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The coming triple threat

All right so you survived for the last year and 5 months almost 6 months masks lockdowns waiting in lines to go to your bank getting groceries being told the things cost three times as much as they did and the media is drowning you with wonderful new news that millions are crossing the border illegally to come take homes and jobs away from Americans and our government has no money to help us but they’re handling bank cards to these illegal immigrants in America wow so that’s stage one here.

So I guess you’re seeing the people are starting to come outside they’re starting to take off their masks and they’re starting to go out and celebrate sadly these people have gone out and got vaccinated twice and they are no longer carrying human DNA there are carrying scientific mad cow disease DNA and I know that sounds a little extreme but you have to understand what the vaccine they’re giving people does if you understand it’s a synthetic strand of mRNA which is nothing to do with the human DNA and it literally goes into each cell of your body and tells them listen you got doing a good job we’re going to take over your job and we’re going to create all synthetic DNA according to the nice little codes advisor and moderna and AstraZeneca and all the other little known name companies that are working together under one umbrella that can’t be sued can’t be held responsible for anything they’re doing you are the Lab rats you have chosen to volunteer because of fear to become lab rats in the largest human devastating experiment in life, sadly if you think about it the reality is is when you see UFOs with aliens with large eyes and they’re talking about they came from our future well it’s probably a 25 mad cow experiments down the road after they keep altering our DNA with their limited knowledge of anything with their scientific saying oh I found this I created this you never found or creating anything you found something on the ground you put it under a technology and you understand a little bit of what it is but you do not understand how it works why it works and how it keeps working so consequently we’re seeing lots of drama here people are dropping dead from catastrophic failure of their body they’re getting blood clots they’re getting brain hemorrhages they’re getting bulls palsy and now they volunteered to make children part of the experiment how wonderful but see the new part this third dose that they’re going for children with is doing the same thing that the adults are given but it’s also got one extra thing in it it’s called sterilization for men fertilization for girls so boys are sterilized and women are made in fertile this is what the shots goal is they want to decrease human population and I guess if we don’t want to treat human beings with the intelligence to control the resources of the earth they want to hold everything to listen ad believe their unique story.

