Adventures in Oregon

You know it’s funny I moved from San Diego up to Astoria Oregon my father was stationed there on a Coast guard cutter so we started out living up in this place called tongue point emerald heights of tongue point Job corps center my mom was a counselor there director my father was on the ship so we lived there for a while and it’s gorgeous into a big private house down at 10 point Job corps center which was like an old mansion up on top of the hill facing out towards the bridge that goes across from Astoria to Washington State so we we had so many things to do there you know even though it rained a lot of the time even when it was like nice out the weather was gorgeous in the 60 65 70 degrees blue skies but it rained a lot so we found things to do in the rain that we’re very constructed you know how things like Motocross riding so I got my first dirt bike and started doing the dirt riding you know and and I loved it man talk about fun had a Kawasaki 175 that I bought and first transportation of course for a kid and had a great time I mean riding up in the logging roads from crown Zeller back which is like thousands and thousands of acres with Logan roads and cutting in between them to get some rough riding over tree stumps and stuff like that just amazing.

There was also when it was raining there was some really great YMCA in downtown Astoria I mean we’re talking the best at racquetball courts and basketball court trampoline swimming boy we were hooked up good as kids back then so when really rainy days we’d always be sitting down there listening to one of those big roll top jukeboxes things like radar Love and stuff like that but the swimming pool was amazing it was a Junior Olympics down there and we spend all day in this swimming pool like dolphins then with my mother’s position until like a director down there this Job corps center had about 1200 women between the ages of 17 and 24 that join the Job corps to get a occupation a career the big program set up a long time ago that was really helping people and they would be brought from places like the suburbs and Atlanta and Michigan and Chicago and New York where property was rampant and be giving a chance I really amazing chance so there was it was an Old Navy base so there was hangers there all kinds of portable bungalow buildings but probably some of the best stuff was in the center of it all with the giant hanger that they put in basketball courts a bowling alley a roller skating rink with his own jukebox and DJ booth and pool tables so we would literally if it was a bad storm we would spend two or three days in there 12 14 hours a day we had keys to everything the roller skating rink the pool hall we bolded the bowling alley and you know just open it up turn on the lights and bowl so it was really amazing the other part of that is when living down at the Job corps center is a big beautiful brick house we got chances to go out and do the things we love like for me I’d love to go hiking along the side of the Columbia River and I go with a couple of my friends a couple of days you know we go wander up and down along the sides of the Columbia River finding all the row boats and bomb shelters and just trying to be amazing even as a kid so we found out that there was a place right out at the coast called Cannon Beach and I’d always miss the surfing from San Diego so going up to there and finding out about Cannon Beach even though I didn’t have a car the surfing was amazing there and the ocean was gorgeous I mean the ocean along the coast of near Astoria is just pristine you know half a mile wide big sand dunes and grass you know the wild grasses growing along so there was a huge microcosm of a different kind of world there very quiet very foggy just hear the crashing of the waves it seems there was never enough time you know I always wanted to be out exploring things to go out and go take a hike up into the crown Zeller back lands old trees with a couple of buddies and some guns and just shoot trees and you know have a really great time growing up you know if you look at life as an experiences based on what you do with the limited time you’ve got and the huge amounts of energy reserve that are there to accomplish things you dream of so what’s happened now is I think it was like a sandhill you know an ant hill some giant lumbering giant comes along and kicks over the ant hill and rather than sit around worrying about our differences we need to get together and take these politicians and make them stand accountable for this American people don’t deserve to be lied to they don’t deserve to get a shot that’s killing three in every 10 you know and the media is like so playing along with it they’re not talking about all the people getting the shot and dying they’re saying now there’s a new kind of variant yeah it’s called getting a job in your arm and getting so sick your body can’t even work anymore and I can’t believe that they stopped Johnson & Johnson and now they just said go ahead no no it’s okay we were only kidding you don’t keep taking the shots he tragically we have a friend that she’s 36 years old she got the shot 4 days ago and she’s in the ICU now her whole body all her body bruised up like it exploded underneath the skin so really bad mojo they’re giving people and I sure hope my friends have woken up to the fact that look online to find the truth about it once you see the kind of thing these are not the kind of things you want to put your people you love into I mean how can you I mean she was 36 years old and she died in 72 hours after getting a shot that’s not

So the information it’s been ready available for all these different company askersenica moderna Johnson & Johnson and the people that are getting sick 23 Nations won’t even let them give shots to people okay why America is not listening I mean at some point you want American wants people to be in office that are honorable and have good intentions do they care about their job and care about the people they represent and that means not going into countries in the middle of the night with special forces and taking out their government the Central America is a perfect example ever since they’ll Salvador that place has been horror on Earth not the people but living under the kind of horrible people running it you know becomes eat or b so bringing that up here no my friend he’s from Guatemala he says listen we’re angry they’re coming here too because it’s America it’s our home it’s our safety and we don’t know who these people are or how they’re getting support from the government that don’t even support its own citizens that’s so important if your government is taking care of everybody and then it wants to help other people to be a good citizen of the earth that’s great but when they’re taking the money

You know back in high school we used to go out like at the end of the school year we would all get together in the parking lot of the school and we’d set up a backwoods trip you know we get to a bunch of old army 10-man tents we had like 50 miles back into crown Zeller back lumber roads and we build ourself a little community out there for the summer so whatever you’re choosing to do if you’re doing what you love and you trying to be amazing with it you’re going to get rewarded for it whether that’s on a personal level I guess it depends on what you’re wishing for I mean I still go out flying I still go out and pilot playing single engine I’d love to get a higher level license but with the world the way the world is right now just the fact that I can do that means a lot I mean I can’t tell you how nice it is to go and pay $50 a half an hour to rent a nice Cessna and just get the hell out of this nut racist down here people riding around with mass thinking that they’re somehow safe getting shots of bubblegum in their arm and dying couple days we lost three friends in the last 4 days from this vaccine one of them she is 36 she ran everyday she died in less than three days we took pictures they got real angry at the hospital when we were taking pictures of all of them three days what you need to do is stop giving people the vaccines they’re not working there’s something wrong with them you’re not going to be able to fix the problem once they get the vaccine it damages their DNA right down to the individual cellular level and this isn’t something you could just say take two of these and call me in the morning you know it’s like the whole talk about variance I mean look there is no very intensity they don’t know what they’re talking about it so they can convince you to take another shot and every six months which are altering your genetic structure right down to the mitochondria DNA so I think it’s important people go online and get the information they need you can go to there’s some doctors like Dr Simone gold there’s a whole bunch of new doctors out the front line doctors is another site you can go to look if you need to you get telegram that way you can get the truth because what you’re getting your popular media is just the lies have been paid to tell you if you go to telegram you can post anything that’s truthful there I mean you know basically you can show the proof you can validate your argument I I just wish people would wake up because of their lives are in line you know I mean I’m a million people died in a 3 months because of a shot that’s a really bad thing

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