C caring and sharing that truth

You know it’s funny when I look back now that I’m in my 60s when I look back to school I really enjoyed history I love studying it the topic the energies the conversation and history is something that truth can’t be changed it’s the truth is the truth so no matter how they try and paint it a pretty color of the damage is done for all the stealing they’ve done in Congress and the house of reps and stuff all the back door deals that they did it’s so important that people get down to the truth and and realizes that you as an independent sovereign human being it’s like you’re your own country if you not doing the things you love doing then you need to figure out how you can you figure out how you can resort to bring the change around your life so that you can accomplish the things that you wish to accomplish

And I guess we’ve eaten but it becomes irrelevant to what you do I mean what your skill set is the things that you love doing I mean look at it this way let’s say you take one week and you decide to go after your dreams and ambition rather than doing what you’ve been braided and raised to do go to job nine-to-five do what people tell you forget about what you like you can’t do none of that stuff you just do a job reality is everything’s becoming automated so there is no more big job there and now you have to decide what are you going to do with your time I mean you could choose to take your time and dedicated to learning which is always a good thing or you can dedicate your time and energy towards achieving something but at some point you have to stop me in the couch potato if you’re sitting all day on the couch looking at the world around you not being happy with it and realizing that at some point you get that Epiphany that this whole world is based on what you do with it I mean from the first screen you came out of your mother it was your choice it’s so nice to see people out there doing the things they love to do and say f*** it f*** the whole thing that we learned in school those are idiots they didn’t teach us anything we needed to know like understanding business and understanding law if they don’t teach you law in high school because I don’t want you to understand what they’re doing with the legal matters they want you to have to pay some lawyer tens of thousands of dollars to do everything for you so what is that system based on documents and these documents are part of the corporation you as a human being or don’t fit into their scheme of things as a human being you don’t fit into the scheme of things for their amendments a denman’s and additions if they put into the law you know you take the basic Constitution and you read it word for word 14th amendment especially how can you be held reliable for contracts were written by people in foreign countries and signed by supposed representatives of you without even letting you read it and the reason they didn’t let you read these documents they didn’t want you to know what deals they were making hobdashery whatever you want to call it if you read some of these contracts and if you

P choose to define your life based on your skills and talents and the things that you love to do I mean like let’s get this straight I mean it doesn’t matter if you like making muffins I mean the point is is nowadays people are so addicted to sugar you could sell chocolate muffins until the cows come home but it can make you a lot of money I mean they’re charging $5 for a muffin now but I don’t see you that just because you can make money and I say do it if that’s what you love to do if you love to be a baker or something like that you should go for those goals I mean I’m sorry to meet other people that learn how to fly I think that’s so great I mean you have no idea what it’s like to be up in a plane in the front of the cockpit not in the back seat feeling the wind and putting your hand out in the clouds it’s pretty amazing totally Solomon quiet you don’t open that plane all you hear is the humming in the engine especially on single engines and stuff where you’re not getting above a certain speed you know your windows open you can reach out put your hands in the clouds you see down below it’s not really that big of a thing it’s what you choose to do to find yourself with your life how you choose to spend your time I mean look if you like rock climbing you should be doing it all the time if you like it you know so the journals they’re going good I hope a lot of people are doing the journals I’ve been reading some really good excerpts of what people are accomplishing and you know like I said you all can do this it’s just about you deciding you’re tired of doing something you don’t like working for people you can’t stand follow me rules that have nothing to do with you as a human dimension we the people is the Constitution it doesn’t say the government formed we the people we the people formed the Constitution we form the government and they were very wise people your rights are so much more powerful than you know that’s why they didn’t teach it to you the less you know the easier it is for them to manipulate your life and the people you love and care about

No it’s nice to see the park a lot more crowded now a lot more people out thank God most of them have taken off the masks what a scandal when they see these people going to jail I’m sure the media will do just like they did the whole time they lied about it they’ll they’ll hide it because of their hope these people can come back into power to keep paying them their little kids this is just unacceptable and the rest of the world is watching America they’re watching America to see how Americans respond because we the people of the United States of America we formed a corporation they didn’t form it your right to love who you want to love to do what you love to do it’s not in their decision to tell you to do anything I have so many friends that we’re allowed to see their dying relatives last year because of the stuff why you were afraid to say we’re going to get sick and recover and build their own I mean how could you deny them access to their own family at a time like that because of politics thought you should be ashamed yourself did you go out there and you preach this lie and you smile and Snicker you think that somehow but it’s okay that you told everybody this lie because you were paid to do it and they were powerful people so you followed what they told you to do you know history is a topic there was a lot of reasons why America was at war in the 1760s and ’70s it was a lot of things going on back there when America first was founded I mean we were talking that half of the half of the states were established had less than maybe 10,000 people living in the entire State there was no roads you have to ride a horse to where you wanted to go but now they’ve turned it into a big money machine is been making money on us since the day we were born and they’ve never given it to us and said they tell us go out and get another job and pass half of what you make and then we’ll try and give you perks and rewards for being compliant and doing what we sell so non-compliant do not consent these are real simple statements but they have real mastery effect when you do not consent that means you are refusing to stand underneath somebody else’s dictation I do not consent meaning I do not consent to follow rules that were written by hypocrites why didn’t you know it’s funny all the people in government are robbing and stealing us and they’re chasing down people for little petty things and they should go to jail because they stole something hypocrisy hypocrisy you know.

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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