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It’s true the level of your knowledge and information will be fine what your future will be

So like the title of the blog says the level of your knowledge and understanding is opening all the doors and giving you the opportunities that you want a lot of you people have spent dozens of years decades struggling under Draconian system designed to make you always feel guilty about what somebody else did 14th amendment 14 syllabus it speaks of when Clinton sign into law of the VA which basically protects Americans against the deaths in court so since you had no idea what they were signing and ran up these huge debts with their corrupt politicians you have no idea what the contract was so you are not liable for that contract you are not liable for that debt or any responsibility for what happened from that debt and I think people need to understand that you know this is all been built up on the lives of Fiat system you work all your life and you pay 50% of whatever you get to criminals that don’t even tell you what they’re using it for I think we’re at a point right now where the government is principle of need to know needs to be released and let people know the truth I mean from aliens to Black ops American citizens statements of drugs I wish they would put better school systems together kids need to be educated with business and need to understand the law a three-dimensional human being cannot be a corporate stock and once you understand that you start asking the question why is my birthday we had all capitalized letters and what is this number that’s attached to my name well that’s not a real difficult one okay first of all when your mother was in distress having you she signed a document saying that it was a live birth and you were born and that you were giving a name but more than that they printed two documents one is a live birth showing you were born the other one is a stock certificate the one that they use for everybody now is the capitalized letters of your birth certificate and I mean look you can go and look yourself with your birth certificate all capital letters number underneath it which is just so and a code next to it like ABCD Erie these are branches of the Federal reserve where your treasury direct account has been established since you were born and it’s been invested all over the world like loaning people and nickel you want to my nickel they give it back with interest so human beings in America have been used as paper stock since you were born if you were born 50 years ago you’re probably worth half a billion dollars now because every day you were traded on the stock market everything America did good bad and different but something that was evaluated by your birth certificate that corporate stock you know and if you really want to understand it better let’s say you have 200 shares of stock in your corporation and you want to raise money for some project well you sell shares of stock NOW a sheriff stock in America the corporation that is a file of 300 million shares of stock or plus how many humans there are in America and each one of those Americans has a stock certificate which is traded on the market based on age education and what you do with your life so when the US government sends somebody to North Korea to make a deal and they sign the United States of America they’re basically signing your corporate stuff as an investment proxy that they use in that country to do something good bad indifferent okay so you take that information and you realize is that made millions of dollars off you from the time you’re a born to six years later you’ve already made a million dollars by the time you’re 6 years old you going to a job nine to five having somebody tell you what to do is totally contradiction to you being an independent national meaning if you do what you love you’re going to be very successful if you do what other people tell you to do you’re going to struggle every day because it won’t make sense you do what you love you’re an independent sovereign you basically can start up a business or go perform a service or provide intelligent information for people whatever you choose to do with your life it’s about accessing and assessing the value of your skills in

You know the more I think about it Abraham Lincoln wasn’t killed because it was killed because of the Federal reserve he refused to let the Federal reserve begin in the 1870s he said no way okay you’re not going to take over the economic future of America and all these free citizens okay but it happened later it happened around the big depression and if that wasn’t enough proof why you don’t want to trust these people with your money I don’t know what it is you know so I’m take the time and use that smartphone in your pocket and start getting real knowledge try to understand the world around you understand you’re right you have the right to go and come as you please unless you’re a criminal doing batshit morally God gave you those rights the bad people think that they’re not going to get in trouble because all the lawyers want to work for them for publicity so they can make lots of money off the government but the reality is the government is streamlining down to a point where moral favorite human beings with strong characters to go out every day and do you want to work and help their community they’re valued assets so your skills your knowledge your talent the things that you love to do how you work with other people these are gauges of your value you know one person give you worth millions of dollars right education on the field work learning in the field and knowing how to do the jobs if they’ve learned these things all increase your asset face okay I think the hardest part is for people is going to be changing from the paper money there’s no more double dipping everything is equal if you do so much work with your equity for somebody you will be paid instantly for that equity it goes right into your ledger and you’re able to function in your life look having a bank account where they’re making 1% interest they pay to you they make 30% of yourself

