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Dancing with Satan

So kitties if you look around what’s going on in the world right now there’s a war good against evil going on I know you don’t see it everywhere you only see in some places and the media doesn’t want to tell you about that how bad and ugly it can be so you’re seeing this battle going on between good and evil and it’s not a political one it’s not a social one it’s basically for your very right to the human being and the people that are controlling it are much more advanced than you ever think you will or we ever think we are okay and what they’re doing right now is they’re rounding up the cattle they’re giving them a vaccine which makes them dissolve Right in their skin are we lost three friends last week from the vaccine Madonna and one Johnson & Johnson within 72 hours they their body started just hemoring the blood vessels were bursting under the skin so they look like they had anaphylactic shock and when you talk to the people the hospital causes yeah a 32 year old amazing woman was going to college she had a great business and she was running well she’s dead now so how is this go the media doesn’t even talk about it Montreal is forcing people to get this job you would think it in America both places with all the soldiers and stuff like us to have served this country that people would be far beyond being woken up and start talking about it man they’d be talking about it how to stop it this nation is a great nation but the bad people that have been walking the rails doing horrible things in the name of democracy because they thought it was important because of their strategic values shame on them if you think about the world worse billion human beings all living on the same Rock going through space what’s happening on the world is it global thing you know you look at the statistics of all the all of it is lies the media has been lying to everybody so the question is when are you going to start reading with your smartphone and seeing all the true documentation now Frontline doctors and then you go to cdc’s on site and you see the damages done 17,000 on their site have been killed by the vaccine or whatever you want to call it so they’re making people feel guilty like elementary School oh shame you’re not supposed to be in the hallway we’re going to give you a ticket the reality is is give me a ticket for what oh to make you get the shot even if it does kill you tell the guy I’m one of a growing number of veterans that are just saying enough is enough and you know I’m talking about peaceful intelligent ways to deal with this I’m not talking to anything violent if you’re going to arrest somebody to see if they’re doing something right or something wrong when you give people the power over all the resources of the United States government and you say oh do whatever you want around the world look the patented vaccine is killing people I’m sad India wants it they’ve already killed 70 million people in India about 10 years ago when Bill Gates was running his other organization and they banned him from the country the point is is this vaccine is poison it’s not helping you it doesn’t protect you against people that do get SARS it can be really bad so you’re a cute respiratory syndrome is not a joke but it’s not like the cold is the flu I mean they kept everybody locked down for a year and 4 months now people walking around wearing three masks getting shot I mean look the government says himself oh once you get the vaccine you can take your mask off but the people are still wearing the mask oh I don’t want to be people give me judgment you know what wake up and realize is their judgment on you as an individual has nothing to do with who you want to be or how powerful and unique and special you are you’re a billion dollar star seed and you’re running around on a planet how many people tell you what to do because they say I’m smart that’s not a good reason for doing something

Pp you know hopefully people are waking up to what’s really going on and they’re making positive actions in their own life listen you can go on with your life and do amazing things and it’s up to you now I mean you can continue to follow the masquerade party that’s being set up by the ultra rich I mean they must be laughing while you’re running around judging each other because you’re not wearing a mask everybody people need to wake up and start realize this is political leaders that are filthy rich then want us to spend our time arguing fighting amongst ourselves rather than focusing our energy towards them I mean you know you look at pelosi pelosi took part of that you know 2.3 trillion dollar relief mark on the community recognizing your immense opportunity to be amazing and profound to go accomplish things you never thought you could accomplish but at least trying right now you got a bunch of people that aren’t trying anything they’re sitting around being afraid of something that life goes on is that covid 2020 and people freaked out well it’s 20/21 okay it’s 2020 3 billion human beings have suffered directly from this lockdown and the continued lockdown in the master stereo oh we found a mutant third generation virus listen everything in science is learn as they go they’re not geniuses what’s happening is technology is advancing they’re getting better microscopes they’re able to look deeper into the universe and see that every microorganism that they see has got a universe inside of it so instead they’re running around this isn’t a strange unusual thing wake up your life is at risk here this shot is killing people okay it’s not killing every person that gets his shot some people actually survive it but what it does over the next 5 to 6 years is it starts altering your genetic genome on the basic level individual each individual cell is being genetically modified by this rmha okay so you’re being deceived here it’s not something that you can get rid of they’re going to demand you to get booster shots every 6 months and it’s for a lie how can you keep contributing this how can you have your children subjected to this the reason why they don’t force people is because they know it’s going to go straight throttle to violence if they start forcing people to get a vaccine people that are smart enough to know it’s poison are going to fight back they’re not going to volunteer they’re not going to go online and if you try and throw them in the line because you think we’re a herd of cows you’re going to find a wake up call that you didn’t expect so naturally they’re trying to be smart about this they really want you to get out there and get the shot because you’ll be dead within a couple of years and they’ll get everything this game is for the whole ball of wax buddies this is for the whole bowl of marbles and boy I sure you woke up early enough that you stop them from injecting your children because your children got 90 years living on this Earth with alter DNA with no clue of what is long-term effects on people are honey we had a friend in Montreal they said oh look we’re going to shut your business to let you get the vaccine she got it she was dead in 4 days okay they got the business anyways but the tragic story is not one isolated case we’ve got thousands of young people that have gone out and volunteered for the shot this three days later they woke up dead they call it catastrophic failure well the catastrophic value is it tells your operating system of your computer which the kids will understand this then it’s like sticking up a faulty drive into your computer as an operating system it shuts down your body’s ability to manufacture keys I have it adjusted the body’s ability to fight bacteria and it doesn’t in a way that’s contradiction.

