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Well I tell you besides the rallies with Trump rallying Americans who realize how horrible the deep state is the pedophiles the the criminals the corruption the stealing of the treasury of the United States it’s so nice to see them being arrested and being brought up on Justice sadly for those people who blindly follow the media that got the vaccine that are getting all sick I don’t know what to say to you I mean believe me when they started talking it most of the people that I know were busy researching what they were talking about you know mRNA technology if you go and look on one of my most recent posts I’ve talked to the original Doctor who created the MRA Spike protein in a lab and he’s talking exactly what’s going on right now the reason why people are having to get boosters is because the body becomes hypersensitive to any kind of bacteria or infection so the body is easily susceptible to getting sick so now they’re planning 6 months every 6 months to get boosters to the Pfizer people but the problem is is their immune systems no longer work you know since they’re DNA has been irrevocably changed there’s no way for them to get back to where they were I mean having a human body that’s able to sell peel and solve its own problems and learn how to fight any kind of illness the human body is an amazing amazing biological machine and it wasn’t created by a bunch of idiots in a science lab it was created by a much more Superior creature who that is God aliens it’s irrelevant at this point but right now people are racing out and letting total idiots who got five or six years in college and some specialty clubs and sororities are deciding their future now the vaccine with Pfizer is killing them it’s set because people should have taken the time to read up on this stuff before they let him get a job in their arm if somebody wants peanut butter in your arm you should know more than to take it

Did some of my friends I keep hoping that they got the placebo because the first was a lab test and any lab experiment you have a control group the control group is basically giving nothing that can alter their own bodies ability to fight off illness and you know thank God the people that did get that thing to be doing fine those people that got visor or modern vaccines their bodies are hyperventilating on this stuff so anytime they see something that makes them sick they get hyper sick so you know now they’re talking boosters well the booster is just a stronger dose of what they already gave you but at some point your body doesn’t have any more ability to fight its own immune system your body cannot protect itself anymore I mean yeah I remember that movie with John Travolta the boy in the bubble you basically are allowing scientists to turn all of you into the boy in the bubble and at some point you need to tell him I do not consent I don’t want your shot I won’t allow you to put it in my family or my children’s life.

For all those people that are waking up and starting to pay attention you see felch he is full of lies everything he’s been saying everybody has been telling to do this do that he flopples like a waffle one day he’s one way one day is the next day no you don’t need a mask oh you need three math the point is is the documentation and proof is showing people that got divisor vaccine are getting sick 68,000 have been confirmed dead no if something is killing people in America that shouldn’t be allowed it’s just not right and what they’re doing now is they’re going to give them boosters in the boosters basically just help beat up the immune system more if you got the vaccine and you’re getting sick you’re not getting sick because the covid you’re getting sick because of the vaccine I mean if somebody puts a banana in your arm and you get a banana illness it came from the banana it didn’t come from the vaccine didn’t come from your body big change going on a lot of people are getting really upset and frustrated with politicians and the good thing is Israel seems to have been victorious battle for the people that believe in freedom and liberty Donald Trump will be reinstated as President biden’s already gone you might see him in media but this is all preempted media shows it’s like a married with children they’re going to soundstage they look at the teleprompter and they say what they’re told to say by the people in charge but the reality is is think about it why do you not see pelosi anymore why do you not see biting anymore because they’re not in office anymore Donald Trump won the election every state has been audited so far shows that Donald Trump on the election and if somebody doesn’t help him step up soon and shut down this railroad that’s coming into this country from South of the border and I’m not saying it’s people from South America I mean we’re talking from all over the world bad people who have hated America forever are coming to this country and they’re coming to this country with a real vendetta so what are they doing how is it how are they treating it they’re not they’re trying to present it isn’t happening so you know one of the things that you learn in life is this if you can’t lock your doors and keep your family safe your families never safe you can’t call the police when you’re defunding them if you’re defending the police that means you’re telling them that you don’t have to answer the call anymore when we call for help

The truth is the truth you can’t be anything but the truth what’s happening in the world right now what’s been done all over the world in the order of greed and politics and pedophilia it’s all shaking the foundations of society to the point where people can’t be complacent anymore and need to get actively involved and you need to see who you’re giving your money to and why you’re giving it to them hoping that they’re going to do the right thing never seems to work if somebody’s got no integrity they’re not going to give you integrity ever you know and I said this other people look I’m just a normal person I’m not perfect I made mistakes all of us do but what I do care about is people having the truth and arming himself to the information that can help them be free of this insanity no don’t get another booster I would say absolutely not it’s a miracle you’re still standing after the job twice it’s just so bad you know why do you think all the countries in Europe have banned the injections they’re not letting people get the injections anymore because the injections are causing brain damaging and blood clot your brain doesn’t have blood inside of it I’ve said this before your brain hasn’t one being going into the blood into the bottom face of your skull and that one are to be provides blood for the entire surrounding surface of the brain but actually inside the gelatin and collagen mask that is your brain it’s all electricity and being that it’s electricity is it’s all spontaneous kind of stuff so blood clot in your brain is really bad I mean the autopsy that I watch being done this was a healthy 42 year old person until they got the job from from the Johnson & Johnson they died within three months and miserable death and what they found out was the body was full of these giant blood clots

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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