The empty face ballet

So here we are 7 billion creatures spinning on an earth a thousand miles an hour traveling through the galaxies it is not even determinal speed on the spiral of the our galaxy solar system and right now after the covid and after the lockdown and after the mask and all the fake media people are coming out and they’re starting to open up to the point it’s weird I mean if you go to the West Coast and you say hi to people as you walk by you got to smile you get some kind of hello but in New York is different in New York you talk to people you say hi unless they know you they won’t even acknowledge you exist they look at you like why are you speaking to me and one of the tragedies is that’s how they did this by making people afraid of other people rather than thinking these politicians are robbing us they’re selling out our country making contracts with people in far off countries that are horrible people I mean how can somebody that represents you for the federal government make a deal with warlords or drug dealers but they do it every day and they do it yours and yours and my tax dollar and those of our parents and our relatives are cousins or brothers okay the position of government was never to control people it was to protect and secure our rights against foreign enemies look Paris France isn’t going to come attack New York State where the military needs to protect us well the federal government has no right to do that either either excuse me proper grammar here when it comes down to if you take the living document the Constitution and you really think about what it was it was how do these people get together and form something that is living and breathing and it fits every all situations for god-fearing sentient creatures on the Earth I mean look somebody who tells you they don’t believe in God and that they don’t follow the rules and they want to do horrible s*** those people get what’s coming to them they really do whether she’s their own competitors or through the karma that comes to them for the lives that they have performed

