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Eyes wide Open

So as people are starting to open up their eyes and really see what’s going on around them they’re starting to understand is that the more information they gather the more information they vacuum up with intelligent technology that’s available for them right now the quicker they can achieve the goals that they’re looking for so you know it’s never good so what you need to do is realize is that water over your shoulders it’s in the past it’s not something you want to spend time dwelling on you want to move forward as quick as you can you know keep researching stuff you’re going to find out all kinds of new stuff coming out people are really stepping up with knowledge about the scandal and the lies and the politicians I mean look I I come in from a different way because I’m a disabled veteran and I’ve had an injury that I’ve been struggling with for God since 1986 so we’re talking to spinal injury that’s taking 40 years of my life so you know dealing with that dealing with the pain dealing with the management of that pain dealing with the doctor’s appointment the side effects from the management of the pain it literally is an encyclopedia botanical by itself so like I know you all gone through your own struggles everybody has different issues but so important for you to go out there now and get all this knowledge is available to help you way to the morassets in front of us there’s real value to working hard towards your goals there’s real value to surrounding yourself with positive info to people not influential because they’re smart but influential cuz they’re your friends and they have skills and values and putting all those things into play in your life makes things run smoother you know like tuning up your engine in a car I guess you would call it so you know if you try to do as best you can each day independent of the rest of the day and keep a journal it’s really good to keep a journal for what you guys are doing because going out there and challenging what you’ve been taught all your life is a hard thing to do but I’m sure the ones that are doing it are realizing is that freedom was always yours you just were throttle down it’s like they put a throttle regulator on your soul when they send you to public schools they sent you to these places and talk to you half truths why wouldn’t you teach children how to manage money why wouldn’t you teach children how to understand economics or politics or the world around them well because if they don’t understand what’s going on around them they won’t know how to react society now I mean I’d love to see a start carrying enough about all children on the earth to start educating them all and giving them water and giving them safety we have that power in America we have the technology we have the people it’s a matter of just choosing not a stroke of a penis stroke of your soul you want to make the world a better place you reach out and try and help in whatever way you can you know I think wherever you choose to be on this Earth it should be a choice that you make not that you stay there because that’s where you were born because the opportunities are here for everybody I do my music going and being amazing and profound when you come to the search for eternity that’s what I hope you’re finding the reasons why and ways you can go and be amazing and profound having the faith in yourself to realize that you can be and do anything you want to do if you believe in yourself you know somebody who somebody who plays beautiful violin music does it because they they make effort out if they practice they learn they spend time and energy together you can tell those people didn’t just pick it up one day and decide they’re going to be a great guitarist they they have a passion a love for it they spend time in India an artist is really good at somebody who really loves to spend time doing art a $95 doesn’t do it 95 doesn’t even tap your creativity 9 to 5:00 does not do anything except provide you a mundane way to waste your day and your life how many of us have parents we watched that worked all their lives and went crippling and crumbling to a grave so all that hard work they did you always hope it was for the things they wanted and loved and wanted to do you know the idea of spending all all these years on Earth and not doing the things that I do the bucket list is so important I think it’s important you go out and do whatever you want to do I’ve been scuba diving I’ve been in the the thick of it passion and happiness excitement fear frustration anger disappointment those are the feelings that come along with time you know they have no value except to human beings because of time when you think of it emotionally when you’re in a relationship and you’re depressed and you’re angry and you’re sad your days take a lot longer to go through than normal people too people that are all caught up in the moment they don’t experience that they work go to sleep get up and go back to work when you’re doing what you love you have a choice to decide how to spend your time if you spend hours a day doing what you love what is that the music or or playing an instrument or a carpentry when you’re doing things you love you’re much better at it you know and I say this a lot I mean if you have a talent that talent to sentient thing it was given to you some people are incredible memories they have incredible writing skills other people are great news I mean look I wish for you all to be amazing I wish you to go out and do what you want I mean one of my friends she just got a job her dream job working on a catamaran in the Caribbean after covid so she went to school she learned what you wanted to do she dreamed of it since she was a little kid and she made it happen you know you all know people like this the secret is to get all of us on that same path

You know you’re starting noticing especially if you keep a journal your start noticing that when you take a few minutes every day to write down the things that you were thinking about the things that you were doing the effort you were making it sort of keeps you more focused on those goals that you really have we all have to do the job so we have to do we all have to struggle hard for the goals that we want and there’s no reason not to do that and there’s no reason to be angry about what happened before we can’t fix that there’s no way to fix that the only way to fix that problem is globally on a society is sentient human being collectively deciding that we as human being choose to be kind decent moral creatures living on an earth caring about others and the money is just a tool not something you w**** not something you keep in your pocket so you could say you’re better than everybody else I mean if the money is not there to help people then it has no good value I mean somebody go out and spend thousands of dollars on drugs is not a good thing spending thousands of dollars to help insecure water in a town for a bunch of people that is a good thing you know it comes down to the knee at the intention Arabic word isn’t it the intention of why you’re doing something if you wake up in the morning say you’re going to help a thousand people is that intention is given to you it’s blessed you already because you’ve already made that choice that you want to go out and change the world but you have to do it by actions and you need love in your life you need to work hard at what you want it’s so sad I mean I’ve gone to place in the world and people are friendly and kind and very open and compatible California where I grew up in a surfboard everybody said hello to each other good morning here in New York it’s not like that New York people don’t talk they don’t smile really you know it’s a real wilderness out here in that way but as far as for those things that you want out of life if some of you get the opportunities here I mean there’s a lot of resources in New York if you want to stay in New York and work first I’d rather be somewhere like Australia I got the skills I’d rather be out down in Australia on some big giant outback area living my life working hard everyday feeling good about what I did not basically on how much money I’m going to put in some Bank to somebody else owns but based on my collective desire and consciousness if you don’t have goals what do you got