You know the people that come to my blog to search for eternity I hope they start realizing all this hoopla on the media about don’t trust this person don’t trust that person don’t listen to anybody this is the point where human beings to come together and realize it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what language you speak or what color you think humanity was created by God not by the government you know you’re not a crop that the president you’re three dimensional human beings you have dreams and hopes and aspiration and understanding that you have the right to pursue those dreams and aspiration is amazing and profound and that’s one of those gifts God gave you so first thing you got to remember is anything you’re reading on NBC ABC these major medias it’s deceptive in a lie happy truth is never a truth you know yet this guy from the desert a better one told me once he says if I give you a cup of tea and told you I put camel piss in it would you drink it I said no he said that’s because it’s not truthful anymore same thing with a lie if you’re telling the truth for 80% of you tell apart lie it’s all a lie because it doesn’t work it doesn’t function when you don’t have that there so opening up on your values taking stock of who you are and how hard you work and realizing it since you’ve been making money since you were a baby and a diaper that money is not there and whether they spent it or pocketed it at some point the reckoning comes and it all goes back to the person that it’s created for so understanding these principles of financial system is going to be amazing it says 2 million actions in a second meaning when you go to work on Monday and you get paid on Friday you don’t have to get a check you have to take to a bank account the secret is learning how to go to the qfs system and getting yourself log in and setting up your virtual account the good part is everything’s going to go a thousand times faster now you’re not going to have to worry about getting counterfeit bills from strangers you’re not going to need paper money and get a pocket full of quarters and nickels and dimes because let’s face it the most valuable part of all that is the coins because they’re real they they’re survivable they have some kind of trendy value paper money has no intrinsic value except the one that you place on it by this system you believe in.

So clearly if you look it from March 2020 till now most people were stifled they were like locked in the port you know on a ship they couldn’t work they couldn’t go anywhere they couldn’t do anything but what has happened is the people that are creatively skilled people that have talents Carpenters painters artists musician these people have been blasting out on their creative side creating amazing things doing fantastic things and those incredible gifts that you were given by your creator to go out and be amazing in the world they relate into money it’s telling you that you’re creative skills are the treasure that you got so if you love something focus on it it’s only good for you all right and when the system is All digital like it’s doing right now it’s the 10 days of darkness they say qfs will be live within 10 days so the quantum financial system is set up to get rid of all of the corruption countries that don’t participate in the qfs that are legitimate and sanction like we don’t want more Lord selling a s*** and giving them money right now with Biden did is crazy you’re leaving all the American taxpayers military weapons in Afghanistan for the Taliban to go to murder and kill the women and children in that country for not believing in their ideology when did America become so woke I know if you have the soldiers they don’t want to stop they want to finish this you know freedom is not free but I tell you what when you’re the most powerful creature on the earth and your country is the most powerful dominant Force you have a responsibility to children around the world water fresh water housing education it’s not a bunch of Indian doctors like Bill Gates going to vaccinating kids and leaving them crippled that’s insane what you need to do is you need to start focusing America on humanitarian things in the world to bring the whole world up you know the best societies in history are the ones that took care of the ones with the least and I know to some of you that might sound crazy but a society that uplifts the downtrodden whether it’s through injury or disability or education when you elevate those people that are down drawing you’re increasing the value of your community as a whole I mean all human beings are important it’s not a point of going out like now and vaccinating and killing them off I mean your people are crazy it’s not your right to do that these people could be the one solving all the problems in the world here you know so what do you do I mean you can either keep sitting there woke and not do anything or realize it the federal government is the weakest of the three branches the state is more powerful that’s why it reserves the right and it told John the state level is to protect and secure each citizen of that state each American human lawful person increase their protection salvage so that they can go and do the things that they want to do with their life and protect them from corruption we the people why the most powerful part of the Constitution you and I and your children and your grandparents where are the power force that the Constitution empowers and your rights over the state and federal government are profound look nobody has a right to walk down the street come up to you and show you some badge or some piece of ten until you give me your information I mean if you’re not committing a crime they don’t need that information it’s not there right okay you’re right to not be menace to harass you’re right to freedom of speech that they literally shut president Trump off of Twitter said something right there that the mess of America that she woken up on freedom of speech is not a joke I Don’t Care what you say it’s your Right to say it in this country at least and it should never change when you think of the founding fathers spending days debating an arguing about what’s right into the Constitution how to detail it how to word it how to express these values and principles about God and freedom they really took their time doing it and the reason they took their time doing it is because this is not a light matter of freedom and liberty this is a very big matter you know if you want to go everyday and go to the beach and sell cocoa butter to people getting a sunburn it’s your right as a sentient human being created by God to do just that if you’re successful you could be very successful and if you’re not maybe you need to modify your business plan but

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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