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Forests of lemins

to the edge they race the edge of the cliff every year again they dive off the cliff millions at a time a rolling carpet of furry little beasts they race the push it the thing they do so what is the purpose who has a clue a monsterous devious plan indeed to drive humans off this cliff with lies once a seed. before the end it will all come out show us truth and dont live in despair for all the right reasons this lemins crusade

when you wake up and go out what will you do open your heart and breath in the air dont be afraid choose to care. reach out a hand and try to be amazing helping others especially a gain within. for you being bold and striving towards our dreams we can survive and be amazing we all have potentials beyond our wildest beliefs yet why are you not accessing them simple the entire system is designed to dumb you down first as a child teaching our children about the world from the perspective of a ground  hog, sadly they are teaching them to be isolated and confused there days are filled with pressure to blend in like good sheep never asking questions and he info is outdated by a century how can we hope to have a bright future the spare time our children have is not spent becoming smarter its playing video first person murder videos.

We need to change the pardyme shift the focus onto positive things ones that provide a out and out change one that provides a dynamic shift internally enhancing your energy and your stamina we can see and feel it starkly altering even the chemistry of our by for the better the electric currents our bodys run on must be enhanced as the fact is our food supplies need to be enriched and there not the corp farm association’s idea that costs money 

When you wake up and feel full and refreshed and the bold new changes start to happen i know i wake up each morning feeling refreshed and empowered my body is functioning at its/

When you go out and define your day by trying to be amazing and going to try and rebuild your world we cannot continue to ignore the need to return to our lives pre covveee its important for all of us to feel empowered and allowed to go back to the world and enough wasting months and years on a fake pandemic from hell where those who are dying are doing so because of fear not health we need to believe in our own body to make your life perform at its very best we can achieve greatness and be amazing sentient beings but we must face a very clear fact if you want to be amazing you need to do our best and part of that is getting your body into health where by which your able to achieve wonderful things

open your heart and try to find a way each day to make a promise to yourself to help another make a conscious choice to try and enrich someones elses life because you can and be brave enough to do it without expectations of something in return we can be both benevolent and noble by all doing our best efforts according to our means to help make the community around us more amazing in life the best blessings are small yet the do open doors to help us and change our world moment to moment.

when you hope to get up and do a good deed each morning you begin to see the reflections of your actions and deeds around you and by which you enhance the best parts of life. by opening your heart and diving right in the water is fine and your life can change almost over night with strong desire and outright efforts the changes will open up doors to a better life you create it based on positive beliefs and dynamic efforts

remember doing what you like i like making love all the time you can never get enough when the work is hard and your struggling to keep focused remember this is your AH moment and when you get there then you can rest but right now your pressing the doors with all your might its time to be profound and amazing only you can make your reality the dreams you believed as a child no one else can make it happen only you and your true determination to success as a sentient being.

over your life you have many chances to get up and start building your future one choice at a time within your skills all the choices you have its your chosen decision without following anyone else advice you can choose with truth to see the valid reason not to get a jab in the arm and you do have the choice to arm yourself with knowledge and develop progressive tools of change that will be used by you as your needs arise take time each day to see your progress and see if you can find any new ways to reach your goals and understand a deeper conceptual connection

On all levels we can be amazing our world can be profound you need to embelish yourself with the important tools to survive the lies and deceptions which we have been subjected to on all levels the very base of life and community both know and those you dont know yet.

i keep my best memories close at hand they are valuable tools in stress to calm you down or give a push to achieve your goals by incentives learned and understood.

take a few days to look over the last year and the media articles that have been published you will see the facts don’t meet the numbers are all wrong and working to deny us the truth;

when we open our world up and start to bring in people that have valued skills and a unique perspective to work collectively towards a common goal and with a common goal great things can be accomplished and lives inhanced deeply thourgh communal existence and a better life for all those involved over the years we have been seeing a way forward

take life for all you can achieve

find love lust desire be brave and ask for what you want be profound and develop a positive way to achieve your goal.  if you are alone its time to get up and go get involved find somene or a group of someones who are and will be part of your future based on the skills and shared capacity to build what all of us want a safe place to ive and work raise our children and dream the big dream we dont need to waste any more time your future and mine are broad and encompass alof of who we are as sentient beings i dont understand when i see a beautiful woman and give a hello  or a kind word how nice they look there first act is to become defiant and insist i had no right to give them akind word or complement instead of getting angry to just walk on  and appreciate the simple fact.

i met a girl today she took my breath away she had a page haircut amazing pink i lost my train of thought and she smiled as she walked by she took my breath away and i wished i knew even her name she is a vision from a far off place where angels of such beauty share miracle smiles the kind of a woman to take your life and you would not be unpleased your heart would be so fast as you fell to your knees what is your name where are you from you glided by like an angel i was unable to even speak your amazing power blue aura how it make me feel i so much hope to see you again to hope you might again share that smile and help this old man survive for all the treasures on earth your special creature i see the magik you possess over takes me and leaves me begging for more to walk with you and hear what is your story and how could i have you in my life i am older and have seen so much yet your beauty was today just too much thankyou for being yourself an keeping my heart beating fast and flush my body becomes numb for you gave me something i never expected today the vision of such beauty i watched you walk away unable to stop  the mass effect you had i would walk all day to anywhere you desired to share a few minutes and talk for a short while so i might be blessed and feel like a kid in a candy  store like the first Christmas present that sat for days on the floor yet i am unable to see past it or even knew

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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