trak tikibo

take a mini go to the store ride the vehicle across the floor as children really we are so alone but as we grow the fear of the few that we will wake up and change the rules

the world is massive and billions now live and they are tired of worry fear and the greed that they see as a few live lives of unbelief and the rest suffer and die

who wrote the books and why do they never get updated seems they have let the lie out and tech has opened the door now the masses can see the truth and the lyres are in a scary place for soon the thunder will hit there door

did they really think  us so stupid or ignorant its shocking to see did they really think that at some point we would taste the poison on the baby food or understand the rat poison they put into the water supply

what fools indeed i remember the king with no cloths and how we thought it was so funny as children to reach such a story but now we can see the lies and deceptions that are painted on the walls and the road to their mansions built with things that they stolen in the night what a bunch of monsters

its turned against their deceptions now they must fact the path of fraud and despair to see the lies they have taught come to the door and they will wear more then most i feel for children who were taught they didn’t need to know

to see the fact all their lives were built on lies of sand as the many struggled and they thru so much from their hand greed is so ugly and it always comes thru the picture window of life the lies and deceptions have caused so much pain

now the world if full of media who tell stories that have not even a slight truth full of deceptions and lies they are paid to deceive did they now know that someday the tech that we have would open the door and teach our children the truth and whats more how to remove the deceptions and lies from the pages now the day is close when the fire will burn down the lies and all the money hoarded will not save them from the justice coming to there door

fear is billions who have been deceived fear is the anger they know when they find they have had such a life taken by liars and thief’s they have watched and pretended how good they were to the masses looking thru there shiny golden glasses now the color fades and the cracks appear the lies have exposed them and they turn on each other like wild hyenas do to kill their own hoping they will be left to escape but in the end the truth blasts open the door to the evil they planed and the damage they have caused

millions have died by fake wars and lies millions have died from no water to drink while the rich live lives of magic and pleasure never wanting for a thing while children starve and wonder is that what they deserve to be eating from trash cans the truth hard to bare that great gifts  of children denied but lies and education denied to protect the scandalous sale  of millions to death door and a few to escape by some mercy they think they deserve but in the end the french revolution was a great example how the masses reach high into their thrones pulled them down by the necks and put them to the fire for all the evil they are livid to have had to spend many years suffering so pain watching loved ones die because lies seemed to protect the lies of the rich but now they have gone to war to poison even the air thinking they  can escape with technology of ancients frozen long ago but in the end the galaxies are filled with creatures of such light who will bring them down with little or no strife they will be brought before councils of wisdom billions of years old and will be put into sorrows that few could ever know the earth is a treasure not m=just for the few it was a manna of the universe that was given to provide for creatures of majestic cause and design not to play war games and kill billions and think they can escape the evil they have done that on the long hot day they will be exposed and there lies blocked from view yet to feel so much sorrow at the grief we have seen to know we could have helped millions over the years no need to hear about great enemys who life across the sea the enemy is like a wolf in the sheep herd or a fox with the hens late at night they noise is not of pleasure its crazy rage given to alarm to wake up the others and time to strike the blow to bring down the demons who walk as if they could never suffer as we have but in the end even in denial they will face the horrors of their actions just lie past billions who strove to destroy all mankind has built

Grasping the Stars

When we look up on the sunrise coming up over the mountains or across the eastern sea its so inspiring.

when you are sitting holding your soul mate and sharing a warm hug its brings into play the ether of life the warmth and overwhelming passion  of sharing with another the very basic emotional connection a deep need we all bare to find a warm soul to embrace and develop a connection towards another

If you think about the potential of what you can accomplish in a year of spending 3 hours every day for $365 days a year because like Sai baba says she said look you have a limited amount of time some people get 100 years but that’s not really much 24 hours in a day 365 days in a year you’re talking maybe roughly 600,000 hours that you get so what you do with that limited time when you have unlimited energy is there for you to spend 20 hours a day growing and learning and achieving thing for spend 20 hours a day sleeping and being disappointed in what the world is or what it is offering when you have opportunities that are based on your desire and your ability to accomplish things.

Wrapping up your ideas and turning them into reality is it requires hard work if you don’t work hard at your goals you never achieve them but if you achieve them because you worked hard in your goals not only do you have a deeper understanding of the entire complexity of what you’ve accomplished but it helps you to accomplish other things much quicker you know being amazing summertime’s coming going to the beach getting a suntan you know going to a club dancing all those things that make life special most people why are you afraid it’s your life you can do whatever you want to do you can be profound and amazing when people go to my blog to search for eternity I say listen you want to be amazing and profound then you need to get up every day make a plan what you want to accomplish how you want to accomplish it who’s your role model and start making progress towards those girls it comes down to deciding what you want to do and doing it in a way that’s positive in your life meaning okay you want to find somebody that you enjoy being with that’s a lot more important than getting married you want to live in a nice house that that fills your needs and gives you an environment of things that you can accomplish there’s no reason to do it that way if you’re not if you’re not going to put your effort into it to achieve those goals whether it’s weightlifting a martial arts or playing music it’s about putting the time and energy into those things and being profound and amazing you know I do 4 hours of guitar a day not because I have to but I enjoy my music it’s one of those profound releases that I’ve got that nobody tells me what I have to do or how I have to do it so you know when I run into complications in life like we all do it’s important to be realistic about him some things you cannot control you have to just deal with them the best you can and hopefully you’ve got the tools and you’ve learned enough about life that you’re able to maneuver yourself through the problems without being drowned by them the next thing to do is to decide while you’re solving these problems how are you going to keep your own goals moving forward like where is your goal at now I mean if you have to spend a year learning a new trade so that you can work you go learn the new trade and it should be something that goes towards the things you love doing because then you’ll never be miserable about doing it you know and she would go out at night and she would be miserable because she said we went to the club and I didn’t dance and I’m saying why and she said well I didn’t have anybody to dance with I said look you’re going to the Disco and you’re dancing you dance to the music right she’s like yeah I said so then you should pick the music that you like and start dancing I said maybe that was the goal is that you start dancing and doing what you love and you’re going to find those things if you want to be impressive and if you want to change your universe it comes downstairs you care about you know being profound well being profound is maybe sitting on a Friday night and looking through a telescope with stars and seeing something you’ve ever seen before or something as simple as spending an hour with somebody that you really love and care about that you haven’t seen in a long time it’s up to you.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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