And if you really want to gather up your energies and put those efforts out to try and accomplish something then you’re going to make better choices with your time management if your idea of time management as well I work 9:00 to 5:00 and transport and now I’m going to stay home and I want to go party you’re missing out in the big thing that you can do as a super intelligent smart creature you can do and be anything you want to be but you have to put your energies towards that I mean you can’t even imagine a world if one quarter of the people actually worked every day trying to make the world a better place it would have got their 30 years ago when people get together and they work collectively on something you had you see it happen every time there’s something like an earthquake people collectively get together get past their issues of what they think about different people different colors and work together these politicians are elected officials that were put into office by us signing piece of papers right they’re not God that’s a very personal thing for people they should take it seriously I’m not telling you to be religious that has no point in this conversation I’m saying if you want to be a sentient starseed on this Earth and you want to do inspirational inspiring things and you need to drive your determination and efforts of those goals let’s face it there’s no reason to waste the whole week of your life doing nothing 24 hours a day 7 days a week 60 minutes in an hour and you wasted you sleep you work you sleep you work you sleep you work you spend two hours partying that is a waste of that incredible starseed that you are how you make the world a better place is we all have to color simply care enough to stop the bad s*** you can’t you can’t successfully solve these problems if somebody doesn’t step up to the plate and try and bring people together to solve it

Yeah it breaks are hard when you think how badly this affected everybody with the covid and it’s not spoke of lightly in conversation but the fact is is this was a huge lie and it was portrayed not just on French and American and English people it was praised on all people of the Earth and when all people of the earth decide to start vibrating like an estimated will stop doing this stuff stealing the money stop thinking they can get away with anything they want because they’re an elected official and realizes that human beings were created by God not man we were born in a place on the earth not put there by a government and nobody has the right to tell us or tell anybody I mean people with good morals people that were brought up to value humanity and be honest and try hard those things are impressive they work really well they make communities great they make Nations strong too much gambling around with the politicians and the games are playing and the contract they’re signing nobody ever tells you about what contracts are making with foreign countries you hear nothing about it the medianism like ducks cracking in the in the pond reality is is there transferring trillions of dollars of your and my tax dollars and money that has been generated by the corporation of the United States incorporated that was supposed to be shared equally according to each person’s value in merit towards that Great society get that towards the value of each great person’s value skill and ability to achieve things those values are intrinsic and those intrinsic values give you a place on the world stage where what you do counts

So as you can see it’s almost the middle of July here what is the middle of July 15th you hopefully have started to see the things are opening back up and you’re getting out there and trying to make your lives amazing and that’s what it’s all about and remember if you’re doing what you love it’s always going to be better than doing what you can’t stand or hate if you’re working for people that you like and care about then you’ll love what you’re doing if you working for people you can’t stand you need to think of moving what kind of a life can you ever hope to have underneath the anchor of a giant metal plate somebody who’s good with you somebody is your friend they’re supportive and understanding and caring and they’re going to be there to support you through change it especially positive ones you know I always tell people on the block I say you know it’s it’s up to you it’s important you do what you want to do whether that to be a skydiver or a jet pilot whatever it is if you don’t take the driving determination and start pursuing your goals now everybody’s getting a little plastic check a little plastic money perfect time for you to go chase those dreams and you always thought you could never see because let’s face it life is one day long if you’re lucky tomorrow nothing to happen today will really matter you know and it’s important that you go out and be amazing and go out and do the things that you care and want to do achieve the things you want to achieve no reason being under somebody else’s Shadow that’s pushing you down so you can’t shine yeah I see that was relationships all the time one party is always trying to make the other one smaller so they can control them what makes relationships great is the differences in them you know most people would have seen that by now that when you look at people that are married a long time they Excel because of their differences they don’t hate each other because of their differences they don’t throw a relationship it’s like society as a whole we have to do the same thing enough of the battering each other because of what color are skin is there or you know what language you speak American American it’s simple if you’re an American you have some real valid claim and what’s getting ready to happen in the world and if you’re sitting on the sidelines it’s not going to be a good game everybody has to be involved actively everybody needs to be researching things and bringing things forward I mean look let’s face it everybody in the world could create their own blog and it would start connecting human being together how cool would that be because the best definition is one that’s multiplied you know the best divide is a multiplication so you know you might not know somebody and they might live 18,000 miles away in a goat village but they might have the same interest in passions that you do and together you could solve a problem this world and dearly needs all but you won’t know if you don’t try so doing it is it’s your choice but if you really want to do it and you want to go big and you want to be one of those kind of things realizes that you have been given special gifts and very few other people got and if you learn how to use them in a positive way in the world you will bring about change whether that’s local or much larger and the way you approach it with your skills and your talent means that you’re going to always approach it from a place of I want to do the best I can do it can’t be oh I’m going to make a hundred bucks if I stay here all day when you do that you have a much better results too the work that you do comes out nicer the people are much happier the customers and things like that so I try my best with the construction jobs that I get to work on I try my best to make it profound and the best they know how to do I’d rather spend an extra hour on a job to make it look wonderful for the owner and for the people involved with the owner you know that’s your equity so look today it’s Friday be brave young grasshopper

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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