Pp if you look at what’s happening on a global scale there are people St Martin’s is totally banned any vaccine imports and they brought charges against Gates and his CDC for distributing poison basically to the citizens of a country in actual country so they’ve been brought up on crimes against humanity at The Hague so there’s an ongoing case a lot of people don’t realize for the last two and a half years in fact especially since his first came out in March and 2020 they started a court case in The Hague for crimes against humanity and basically not since world war II and Hitler have they done this so this crimes against humanity thing is based on the fact is they keep telling everybody tried and tested vaccine it’s never been tried and tested the FDA gave an emergency approval for two year trial. So I guess you have to decide what’s right for you that’s what free will is but if you get the shot and it goes badly you can’t blame anybody but yourself the reason why they make you sign a medical release when you’re getting your shot is they can’t be held liable but by making you something that you’re saying I volunteered for them to inject this strange new potion in my arm and it’s okay I’ll never hold them responsible so let’s say you do that for your five children and something horrible happens God forbid so you go to you go to Bill Gates and the CDC and Pfizer and Johnson and they whip out that supreme court judgment in their favor saying not only do they own the patented nrha but if it’s in your body they actually own the human body that the m there are RHA is in so that little court case four years ago gave them power so let’s say

So let’s face it kitties this is not a high school dance what you doing is your dancing with the devil about life itself the shot is not about protecting you from covid there is no protection from the cold virus whichever strain you want to see you to see you seven but many different kinds of strains are basically mutated forms of the same bacteria okay and being a virus means your body is fighting it meaning so you don’t even look at cancer cancer is an inflammation that is gone hyperdrive and it starts gobbling up the rest of your body because your body doesn’t know how to react quick enough to fix it vaccines used to be something that actually helped they would give you a drain down virus or something then we give you a much depleted source to get your body to know what it was and how to adapt it polio rubella scarlet fever but let’s come to the Future now let’s come up here covid all right covid Corona the name Corona comes from the fact is when you look under electron microscope it’s got to Aura around it like the sun like a coronal fun okay so now what it does on its own is basically shuts down respiratory nervous system it causes your body to just basically so explode so the only cure it seems to be with medical providers is they throw you on electric pump they don’t care about whether you have small or large lungs or whether you have issues of your lungs or if you’ve ever had past issues with your lungs and they turn on this giant pump electric pump running 120 w you know this thing is designed to fill your lungs up with oxygen and it for speeds it it’s like having a hose ram down your throat to four speed you water the body hasn’t died I mean they’re not trying to fill up a balloon to go but sailing or ballooning they’re basically trying to tell your body okay look don’t worry we’re going to provide oxygen for you through a pump but what happened is the pump is causing ruptures in the lungs and you can’t imagine how they would come to this decision to put somebody on a ventilator they got a cold they’re having trouble getting oxygen out of the air they breathe well maybe give them some pure oxygen you know I mean super super hydrated oxygen I mean even that kind of stuff is not a fantasy anymore I mean they’ve already created it it’s hyperoxygenated blood you know they basically give you a shot into your veins and what it does is supercharges the oxygen production in your body to provide for the important Central things needed at that moment so there are good things that have come out of science but then there’s a mad scientist of the Year award. I mean collectively the intelligence on this planet is off the charts but it’s not being experienced because people are living in fear when you don’t spend your life being amazing and profound like