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The effect of manganese bad DNA and snake DNA in the vaccine and it’s effect on the human brain

Exactly the scientists haven’t been very fort right to coming with this okay manganese is in the vaccine and what it does is it stops your mind from protecting itself from cancers which is inflammation so on the CDC website they’ve got something called the zombie protocol zombie protocol is what you see going on with like the newspaper the daily News the other day the guy was walking down the sidewalking Manhattan he turned into a park truck and died on the spot the manganese makes it so your brain can’t fight off infection okay and basically the spike protein in the mnra is designed to conquer your body’s DNA then the RNA Spike protein basically breaks down the human DNA and makes it synthetic mRNA since your body is organic it’s not synthetic it has a real issue with this whether it’s one day or three years the point is is once your body is completely consumed by the MRNA Spike protein you no longer are protein a human being you’re a spiked protein stock meaning like an a stock animal like a cow or a sheep or a goat or a lamb once your body is totally consumed by the MNR in a spike synthetic protein your DNA no longer is you and this is hard a lot of people don’t understand I am in mnrases synthetic strand of DNA created with things like that protein snake snake protein Mercer age HIV and they put this in the vaccine like a cocktail and they shake it up like you know like a drink and when they put it in your body the first thing it’s going to do it’s going to convert all your human cells into mnrna synthetic strand DNA a lot of people that went out and made the mistake of getting the shot you notice you started having like bruising all over your body well those are blood clots created because your cells no longer communicate with each other because happiness are now MNR and the other half are still human and there’s a battle going on inside your body that you created by letting them give you this vaccine okay so now you’ll notice that a lot of these places are saying come in for your brain scan the reason why you’re doing this is they want all the people who got the vaccine to go in and get a brain scan because you’re part of a lab experiment I mean they want to make sure how this MN are a spike protein has crossed the mind body barrier they want to make sure that it’s getting into your brain so that it can alter your DNA at the base level of your brain and this is tragic this is your ability to think your ability to do things that you take for granted blinking your eyes swallowing a heart beating the pumps and valves in your in your body opening and closing all these things are controlled by the miracle of your human DNA well sadly to say whether you get Mercer or you get you know AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson whatever of these shots you got will have the same effect on your body they’re all owned by the same conglomerate okay it’s basically going to change your human DNA into synthetic DNA and synthetic DNA can be owned Bill Gates has a supreme Court case where he won five years ago stating that anything that can be swabbed it it’s his property so get ready for the Roundup at the last okay corral that is if you survive long enough to even make it to the last round of the OK corral you know this is like the old west this is like you know people need to be angry beyond angry people that I love that got the shot they’re out of my life I can’t be around these people the shedding is killing other people you know if you didn’t get the vaccine you are literally going around people that have been vaccinated and they’re shedding dead cells that are synthetic DNA and it basically will make you sicker than they got getting the shot but by all means I’m telling you do not get the vaccine if you have any right or if your body or your health or you care it all about having a long amazing life you do not want them giving you the vaccine they have they can scare you all they want but they have no right to force you to get this shot you volunteer when you sign that document to get those two jobs in your arm your volunteering for a two-year trial set up by the FDA emergency trial application the mnra spike protein they said it will take between 24 and 36 months to completely take over the human body and get rid of your human DNA and make it all synthetic Bill Gates is the supreme Court case from 2006 to 2010 basically gives him full ownership if they swap the inside of your mouth and they find his mRNA strand in your mouth you are immediately claimed as property so if you own a house no you don’t if you have life insurance your life insurance expired the minute you volunteer to get the job life insurance policies are not are not covering for experimental testing so you’re not allowed with the life insurance policy that you built to protect your family those things become totally dead as soon as you sign up and got your first shot all your life insurance and all those things that you had built up to save for your family or nothing void so you don’t have to pay them anymore because they’re never going to pay you out if you got the vaccine your life insurance. So the closet and life insurance stays basically once you get involved with the experimental trials with the pharmaceutical company if something happens you life insurance no longer is valid so if you’re spending 30 dollars a month for a million dollar policy as soon as you got your first shot anything and everything that you were expected to get when you died in case of an accident or whatever there’s no longer valid so nobody’s going to bring them to court on this because it’s basically it’s written in their contract with you they’re providing you life insurance for a healthy individual of a certain age with certain risk factors whether you’re diabetic or overweight or smoke but that little teeny job in the arm basically overthrows anything and everything in your life insurance policy now how’s that for crazy.

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