so out in Oregon we used to go Motocross riding all the time and I can’t see getting a bike like that and staying in the city where everything is concrete so you know out in the mountains in the trails with the trees in nature and the rivers as much happier place to be Motocross Ryan is always been a big Big thrill for me so I mean I told myself so that definitely makes a difference with the diving so another thing is the plan to go scuba diving this summer at least for two or three times out in a boat down in the Caribbean doing some diving Bimini is a great place to go diving and then you know maybe Saint Martin when is it to keep going on being profound and amazing and not waste any of it you actually want to get things accomplished you want to achieve things in your life and it’s not for some big book that says all the things you did in your life it’s so that your life is profound meaning to you and through that sharing of who you are and what you become because of the things you’ve learned that spreads to other people like the like a virus

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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