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Brain checkup

The latest in covid news how sad so now they want you to sign up for your brain checkup anybody who signed the paperwork and got the double jab they basically want to do a brain scan on you and see how they’re wonderful little mRNA protein with the spike protein in it how it’s working inside your body so I guess it’s pretty sad but I don’t know what to tell you you volunteered for the shot you basically trusted these people with your lives and that’s what you did..

You know some of our friends have been getting together using some technology right and radionics technology file residency to try and come up with the frequencies that disables this mRNA you know what’s sad to me we keep losing people that we care very much about but they you know they were so insistent on getting the shot to be free and not have to wear a mask and they still wear a mask afterwards but how do you sort through this stuff I mean most people that were just so terrified you know how do you fight something you can’t see and all you’re doing is you trust these people like you trust him like your parents your parents said don’t touch that you didn’t touch it but now the reality is coming clear I mean this shot is crippling people and the double shot is killing people so a couple of our friends started and we stopped them after the first shot they’re hanging in there but those people that did get this second shot my God one guy that is still here barely he said the first shot he was down for a day the second one he spent five days he couldn’t even get out of his bed to go to the bathroom so the bruising over the entire body blood clots and these are basically blood clots from the vaccine it’s telling your body to start fighting yourself so you have these battles they’re hinged battles on survival the MRNA wants to survive and you’re a human cells are like what the f*** is this.

Let’s say in a year Bill Gates decides he wants to round up some people for a new thing and people are scared so they won’t go voluntarily well he’s going to set up these little policy posts and stop people on the street and swab their mouth okay now what you’re saying why would they do that that’s crazy well giving you a shot was crazy but yes they absolutely will swab your mouth when they find that mRNA Spike protein in your DNA they’re padding according to the supreme Court gives them ownership of you and your body yeah getting real now so once he can confirm that you’ve got this fight protein in your body he basically owns your body and everything that you’re acid the supreme Court ruling from 2006 gave Bill Gates and the Bill of in the Gates foundation complete ownership of any patents they had so that means if it’s even if it’s alive or something they created if it’s in your body that means your body would have one in it right no because the MRNA is designed to replicate itself so rather than having a whole bunch of your DNA your body will have a whole bunch of mRNA Spike protein in it Bill Gates swab will prove that he owns that intellectual property and he’ll claim physical ownership of the properties is that intellectual property is in so they got the supreme Court to approve that ruling so that means all the people that got the double job give him a year till their bodies all totally operated by mRNA Spike technology and they’ll start doing the swabbing because they’ll need more lab people so the brain test is basically being getting all people that got the vaccine are getting the brain scan because they want to see what the effect is been I’m just wonderful little teeny chemicals as they put into the shot which basically you know the ownership of that mRNA strand basically once it replicates in your body a million or a billion times any swab they do is going to show that you’re basically own stock your property and according to the supreme Court ruling of 2006 and 2007 anything that’s got their property in it becomes ownership of them especially if it’s a percentage I give us 20% theirs well the fact is is this mRNA is designed to overtake and hijack your entire system right down to your DNA I mean your DNA said ABC now you got the double jab your DNA says ABC mRNA and mRNA is half of what your body is and that’s owned by them I mean it’s really tragic I just think that you know these people are playing with billions of people’s lives this that’s why they’re asking people to come and voluntarily for a brain scan because it’s having a real adverse effect on human brain okay basically people are having like cancer in their brain you start seeing it on these medical deliscan well brain scan is only for people that have been vaccinated twice and it’s to see the progress of the MRNA Spike protein did it get through the body to the brain and since you signed they will send you a letter because basically you signed up and volunteered to be part of this lab experiment they’re going to make you come in and get a brain scan so they can check your blood and see how the MRNA protein has been working to take over your body and expect they’re definitely going to give you a booster too like probably going to say gee well this will really help because they really want to take the entire body over not just parts of the body over so man it’s a long strange trip it’s been but it’s getting real now and you people are going to have a lot to deal with here you know another thing we found out life insurance is canceled when you volunteer for the lab experiment no longer will your life insurance be valid that means whatever your policy was that you left for your family because you volunteered for a lab experiment you are not allowed to collect life insurance on your death meaning the family that have life insurance to support them in case something happened to you is no longer valid so you know these are side effects that you need to look into you go you get the job because you’re afraid you get the second job besides the risk to your human body and your DNA your insurance is canceled you’re not protected by any medical coverages that you’ve got because.

So look they’re right they’re starting to post the request for people to come in and get the brain scans these are people that have taken the double shot mRNA now you’re probably wondering if you required to apply well that’s the whole thing and liability says that if you volunteer to get the vaccine you’re liable as well as your part of a lab experiment so you have a code and a file and they want you to come in so they can see the progression they want to see the progression of the MRNA strand and see if it’s gone through the mind-body barrier so the manganese is what’s really killing people though the manganese is basically getting up there into your brain and it’s starting to fight your brain like it’s got a war going on tragic stuff. Again like I said there’s a lot of people that care they’re trying to find ways to make these things inert you know basically to protect you I mean look let’s face it the shot that they created took months to create the virus that supposedly was attached to the bacteria had mutated a hundred times before they created their original vaccine you know it mutated you know vaccine for it this thing had mutated so many times it would be unrecognizable by the same people that found and created the first one. All I can say kitties it’s wake up time you know it’s time to really start reading what’s going on before you sign it you know I’m hoping that you’re okay I’m hoping that you live a long proof of life but the reality was is they gave me 36-month window on the vaccine for life meaning eight out of 10 in 3 years will be gone I mean I guess if that made you feel safer for 3 years so you could try and have a settlements of a life great but to most people 3 years is not your life you threw it all away because of fear like you jumped off the cliff and you’re falling towards the water and it’s a long ways down so you know keep your ears out if we find some way to help people we will try and help them but that’s all we can do but other than not taking the vaccine other than protecting your family and loved ones from the vaccine whatever whatever one it is it doesn’t matter they’re all created in the same place different names same product same company you know a lot of taxes by making four separate pharmaceutical companies they pay hardly any taxes for tricks of the trade I guess.

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