So you noticing lots of new people around they don’t look the same as you’re used to seeing they’re not friendly they’re here like they’re brand new visitors from another place the way they walk the way they act the way they treat people is definitely not similar to what you used to in America because they weren’t raised in America they were raised in countries where they’re very reality was controlled by dictators under war and constant threat of life and death these people have been brought up different and America has no idea how bad it can get so let’s say what the third wave is the third wave is really cool when you read about it you go to the CDC and you look up their protocols what they think the side effects might be from this vaccine and it doesn’t matter which one you get they’re all made by the same company in the same recipe so it’s cold the zombie protocol I’ll say that again the zombie protocol and what happens is there’s a certain chemical reaction that happens in the brain when the mind body barrier is broken and the MRNA is trying to duplicate itself in every cell in the human body and when it gets into the soft fatty tissue of the brain where there’s lots of collagen it’s devouring itself and it’s being told by the body this is alien this is not from us it needs to be destroyed but the MRNA is saying absolutely the same thing towards the human DNA no no we have to destroy you you’re the problem so what happens is you have this fight going on in the moderna and the frontal lobe which takes away all those moral and conscious choices about how to treat other human beings and turns you into a somewhat walking monster you don’t care about pain you don’t care about good or bad or anything everything you do is just a reaction it’s fighting flight so it’s going to get really dicey here I mean on the one hand a lot of people are dying that was something they expected but they just didn’t tell you that and you’re living with the consequences of the heavy illnesses and you haven’t even seen another cold season yet wait until next year when the cold and flu season comes again by the way they didn’t tell you this does not protect you against the cold and flu the covid-19 shot EBA vaccine whatever they want to call it is not designed to protect you from getting a cold or a flu and having your body overreact like like what they call when you get stung by a bee you know the anaphylactic shock it’s basically your body goes into hyper mode because it’s fighting off something and it starts attacking itself and it’s overwhelmed so respiratory problems heart problems organ failure these things all happen under anaphylactic shock when I get stung by a bee this is something that can happen to me in less than 5 minutes now you’re literally giving these mRNA strands of DNA synthetic DNA a year to process and take over your body before the next cold and flu season comes and when the Summer’s over and it starts chilling and getting colder then we’re going to start seeing the real results of this and it’s probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better because the people that did get the vaccine there was no way to remove it this is a permanent thing they don’t know how to shut it down and stop it from doing what it’s doing which is replicate the synthetic mRNA it basically is in your body now you’ve had double doses of it so twice as much effort is going into turn every cell in your body to an mRNA strand of augmented DNA part human and part synthetic the swabs that they’re putting in your nose are coated with microscopic nanoparticles of aluminum and the reason that is done is because lumen is a really good transducer fluoride and aluminum attract to each other there’s fluoride in your toothpaste fluoride in your water and when they put the little nanoparticles they’re up in your back sinuses of your nose it’s right close to the little teeny nerve endings that go into your brain that control taste hearing smell sight so there’s actually little pocket holes in your brain cavity that allow those nerve endings to go through sadly there are no people working on a cure for this because people don’t realize how bad it’s going to get and I don’t want to be you know down Debbie Downer but the reality is what you’ve chosen to do out of mass media hysteria which it has been the media has been lying to you like a communist country for a year and a half they have been feeding you only violence and sorrow and fear and death and they have done this very well they should get a gold medal for it they have convinced you that this is so real and so tantamount to the destruction of life as you know it that you’re volunteering to let them inject even your own loving children. I mean what’s next are you going to volunteer for a lab experiment where they cut off your arm and try and stick a robotic arm on it so you can be the first guy on your block with an electronic arm I don’t know up until recently I thought human beings were very intelligent creatures but I can see now as an older adult that the education system has fallen so far in the last 15 years children are not taught anything constructive about life they’re taught to be good sheep do what they’re told cooperatefully without questioning anything like hey go run down that road and jump off the end don’t worry you’ll be okay that’s cuz we’re telling you to do it and human beings used to stop and say are you crazy I’m going to think about what I’m doing before I do it thank God there are still some people that have reviews they have refused to give permission to the psychopaths to inject them with anything and I am so grateful to be one of those real human beings because there won’t be many of us left so if you haven’t got the backs please don’t and if you have family thinking of do it oh my God share them the knowledge and truth that’s available online so that they will think twice about doing it because once they cross that line there’s no going back this is for keeps they’re playing for keeps here the deep State the luminati whatever you want to call them these people Bill Gates pharma major for corporate they are out to take over the world and they’re going to kill millions of people in the process with a smile on their face getting paid by governments using your tax dollars to support millions of illegal immigrants crossing our country into our country no jobs of course nobody wants to work how can you work when you’re covered up in a mask. Sadly I still see people walking around wearing masks it just boggles the mind even when they’re outside walking through the park they’re wearing three masks and they probably got vaccinated two times already but they’re so in fear which is the saddest part of this why in the world do you need to be afraid of anything I mean yeah be afraid of walking into a gasoline swimming pool and lighting a match yeah but being afraid of life in general life is meant to live and if you’re not living it if you’re not going out and experience amazing things and trying to do wonderful things then what are you wasting your time for I have no answers for people like that I’m glad most of the people that read my blog are very intelligent capable people to all your girls out there that are going out there without the mask you are beautiful you are worthy of the freedoms that we thought so hard to get for you and I just hope that you keep your mannerisms and your intelligence high because look I know the media will tell you there’s lots of things you should do because it’s what you should do but I’m saying think about it first you are the mothers of creation and if you don’t think about what you’re doing and be responsible about that gift that you’re giving this can get really horrible here there’s already millions of children going to bed at night America the next nightmare story of that existence so keep positive be amazing and be profound go out and do profound things believe in yourself and don’t get vaccinated oh my God please don’t let them give you that shot that EBA experimental biological agent it is killing people by the thousands and we’re only a couple of months into it.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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