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So well Manhattan was definitely full of excitement today it’s probably maybe Broadway or West Broadway it was good to see people out without the mask off man enough of these politicians so that’s a good sign the job part still frustrating because I don’t know how they’re going to pull this rabbit out of a hat that’s full Winkle used to say gas prices went up because they shut down the pipeline or we have plenty of cheap gas to have a great summer and started off right you know it’s good to see the women out without the mask on that’s for sure it’s a comforting thought when you see human beings I’m sad about the shot I don’t know which ones have added or not had it it’s a real Russian roulette here.

But regardless it’s good to see people starting to come out and take off their mask and go out and try and enjoy life that’s the only hope there could be really is that people actually get serious and continue on this drive towards their dreams rather than working in the machine sort of working towards the cool they want to achieve I mean you know there’s been really great stories about people that turn this around for themselves covid turned into a great opportunity for them to be amazing and do what they love rather than doing a job they hate it show me those are always good stories and then there’s other people that decided to focus on their health and that’s a big good thing you know your health is the most precious treasure you got and if you don’t protect your health when things happen like cold and flu people do get sick so you know stay probiotic positive and do lots of you know super greens and donatella you know definitely get lots of sunlight.

You know that we say best case scenario I said I guess probably the best case scenario would be to hope that people finally come together collectively no matter where you’re from or what language you speak and realize that they’re not going to listen to lies and then you end up from media broadcasters who just being paid to tell the story here I mean you know it’s like they should be giving these golden global wars to the media if you really care you’re not going to let the meeting continue lying to the public not in the free society sure in a communist country or fastest country media only does what it’s told because it knows the consequences of the lies but in America I guess is the bottom line is a dollar and has tragic as that is with all the lies that have been going on over the last year and 5 months you know I mean probably the saddest part is when hospitals when isolate family members who had SARS they would isolate them away from their own loved ones and tell him we can’t visit these people this is not what society is based on society’s based on a communal grossing where people care about their mothers and their brothers and their sisters and it’s that chain that they were trying to break down I mean it’s so important to keep that link connected the social link is very important for humanity as a whole it’s a tribal thing.

P there’s a gathering storm happening right now people are fed up with the lies they want to go back over their lives the clubs need to be able to open up again I mean I can’t tell you how much I’d like to see a rock concert go on this summer and go listen to some music with a pretty girl but you can’t even do that I mean the parks even though they’re open there’s no concerts going on because concerts would have be a super soaker event all kinds of human beings holding each other and laughing and singing and playing music but a horrible idea so I mean on the other side you got the military which is all I amped up to do anything you can destructive in the world and American people are afraid watching the freedoms go away and not even paying attention you know how do you solve the problem well I’d say intelligence solves the problem but then the question is who’s really intelligent anymore I mean how many of these kids really studied when they were in school to learn the truth about history and democracy and what it means and what it doesn’t mean

You know what I mean it’s true over time we develop a callousness if you do the same thing every day and after a while it doesn’t mean anything to anymore whether that’s lying or mistreating other people just because you think you can those kind of things where the edges down you know and what you looking going on right now is look the police have been on the majority just trying to survive and do their job just like everybody else but you’ve got these people out there that are all about getting a conflict going like they wanted to escalate so they can try and prove a point I mean if you read through the art of war you realize it wasn’t about going to war that’s all it was about solving a problem and sometimes the best way to solve a problem is not with violence but that means you need to be brave enough to stand up for those principles and values you know freedom of speech is second amendment so you want to go like summer camp like my kids to go to summer camp during the summer that’s great for kids the socialization and getting connected with other children doing things that they were used to doing so we look at it from the perspective of that and it was a much different world you know now you see kids are all on the video games deciding how you want to make a mark on the universe I mean whether that’s learning how to drive a race car or a dirt bike or a cafe racer or a sailboat it’s up to you to choose that path you want to go and dedicate a little time to it every day every other day you know racquetball you still love to play racquetball go a couple times a week and hit the ball in the courts cuz they’re like all the walls everything is exhausting but racquetball probably was the best one that I had in junior high school especially on rainy days

As always I would say you need to go out there and be amazing and be profound think of the things you want to get accomplished and strive for him take on those new hobbies you know go rock climbing go go surfing go do those things that you dream of doing because if this is showing you anything last year and a half is that you only live a very short period of time and taking that time to do what you love is a lot better than spending and doing something somebody else makes you miserable we’re doing so strive for your goals strive to achieve that thing you have make sure and stand up by the support system you’ve got will you love and care because it’s always been a medial eye and it shouldn’t have caused such a reaction if people would have taken a little extra time to read about it they would have found out how much of a scandalous news story it was so people are kiddos and go out there and try and be amazing doing what you love and trying to keep things that you want to see you know be smart about it though you know there’s no reason to overreact to the s*** that’s going on I mean once you have the knowledge you go out and enjoy your life I say okay all these people got vaccinated so they feel safe why then why are they still demanding people to wear a mask you know let’s be honest here you said no mask once people get vaccinated so why haven’t you come out and told everybody you know so I mean I hate hypocrisy it’s such a horrible thing I’d like to see and think that everybody that reads this blog and the other blogs all about self development and things like that start to realize it’s endless possibilities for your life I mean the miracles that happen and could happen in your life it’s a matter of you making the effort and going towards those things you love and achieve and those things you care about I mean if you like hiking you should go hiking a lot feel like skateboarding you should spend time skateboarding and it’s about finding that place in your life but the pills that inner need that you have to be independent to be free and to be alive.

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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