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Resistance is futile

You will be a simulated it does not take much intelligence to realize that when you’re born in America you’re raised in a free society and you’re right if you take the time to learn the Constitution and law are so much more than you can imagine sadly families have been dumb down kids go to public school and learn how to be everybody else they want you to come fly and be another rock in the wheel it’s funny when I went to high school I study really hard I like what I was learning and I wanted more so I actually studied on my own to learn more and back then it would have been like oh what are you wasting all your time for well right now if you look at the world in 2021 how you doing with all the new restrictions on your life the new lockdowns the new math and mandate the police harassing you for no reason because they are actually convinced himself of the scandalous lie I mean if you watch the Congressional hearings you’ll see falchi dancing on hot coals here he can’t tell you the truth because he doesn’t know the truth and it’s not like he’s a smart guy he’s a puppet it’s Kelsey for Insanity that’s what they should have running an election for Insanity because what about she has done he is waffled around on every state and he’s ever made he is running from the gun right now thinking that they can’t hold him responsible for this but he knows his life hangs in the balance because if he says who’s above him who are the people running the United States of America Incorporated the criminals that are running it sadly people need to wake up and start realizing it’s their responsibility it’s yours an hour responsibility the only way you’re going to make the world a better place is by making the effort yourself to make it a better place you can’t sit there on the home on your couch and say gee that’s a good idea

And one of the most important things for you to do is empower yourself when you work doing the things you love when you work doing the things that inspire you not only are you more competent with them but you have more driving determination to achieve these goals and when you’re driving to achieve these goals it’s also building you up in all the other areas of your life sadly schools do not educate children we all know that and since March of 2020 the school system was taking over not by the board of Ed but by public health which is the police department so your entire new school system that are kidding being raised in is a military school run by the police public safety if not anything connected with the board of education I mean ironically the board of education was restricting and removing any book that allowed people to think outside of the box I can’t tell you how many books I remember reading as a kid that have been banned from school system talk about insane people and then they actually are proud that they’re sharing this information you know Mr potato Head are you kidding me Dr Seuss books are you kidding me what kind of mad railer is running this you’re going to band a mad hat book really I don’t need green eggs and ham I guess maybe everybody should eat green eggs and ham I guess Dr Seuss’s books were so horrible for children that modern children shouldn’t read them at all actually all they should do is play video games that’s right Halo they should play Halo all the time so they can blow people’s heads off and pretend that they’re big bad dangerous people sad I mean when you think about it the percentage of people that are around striving for their dreams is so small the majority of people working the drone existence doing what they’re told that a job they don’t like being paid a lot less than their worth you know if you do what you love you’re always going to be better at it I mean they say that and so true like when you were inspired to do something whether it’s music or art or working if you love what you’re doing you’re going to do better at it always you know somebody who loves music is going to really in delve into it he’s going to dive deeper than the top of the ocean he’s going to go down as deep as he can into the ocean and keep growing his distances and it’s comprehension and understanding so you know gymnastics you see these people in the Olympics and stuff when a girl does gymnastics this is training this is her dedicating time and energy and effort into learning these things and crying and being in pain life is an experience of losing game everything you gain compared to everything you lost I mean it’s a scale you know the tribal thing is so true you know with the tribal thing going on the small communities are gathering together and getting real serious about not paying attention to the lies and the deception that’s going on they don’t turn on the media when they go home anymore they’re like okay enough of this I don’t want to hear about you anymore and this kind of incentive makes people start using smartphones to do intelligent things you have skills and talent and you want to achieve them it’s not going to happen if you just dream of you got to try and make them happen learning how to be a pilot why because I always wanted to learn how to fly what better way to spend a couple hours of my day rather than sitting on a chair watching a stupid TV show your point even even martial arts competitions I got to watch them I don’t I don’t sit and watch them on TV I go to watch him in person you need to decide that it’s important for you to achieve these things you need to decide that you want them bad enough that you won’t pay attention to the lies every day every day they’re coming with new lies at you now it’s a new strain of covid come on you can’t prove covid you can’t proved it’s a virus you can’t prove anything it’s media telling the same story again and if you saw some of the autopsy pictures that I saw brains filled up with giant blood clots this is not a normal State for the human body the blood clots are caused by manganese manganese is in the vaccine Johnson and Johnson they all have manganese in them okay and if you want to know what manganese does inside the human body look back at the mad cow disease and Great Britain Ireland and Scotland why do you think they want everybody in the herd to get vaccinated the there comes a time when intelligence has to rationalize what’s going on and needs to grasp a position of knowledge first and then action not action and then hoping for knowledge the knowledge comes so you can understand a lie once you understand the LIE then that that knowledge that same knowledge helps you find ways to deal with it find ways to remove it out of your life time focus your energies on the things that you love doing though really it makes a big point if you’re doing something you love doing you’re going to be a lot more profound in it than a job that you hate but people have to realize it’s worth trying for those kind of jobs if you’re really dreamed of having these things then why wouldn’t you keep trying to get that position even if you get another job in the meantime that you hate like we all seem to hate most of our jobs no and maybe you can find a way to dedicate a little time every day towards those dreams that you’ve got and with that hopefully achieving some of the goals that you’ve set up for yourself

