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The Journey

P so you begin your day another journey it’s amazing when you think about it the sky is wide open for you right now if you look at what’s happening in some of the other posts that I’ve done regarding the quantum financial system and the destruction of this Fiat corrupt criminal paid off sold out kind of financial assistance that has been destroying this country and for generations to come with financial debt it’s finally going to be an even keel where it’s based upon the world and what you have done for America as an American what do you earn what do you do to earn your way today if you can’t have a society where people don’t stand up for the rights because if you don’t stand up for your right if you don’t speak freely about what you feel it doesn’t mean everyone has to like it or accept it but the fact is that freedom for Twitter and Facebook to lock the president off of Twitter and Facebook is just so far against the Constitution there’s no words for it you know it if this is not only is this a standing three-dimensional human being all right and I think he managed himself with great restraints I mean he’s the president he could have walked in there and shut these people right to hell down but he didn’t but freedom of speech is one of those core important it’s like the 14th amendment your forefathers that founded this great country on that living document they knew that the things they sat around and discussed this so much the things that were going on in the world with these people with money and power the British government the Spanish government how these royal families were just robbing the people up there very light so on the principle of that you know people come to search for eternity because they want to hear truth in fact you need to look up nosargasara the new financial system is already started the quantum financial system is up and running and it’s starting to log information you have to get an account with them and you have to register yourself it’s actually your account okay and by registering for it accesses you all that this country is made of you since the minute you were born all that investing on the market.

The relevance importance of what’s going on in yours in our lives is that you’re finally giving an opportunity to be totally free like in The matrix totally free to go about your life without the insanity like you’ve been dealing with since most of you were babies because of corruption and that part of every human being about being bad and taking advantage of other people so beyond the arrest that happened depending on the other day and the Guantanamo Bay bustling with excitement this stuff is those people that worked inside the house that we live in and we’re setting up plans and flying to steal our world away from us you every American here you’re worth millions of dollars if you only know the market they invested you they used you I mean I know people that they were listed as drug dealers and stuff down in the central Caribbean when they were marked his employment for the corporation you know it’s a mundane fake names of physicians and employment and how much money they’ve raised using that information and you’re struggling out here and pay 50% of whatever you get through a system that is using it to cause violence and death around the world it’s just tragic

When these people are in employed by us as representatives of us for the federal government and the state government they are implying that we can sense to the things they’re doing around the world in the state in the county in the local area meaning when something bad happens rather than screaming and yelling it was one bad person you believe the system that is designed to insist that’s the way it needs to b you know there’s no catch-all phrases none of us is perfect all of us have made horrible mistakes in our life this is part of being alive but it’s the same time I guess you’re endurance of being able to keep getting back up and going and trying again that’s what humanity has going for it the ability to continue to get up and fight for what they care about what they want and right now what’s holding you all back is the harness that they put on you when you were born and the heavy saddle you’re carrying for the things they’re doing I mean you’re pack animals now okay Gabby with whatever they want you wait in line for it you volunteer for it you don’t even bother reading it anymore how can you consider yourself awake if you’re woke how can you consider yourself part of a system that can bring great prosperity with freedom and all these wonderful things you enjoy and not realize it’s based on the effort that you put out to do these things if you trying to make the world a better place

If we take our immense education and knowledge and efforts and dreams and put them into play here like a like a world championship soccer competition together the problems we have are nothing to solve they’re only a problem that we can’t solve because the people that are assigned to those jobs don’t know what they’re doing if you want this nation to be humble and great place to live for everybody yourself you get you can’t have a house is a pig button and go to somebody else’s house and tell them to clean their house he’s a simple things but for some reason most people don’t want to realize that you’re all amazing you can do such things I have met people that I am just like all inspired over their skill and talented what they love to do and then there’s other ones that I’ve met that just threw it away and they’re totally numb to the gum waiting up in that pasture field she’s chewing on grass and just waiting for the end miserable and happy depressed the people that are smart and smart about what they do choose to find things that they love to do when going out there to do things they love it’s never a chore I mean it doesn’t matter what you like to do but having something that you’re passionate about is what makes that powerful being a human being work you know people that have studied science people that are artists you know people that play music people that write music you know collectively there are so many good points of the society you can’t even count them all but there are a few bad ones and and they’re ones that are slipping to the cracks of a moral community in a moral world when people start caring about their community and start trying to make it better rather than ignoring and thinking if it doesn’t affect

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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