you want to be you’re doing a job you can’t stand you’re living in a house you don’t like you’re living in a town you don’t like and you’re complaining because life is bad make the choice to move make the choice to change your life everybody has the potential to be amazing and profound everybody can be whatever you want whether it’s your health look lost 100 lb of going on a ketogenic diet the hardest part of it was getting used to not having potatoes but reality wise I’m much happier being 80 lbs less than I was before I’m much healthier being 80 lbs less than I was before okay so there are ways that you can control your reality whether it’s your health for your weight or your energy levels for me I find heating a lot of fish helps with my energy levels and boy you better enjoy it while you can because right now with the US government and their backseat the Japanese are getting ready to done trillions of gallons of radioactive water and specific ocean you thought there weren’t enough fish now give it 5 years there’ll be nothing left alive in the Pacific ocean. You’re done you can tons of radioactive ways from Fukushima and the US government is actually saying hey we’re going to help you do it you know you’re killing off the food supply for most of the Earth when you kill off the Pacific Ocean like they did to the gulf when they have the oil spill BP oil spill killed off the Gulf people couldn’t clam anymore there was no light forms of seeing you had to search really hard to find any kind of creature in the ocean down there because of not just oil spill oils actually almost natural because of the chemicals used to disperse the oil so what happens you get a double whammy the oil makes the population in the oceans reduce because there’s not a lot of oxygen around the oil but the oil sinks to the bottom quickly but then you got the other side and companies that owned by Cheney comes in with his company to do a oil cleaner and he literally destroys it with chemicals and destroyed the whole southern coast of the United States all the way down to Houston and to the tip of Florida the BP oil spilled destroyed millions and millions of hectares of Earth and in the process of billions and millions of life forms that died so really bad well think about this for the last two years their game plan now is to decrease the population by 60 or 70%, and whether you got it was a job and died in 3 days or you got the job and you die in 2 years the fact is three in every five the CDC says we’ll die from this vaccine their body will hyperreact and cold season and you will have so many people dying here there won’t be enough to carry him and that’s these people the media’s been lying to you for a year and a half what makes you think you’re going to tell you the truth about anything they’re not that’s why most of the friends that I’ve got were getting ready to move off grid we’re moving up to Washington State a thousand miles from a big city we’ve got the solar energy we’re stockpiling food because what’s getting ready to happen is that something people want to live through Chicago if they would have turned off the electricity I’m so glad the Hague is holding a trial right now crying against humanity you know when and I guess you can hook the hope and sure I do I hope to hope the people will wake up and not let them give them the shot and not have to watch the relatives die that would be wonderful but it seems so far that what’s happening is people are still lining up to get the job it’s a jabathon I guess you’d call it so I guess the modern world is a little different used to game good luck with that I’m getting ready to do some rock climbing I don’t need that in my life I’m not going to let them give me a shot of anything I want to open a Facebook that’s for non vaccine people though that’s what I am working on right now I’m trying to set up a social network of people that refuse to get the vaccine because people don’t realize people that got to vaccine are shedding all the time they’re shedding this mha if you open up a social media that’s for people that can confirm they haven’t got the shot you’re going to have an entire population of people that are grateful to have a place to go communicate with each other and it needs to be important that it’s not restricted like the president’s Facebook is you can’t sell your soul to the devil and not expect to get a horn up your ass I guess is the best solution