No the spike protein and and the unique little design it’s absolutely created it wasn’t created by God it was created by idiot scientists there was no natural transmission between a bat and a human being let’s face it but now you have to get the knowledge from your smartphone and start doing something about it you live in the only free country in the world and you have right and you have gifts that have been passed down to you from that living document the Constitution constitutional law would never dispute with the Constitution there’s no way for them to rationally make lies into the Constitution so as Americans when you see that first part if you take the time to read it we the people is saying every person that’s American every person that’s from this nation everyone that was born here God gave you life God gave you the right to have that life and your free will is not based on some politician and what he thinks you need to do to be safe it’s based on God give you an incredible gift to come here to have love to work to be amazing and do the things you love and everybody around who cares and loves and going out there and being profound now it’s all fracture it’s all fractured by a lie on top of that and now these people are literally trying to put their court case the Congressional hearings are going on yeah I feel bad for my brother is still in the field you know the soldiers that are still out there and the police that are just trying to do their job this is not against them this is against politicians and and the evil that they’re doing and it affects every family that means every father and mother doesn’t matter what their job is but all their children will either be racist slaves in the next generation or human beings will stand up against it and say no enough

I’ve always loved studying because I find things out along the way that really impressed me with knowledge right so did you know that since you were born you have been considered a merchant Marine and you have been at sea you are basically controlled monitored managed and organized under maritime law which is like Captain Jack Sparrow the British side something with the fluffy hats on okay on the other side if you’ve got this here where you’re basically being judged and controlled by maritime law which is of the sea and you’re living on land meaning they hijack your free right to be an independent sovereign Nation and go out and run whatever kind of business you want to love and be with you like and care about and understanding this makes you realize is they are robbing every American whether you’re young or old they are robbing Americans of everything that they have created through generations

So when you pick up the Constitution and you start reading it and you start seeing like the 14th amendment to pick the amendment the second amendment being at the compact it’s like is it that document was standing right there next to you when you’re reading it this was not only planned and debated thanks brother but it was designed to protect your right did you know that the most powerful law in the in the United States is not the federal government it’s the state government and the state government is the one that’s formed the federal government so rather than being a bunch of people waiting around for the next election when you start reading a constitution and understanding how it’s devised and written up these people they founding fathers spent a lot of time and effort to create something that not only had value but that would be like long-lasting like something that would would spend the time so something as simple as like what’s the difference between maritime law and law of the land it’s real simple go look it up I don’t want to give you all the answers now that what is the law of the land different from the merchant Marine One let’s think about it at see you’re on a ship meaning you’re not connected to any land mass and you’re literally surrounded by water on all side and if you have water if you know how to sail it s*** really well and you have to supply you can get to a destination where you conduct your business so you’re an American Marine now some of you say that can’t be because I’ve never been in a boat I don’t like the ocean no you’re right if you put it in the literal sense it’s not going to fit but if you think of it in other way think of all your skills and talents and everything you do packed into a little teeny terrier and zip locked in a lock put on the top of it so you still about a little container and they take you around everywhere and they invest you in the world and things in the world whether it’s building wells in Ethiopia or fighting a war in the Congo or going into Afghanistan all these things they do with maritime law they take your assets they take your savings they take your social security they take all the money that they made off you and they have spent it all invested in bad deals so now what’s left well what’s left should be allowed to anger you know for you to be an amazing person you need to be smart you need to be educated not educated by school educated my life it’s a great School I’ll take the education of Life actions rather than a classroom anytime so once you have this information and you start gathering together this knowledge you’ll start to see that your knowledge helps you navigate as if you were at sea you know understanding the currents well in in the land the currents would be different the currents would be how far is it between here and my next place where I could do something instructed to make a living to support the people that I love and care about