So if you live in some City with half a million people and in the morning you go to town and you go shopping and you get gas for your car and you say good morning to people next smile and they say good morning back or high I mean this is a social bond this is like a fabric but when you go to a city where people don’t even acknowledge each other and they pretend like they didn’t hear you say hi or you said please can I talk to you exist on the earth because they have spent so much time being dumb down by education that doesn’t work media that lies that every third word that they say is alive I mean look if somebody beat you a story and tells you well yeah it’s true and every third word is alive and they’re not giving you the truth you know I said to everybody start downloading these things you should have a copy of your Constitution and you should understand that you should know it now why they didn’t teach you that in school it’s real simple by teaching you the Constitution of the United States they would have been teaching you your rights as a human being God made me do not the government has no power over you except or entrust them is the right word I guess so when you think about what’s going on now from the local level which would be the most powerful person in your local community as your share if you live in Brooklyn the sheriff that was elected to office is the person that carries the most weight and cloud and his job just like all the other levels of government to serve one purpose to protect the security and freedom of Americans and their job to do that is is absolute meaning this is their job it’s not to take care of the people they like or help the people that give them free restaurant food their job is sheriff is to stand up and protect your and my right as Americans born and raised here under the Constitution we the people and those rights are not something you should take lightly freedom of speech that Twitter and Facebook have decided to start banning people that say what they don’t like this is not freedom of speech this is what you’d expect in Venezuela or North Korea or in North Korea and believe me I know a lot of people that are backing president Trump in his lawsuit this can’t go on you can’t have social media platforms to decide what is the right thing to say in a free conversation with free speech free speech is above that sometimes people say things I don’t like and greet you but yet it’s free speech they have the right to say it and and believe it’s their right as Americans to have freedom of speech the right to protect their families and the people they love the right to live in a house and feel safe and secure not fearing that the police are going to kick in your door because somebody doesn’t like that you own this beautiful house on a tree line Street and feel it’s their responsibility to take it away from you everything that’s been set up since the original Constitution there is no there is no FBI and DEA in the Constitution human beings are supposed to be lawful people because of God God says being lawful citizens be lawful people meaning not being lawful is something where you’re breaking the house you may with God and nobody saying that you have to be perfect but yet people when they strive towards these empowering goals of being a caring member of a group or a society not only provide an example for the young people but through their own interaction they’re realizing is that when human beings together as a community stand up for each other and protect each other’s right they’re protecting their own rights you know it was sad to see America in the on the 40s and the 50s there was no reason that people had to feel shunned and locked out of writing of the bus and where they wanted to ride basically a bunch of people saying oh you can’t do this or we’re going to do whatever we want to well that’s where government is supposed to come in that’s where the state and the federal government are supposed to come in first of all the federal government’s supposed to make it so those things don’t happen by people coming here illegally that’s their biggest job protect the sovereign United States for Americans okay this is not about all we’re going to throw a lottery and give a bunch of people visas because we decided we want them all to come here because we can’t stop what we started in the rest of the world United States this is unconscionable it’s a Rwanda was bad well these are people in Afghanistan that have been supporting freedom and been supporting believing in being able to grow up and go to school and be educated not be judged because they were a man or a woman or different those rights is what we’ve been preaching all over the world and as a society as human beings we should not be able to go to sleep at night feeling fine with the fact our military is leaving billions of dollars worth of weapons in Afghanistan and pulling their troops out you can’t leave those people there to be slaughtered by the Taliban we know what the Taliban stands for and sadly you know it’s not religion of Islam the Taliban have nothing to do with the religion of Islam what they’re doing is criminal so how do you deal with that well you can you can ignore it which is basically what they’re going to do now they’re going to basically take everything out of there and leave all the s*** behind and ignore it until the next time I try to come to America and next time they try and come somewhere in the world and kill people because of their beliefs that shouldn’t be an America you know God gave free will not not the church not some big shake not some King not the queen God created man and women God has full power over that we created this a society and then we set up a government as a way to protect our enal evil rights so anytime you see the government doing something you ask yourself are they doing something to protect my righteous in American or they using an overstepping their position of power for personal gain or gain of those around them that they want to manipulate and use income there’s no room for that stuff scabbing and paying off and stuff there’s got to be an honor integrity to what people do it can’t be where they get rich off becoming a politician and spend their whole life in a cushy silk wrap pan that basically says oh don’t worry after 2 years working for the government you’ll never have to work again we’ll give you a silk underwear and you can live the parachute life it comes to a point where you have to realize if you take the time to read the constitution in the Bill of Rights and the preamble to the Constitution you’ll find out that you’re right are protected by that bill and they’re protected it at every level. Forcing people in America to take away their free speech and deny them their right to live the life they want you know the thing that’s happened in the big city is that all the prices because of covid-19 doubles tripled the supermarkets now sell the same food they were selling you before same delivery person same company that was scaring the product before but now because now they’re insisting people so the scandal of this is been that the food shortages that are happening are happening intentionally they just shut one of the largest supermarkets Park slope they just shut at supermarket did piece of quarter million people a week to sell it and build condos well what does that do well those quarter million people now have to go somewhere else to go grocery shopping so was it an accident thing no this is intentional the zoning was given an extended permission to change everything to himself 40 some story building there to build condos the people that needed food well they can just walk farther or now it’s going to happen because there’s less facilities to buy food the prices will go up so what used to pay $5 a pound for now it’s $10 a pound because now there’s less places for you to do what you need to do to provide for the people that you love your family just like what happened how could you shut your business down how do you feed your family that’s why you see all over the country people standing up to and say no my business I can’t work for my living and I can’t open up my buildings you have no right as elected officials your employees of the people of the United States I think it’s so important people wake up and start studying the Constitution because there’s a real right you’re right you’re freedoms your ability to protect your family listen my children are grown up now but I my heart goes out to all those people that have young children okay what do you mean they’re forcing you to have your children shot up with something that isn’t even required of them don’t you see it this is not something that’s still here this is something that was a year and a half ago and you go along with it you’re doing childhood I think it’s so important if people wake up and realize let me read about it first let me study what’s going on with the vaccine find out about the 11,000 plus people that died from getting a job Johnson & Johnson Bell’s palsy I mean to spend the rest of your life having a seizures and stuff from Bell’s palsy or worse than that you put manganese in a vaccine that’s what they fed to the cows in England and that created mad cow disease well your responsibility as a free American is to have the knowledge and understand the Constitution and understand why guys like me and my friend I didn’t go fight for America because it was worthless I went to stand up for America in whatever facility or capacity that they needed because I believe that freedom was something that my father worked hard for and I had no right to free load on it I think the whole purpose you know boot camp was wonderful man 80 strangers getting together and getting teamwork accomplished and doing amazing things when you don’t have teamwork you have nothing you have just a disaster a broken machine.

I think another important point is you’re starting to see the soldiers who have volunteered to defect to pretend answer to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States are starting to realize as Americans with families and lives and hopes and dreams that going after Americans and denying them their rights is against everything there been taught and most of them were brought up with that this is not something that is compromisable this is not something that can be taken away and that people will fight for their rights and their freedoms the police too are Americans who have sworn to risk there we lives to defend our right and provide a safe environment for us to under God seek our God given life of honor and lawful social society

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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