Relevant to popular slots I mean let’s just say that some of these people are actually intelligent that their intentionally injecting this poison into people’s family saying that this is going to help save you no look God’s in charge of our lives and if we focus our energy on God rather than listening to the media and the politicians we’re going to be a lot safer there is no justice in a politicians you know look Kamala kamala’s been complaining about her private Mansion she got to be vice president well no she could have got the Mansion it would only lived in One Time by pence he was busy living in his own house but she needed a quarter of a million dollars spent right away so that it wouldn’t be noticed that she spent a quarter million dollars renovating her house to be the vice president United States you know I mean doing the job is vice President you got an incoherent president Biden said in one of his speeches he said oh back when I got in government 126 years ago things were different they weren’t different they’re exactly the same. If you open up your heart and you start spending your time thinking and doing what you up to do you’ll be much happier you’ll be much more independent and it comes down to you deciding that’s what you want I mean forming networks that people is important right now you need a community that seems and believes the same way you do you need people in your life the chair that work hard that are compassionate caring you don’t want a bunch of idiots to get in a fight every night cuz they get drunk being in a community of the family loving people you want the people that are caring and loving to believe in God to be safe from this Insanity going on you know sometimes you have to make the hard decisions I had one friend of mine when I was living in Boston 2005 at the time for you to even think that kind of crazy insanity it doesn’t matter where people are from people need to try and get along as a community people need to try and make the world a better place collectively it’s not about saying this is wrong with that people are these people are wrong because of their politics it really doesn’t matter 7 billion human beings are all racing towards annihilation and there’s been around what color clothes they’re wearing you know so you know people it’s time to wake up it’s time to get focused on the real truth the real truth is that you’re a sentient creature you have amazing insight power and knowledge but it’s you staying away from the confusion and chaos caused by dancing with Satan to make your life better to empower your life and the people you love and care about believe me if you help somebody help one step they’ll help you up one step and if you multiply that across your friends and the scope of the people that you know you’re going to find you probably have a much bigger community than you thought especially after this stuff started okay and then you have to make smart moves smart moves collectively as a community you need to you need to work together I mean if you look at the history world war One world war II the communities that were really dynamic that knew each other that know each other’s kids they were carrying and loving towards their community and they protected each other what you don’t see now is you don’t see that here you see people totally isolated totally disconnected and they’re not able to function in irrational juices everybody’s gotten a cold in your life so any kind of test that you can show even though they don’t have a test that can show covid they keep telling you they’re giving you this test to check for covid it doesn’t check for covid it checks to see if your body’s ever been exposed to a cold or the flu standard version see you two through see you seven if your body’s ever been a touch with those it basically has a spot on memory and it remembers every kind of illness that have played your body and it built TV cells and antibodies to protect your body and I do a person knowledge with this I remember being in the hospital with white blood cell count of 15,000 I had a huge infection inside my body cavity and it was something that required surgery but we’re in a much different world than now now they give you shots of things you don’t even know what’s in them you tell me why age is needed in a vaccine you tell me why herpes is needed in a vaccine well because these dynamic little creatures have learned to adapt and overcome the challenges of the human body defense mechanism so of course when people get the vaccines ever found out to have herpes now they’ve got AIDS well we had to do something to make it take over the body it’s basically trying to hijack the human body some people’s hijacking comes quick and swiftly and they’re gone other people will be okay for a few months they’ll get sick for a couple days but by next winter cold season if these people don’t have their health on track they’re gone they’re going like a dust in the wind man it’s just nothing can be done about this and I don’t know how to help them once they volunteer we won’t even work with these people once they had the vaccine that’s why I said the Facebook thing for non vaccine people it’s really important now people that have got the vaccine are shedding constantly their body is constantly getting rid of things that connected that r m r a j okay not good things either the worst part of itthe value of each member of that community

I do these walks everyday when it’s nice out because there’s no work and as much as I want to be working I need time to process thoughts here so on that point it’s important to realize is that when you’re out and you’re thinking about all these things going on in your life what you’re seeing happening around you you have to decide what’s the most important thing some of my friends have moved out of the city like within a month what are those people and when he goes south it’s going to go really South and I don’t mean South of the Border I mean really self like those war zone Mogadishu so the latest news is they’re offering people $100 to get the vaccine but three out of every 10 is getting very sick or dying do you really need $100 that bad this is being done because they know people are starting to see the truth of these vaccine it’s not a vaccine it’s an EBA experimental biological agent I’ve been saying that for about a year there is no way this thing is designed to help you in fact it’s designed as wet wear plugins for computer software all right so imagine they can shut down any organ on your body well nano nanobots nanotechnology if you look online you get to see how bad it is these people are really really devious what they’re trying to do dance with Satan yeah absolutely I mean what’s your body doesn’t know how to do what it does which is amazing from the child from the time you’re born until the time you die your body performs a million jobs at the same time without a hitch and the people that are having difficulties are people that have had you know other health issues if you have diabetes because of all the sugar in the market you don’t see them stopping to sell sugar to people as bad as sugar is everybody sees it with their elderly relatives they’re all over weight they they start swelling they start losing access to their limbs and feeling and sensation coming up with a way to provide food for 7 billion people is a hard job in itself but then on top of it you probably at the fact that the corporations that have made the most money are the ones that are selling poison sugar is poison fluoride water is poison why what is the purpose of putting fluoride in your drinking water think about it if you look up fluoride in the internet or Wikipedia you’re going to find out it’s a really bad stuff so it isn’t naturally in the water they put it in the water so putting fluoride in your drinking water has certain effects that most people don’t realize when they do chemtrails with aluminum because they can microsize it so small and you have fluoride in your bloodstream when the trans am osmosis happens between the oxygen you breathe in your blood cells it’s basically designed to pass these things through but when there’s fluoride in the bloodstream it attracts aluminum more than anything else more than even oxygen so it’s important to wake up and start researching this stuff so you have the correct information so you can make the right decisions especially if you plan to have a family or love or people that you care about so beautiful it’s amazing

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