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More tragedy Maderna

P so another one she was promised if she if she wanted to keep her job and she got the vaccine everything would be fine she got the vaccine 42 hours later she started hemoring and died I’m really wondering what it’s going to take before people realizes these people are feeding you such a horrible horrible lie this is affecting generations of you even if you have another generation so she was 36 years old she got the shot three days ago and you know how tragic is that I mean you know the side effects even have these kind of side effects we know of 17 people that have died from the vaccine okay this lady she was lied to even about her job and she decided to try and be a good person and cooperate and now she’s wondering if she’s going to die she’s got black and blue bruises all over her entire body

P clearly there’s something going on here with these pharmaceutical companies it’s very driven it’s very similar results in all the different companies and what they’re making and the kind of side effects that people are having I mean hemorraging blood clots you know horrible horrible things you see all the ambulances now and it’s not from people getting covid it’s from people getting the injections and the damage inside effects of the ejections are so traumatic to the bodies they’re not able to recover so what do you do now I mean pharmaceutical is fed everybody alive they’re making billions of dollars people have gone and trusted them and got the shot now they’re starting to drop dead what can you do they find all these policies and got in charge of the supreme Court so that they could never be held liable for what they were doing how could you even allow that to happen I mean just wondering a bunch of people sitting inside a professional sitting around and saying sure pharmaceuticals should not have to worry about being responsible and how they take care of people they shouldn’t have to worry about getting sued if they shoot somebody with the vaccine and it kills them so they literally spent years fighting the supreme Court level to get this approved so now modernizer all these companies they cannot be sued for any deaths and we’re talking there’s tens of thousands of deaths they cannot be held responsible it’s somehow miracle you survive from the vaccine and you have a child that’s deformed they have no liability these companies are totally once they can do whatever they want it’s not their problem but at the same time this is a real tragedy in America people need to wake up

I mean I can understand the media has been drowning you with depressive things for a year and 4 months every day more and more horrible things that are happening because of invisible bug now you’re actually going out and you’re getting these supposed shots from them that they promise are going to help you well this friend of mine was 36 she died within 72 hours of getting the shot that tells me there’s something really wrong when when in a million even gets sick from these vaccines it’s too much okay and then giving them the carte blanche that they never have to be held liable for what they’re doing I mean somebody who gives you tainted milk from the farm you could sue him but these people are injecting new mirrors mystery experimental elements into your body I mean at some point human beings need to get together let’s forget about our differences what our countries are what are political systems are let’s try and work together as humanity to solve this problem the right way first of all you never forced to the population of the Earth for any kind of herd immunity to wear a mask and stop them from being able to support their families and live government is not smart enough for well enough equipped to support society all by itself so stopping people from being able to go to work for a year and 3 months now his drastically damaged society it’s damaged the networking of how people used to socialize and go out every morning and train to go to work

And a good example New York City New York City there’s huge industries that are no longer able to function at all the construction industry is one of them the union construction companies they’re doing skeleton crews now no more big giant jobs too much liability worrying about them getting onto an elevator or getting on a floor where there’s other people it’s important that people start working together as a community based not because of whether you’re male or female man woman’s against humanity okay so there’s some big things cooking in the background same Martin’s in St Vincent her little island but the fact is they brought up charges against these pharmaceutical companies shows that they’re trying to bring about positive information so people aren’t dying anymore and find out who the culprist are behind us scandalous pandemic thing and bring them up to the highest courts and bring them up on charges and make them pay the price this is not about human beings being uncivilized this is about accusing the laws that exists of years of us learning how to work together and bring about a change is positive the pharmaceutical company should not be cartilage from liability government officials are getting paid on both sides of the base is wrong this is the United States of America this is a great country it doesn’t matter if you say there’s 500 million people in the United States they could be from every corner of the earth as far as I’m concerned but they need to realize is that what affects one border of the country affects every border of the country what affects bad people that are in the mix those bad people should have been stopped before you make a nation’s what they’re doing now is just horrific there is no protection for the southern border for the people that live there from regenerations along the coast you know along the border fence

It’s very relevant you know if you think about the politics of it right now there’s too many things cooking on the oven and I’m not thinking this guy’s equipped well enough as a corporate executive or somebody that even spending government for 50 years I guess the best way to say it is like Biden said it himself back when he got into government 126 years ago they did things different well if you can’t come from the Stone age with something you might as well come from the Middle ages right so how do we solve the problem first of all the board of security is not about stopping people that are coming from South America to come to America it’s to stop people from coming to America legally that could be doing horrible things in their name

If you’re like most of my friends family children parents loved ones community you want to feel safe you want to feel secure you want to know that you can go with your family down to the pizza place and have a big meal together and laugh and communicate and socialize with the people that you love and care about not that you have to go to a place where you only can have two people at a table that’s ridiculous there is no security from something you can’t see feel or touch society needs to get past this I mean you know herd mentality are you kidding me I’m anything but a cow and I do not belong to a herd

The best reality that can happen here is people stop hating each other for stupid things and start working together for teamwork I mean society is a hole from humanity’s point of view is it doesn’t matter where you’re from it depends on your moral character what kind of creature you are you choose to be a human being and care about other people then you want to make the world a better place you don’t want to drive it farther down the road of destruction there is no reason in the world our politicians need to be dropping us into Russia to deal with Russia and Ukraine or China they’re not even taking care of Americans right now but yet if you come across the border illegal you get a 15,000 credit card when you walk across the border and a free plane trip how can that be right how could that be fair to Americans..