After that it’s about going about doing the thing that you love to do that can make you an income that is more and better than you can imagine I mean think about it you go stand in that cash register at Walmart or Target and you get paid a few dollars an hour to deal with a little bit of the garbage and bologna that’s going on and scan barcodes and collect money for them and count it and count out their change and for that you get a little bit of money meanwhile every second of every day you are being traded on the stock market and they’re not getting a little bit of money they’re getting millions of dollars a day from each of us millions of dollars a day is being made on your birth certificate at the government at the incorporated level and you don’t know about it because God forbid they would have told you this you would have used your money to make the world a better place if you realize you’re worth hundreds of millions of dollars if you dream that putting a water well in some parts of the world you’ll be able to do that and better the world national reports the different departments of the corporate government you know that’s the president’s office the Secretary of State Anthony building then it’s the state where you were born and these dockets are basically you saying to them listen I am not dead at Sea I’m alive and well and I am on land and I want to be accepted into my role with all the rewards and treasures and wealth that came with it since they have been trading us since the time of birth not million dollars they don’t tell you about it it won’t even tell you how much it is it’s like they say you don’t have a need to know absolutely I need to know how much money is in the bank in your name based on your social security number if you want to know the Federal reserve Branch look for the code next to it if it’s to see a bet this is a different location of one of the Federal reserve branches in the United States where they keep your file and your treasury direct account see they manage it like a business you’re the business so the last two years what has happened covid happened woo scary people scared to death that something horrible people going to start dropping Dead all over the place didn’t happen oh well it’s a little different now where we do see people died with the nursing homes because they took people who were ill with the cold and the flu and to amplify the effect on a global scale they stuck in the nursing home to his compromise that’s criminal let’s face it you know to do that in America to do that anywhere in the world’s bad but to do that in America with regards to all the young families and all their children to literally Stoke a fire that was going to cripple and destroy families all over the world especially in America because the families that got straight in America didn’t get destroyed because they were trying they got destroyed because of a lie you got destroyed because of restrictions on their ability to move I’m sort of surprised people don’t see this.

If I redefining your life you’re changing the parameters of it I mean you think of life is based on your employment and how much you get an hour and how much you make a month so that you could afford to pay rent somewhere well think outside the box you’re making money every second of the day even when you’re sleeping for them it’s not their money it’s your money you absolutely have the right to choose not to be part of that insanity you’re not think that belong to anybody but you you know you’re being wrong so I’m hoping you’re grasping this and I’m hoping you’re starting to realize is that only by you taking the steps you need to embrace this and become independent to allow you to go about having your life to your dream and want to dream only then

The choice is really clear you know it’s two years now since this stuff happened a year or 9 months you’re 9 months since they started the covid insanity a year 9 months of having your world lockdown your jobs taking away from you isolated from your friends and family even those you love your parents and stuff you have literally chosen to follow a lie to the point where it’s denying you your freedom it’s denying you your life you know I got to be lawful meaning meaning people they know this when the depths of their heart when you choose to be that it’s a better place to be it’s more precise way to enjoy life and go for the world that you want by trying to be lost by trying to do good things with your life be amazing

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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