In order to bring about a dynamic change it’s important for people to stop communicating with the other they need to start communicating with each other and start sharing their ideals I don’t care where people are from in the United States I just care the United States finally wakes up and starts taking care of its citizens first I’m all for helping everybody in the world but if we just keep building bombs and weapons because the black defense department spends billions I’m not showing any concerning compassion for society as a whole how can we go any other way except self-destruct you know that they spend enough money in one day that you can provide all the medical for an entire country in a month and never even run out of money and every month is defense department keeps building more weapons more rockets more engines they’re so afraid of life itself rather than focusing that money on clean energy and providing people a place to live in a good job society needs to wake up as our caring about each other on a global level

It’s very relevant that people are social creatures and as such they need to socialize with each other it’s like a herd of buffaloes or a pack of lions that there’s communication always going on now you’ve thrown a monkey wrench in the mix of that for a year and four months people haven’t been out they haven’t hug their friends they haven’t talked to their own relatives how sad 3 days ago she was perfectly fine and healthy running now she’s almost dead in a hospital because of a vaccine shot that was supposed to protect her stuff like this isn’t right and you know some flushing it underneath or sleeping under the carpet the medical institution in the media they’re not going to talk about this incident or the tens of thousands of other incidents where people have really really bad reactions to these vaccines I mean death and the Brain hemoraging Bell’s palsy there’s a long list of things people are getting from the vaccine and the worst one is much sooner death you know people are dying real quickly with this vaccine it’s not even waiting for them to get covid again you know the doctors are saying well we have to be afraid during the next covid thing well they’re not making it to the coping thing at all before dying from the job so Sherry’s like broken you can’t even help her there’s nothing we can do to help her now she got the vaccine she’s almost dead it’s only 3 days what do you do nothing you won’t go to the hospital they won’t let you go they say it’s covid-related no it’s the vaccine job you gave them and I sure like to see change I just don’t see how it’s going to happen with people. To bring about the kind of change it needs to happen here it needs to be something systematically people need to start sharing and contributing in the community-based organizations again and the smartphone is the ultimate poison to that because people walk around connected only thing to is a YouTube channel and a dummy phone reality is if they don’t go on the the phone to learn things that are valuable to them reality right now so what’s going to happen now.

It’s like I want to go to the municipal airport get in a nice twin engine Apache airplane and fly it the f*** out of here it’s just sad you know I mean meet people nowadays they got the vaccine I don’t want to be around them they’re shedding they’re more toxic than the shop was because their body’s been trying to manufacture it in large doses to replace the mitochondria DNA in the human body so so I mean the in the MRNA basically hijacks your industrial processing plant in your human body that’s why people are getting the the bruising all over their body their bodies averaging because it’s not anything somebody needs to nutrition because then basically shutting down the operating systems and 3 month pregnant woman got it within a week her baby died the next day he’s all right these aren’t makeup things these are statistics now how many have died from the moderna vaccine is thousands same with astrozeneca Johnson we don’t even want to go there Johnson and Johnson vaccine is killing way too many people but people are still going and volunteering for the shot,

You know taking all the data into consideration over the last five six months the reality is is whatever shot you get it’s damaging your DNA and we’re talking at a microscopic level your DNA genome is being altered so what is the consequences of that well first of all the third vaccine will be a sterilization one meaning they’ll be no more kids they wanted to control the population they want to put a nano nanoparticles in you so they can track you all right some of the smart parts they’re installing in these in these little swabs they stick up your nose are basically a little robotic machines that basically have the ability to turn on and shut off parts of your body cause embolism I mean real sci-fi kind of stuff going on here and people need to realize it’s not fantasy stuff what they’re doing is very real you know on a scale of life and you should be very smart and think really hard before you make decisions that will reflect not only on you but let’s say you decide to have children what kind of children can you have when they’ve made you sterile once created in the lab by a bunch of mad scientists that are grooming out all the things that make them special and unique I think people need to understand who you choose to become is your choice but when they give you a vaccine that changes your DNA no longer do you have choices anymore and that’s what people aren’t getting it’s not like they can retract it 6 months or a year from now like tattoo removal they’re not going to be able to remove this job they’re giving people and I hear people talking about oh yeah I got mine yesterday how many people do you know that died did you even bother to ask the thousands of people that lost relatives to the moderna and the Johnson & Johnson because the goal is to get rid of us and the less you know the better off they are so look Bill Gates is lying through his teeth but he’s always done that so you shouldn’t think of anything unusual here that’s just his standard operation next thing you need to do is realize is that all the people down the line that are the people from the people injecting you to the suppliers which are distributing it to the scientists that are creating it this is total plan extermination and the extermination when we lost three close relatives to this this is not a joke this is very serious stuff people need to wake up and really think about what they’re doing

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