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What is a PCR test for your information and you’re a pleasure and enjoyment

So here we go guys PCR test PCR test shows if your body has ever been exposed to a cold or the flu not not a covid forget about that I mean there is no test for covid everybody’s getting a swab in their nose for a PCR test which shows if you’ve ever been exposed to a cold in your life okay so most of us have that cold in our lives you know we have most of us had colds in our life so when you go get covid-12 you’re being tested to see if you’ve ever had a cold in your life before I know most of you understand that you’ve been you’ve had a cold and you’ve had the flu everybody knows how miserable you feel so this is the biggest part of the LIE see by making people get covid tested with PCR all they’re doing is confirming if you’ve ever been exposed to a cold now you don’t need a PhD to understand most human beings have gotten colds every day of their life every year of their life every year we have a cold and flu season every year people get cold they get exposed to colds how cold is a virus it’s basically a microscopic organism that floats around in the air and can make people sick you know runny noses congestion diarrhea upset stomach so when you go and you see those signs in front of those vans telling you to get your PCR test understand this if you don’t understand nothing else I say a piece shows if you’ve ever been exposed to a cold that’s pretty relevant here so covid the the SARS the fact is a PCR test shows that you have had a cold in your life before that’s all it shows it doesn’t show covid it doesn’t show any kind of bad things simple test so the next thing you do is you get your knowledge you start looking online to seek out information and the truth so that you can define your future based on what you want to achieve and accomplish not based on what somebody else wants you to achieve or accomplish

I bet guess the biggest question that people have to ask themselves where they want to achieve and what they want to get to it’s important to people around doing the things that they love because you’re going to feel better about your day it’s not about you think that the jobs important I understand you think that because you do a job you’re getting a little money and you can live reality is if you’re doing something you love you’re going to be doing it better you’re going to be much better at the job you’re doing and you’re going to bring in a better income from you no there’s nobody that’s in the right mind wants to go to Walmart and buying this some piece of s*** made in China when some American can actually have these great talents and skills and all you have to do is try and achieve them there’s a market for you there there’s a huge market for you whether you paint canvas or do pottery this is an opportunity for you to be absolutely amazing but you have to believe in yourself and realize that 9 to 5:00 job isn’t providing that for you because you’re not happy when you do what you love when I go to training with my sense but people do a job that they hate doing because they say it’s their vices me the reality is is when you’re doing them the things that you love and inspire you you do much better at them so go be amazing and profound go out there and find out what it is that you want to do with the rest of your life because spending your whole life working in a job you can’t stand for people you don’t like or care about and then spending as much time as you can trying to connect with your friends who’s seemingly hopefully have similar interest in desires in life then you can really achieve something if you’re one of those people that migrates around with crowds at bars because you want to feel like you’re part of the in crowd you’re missing the point that’s not what it’s about you know I’ve been using this thing called the neo scan for the last year year and a half it’s profound that kind of bio-residence technology and how it affects your health it gets rid of all the stress part of it you sleep really well and I mean this is my own results with the bio residency the playback or amazing waterfalls people miss all that stuff you know it was great going to Washington State this summer I was up in the high desert it was about 3500 feet it was totally isolated acres in the middle of the mountains took a half an hour to get down to the main country road which was gravel so what did I learned I hate the sound of silence and if you’re doing something you can’t stand that makes you become that kind of an ugly person shame on you why not do what you love to do why not go around smiling and being nice to people you have no loss in being a good human being the last comes when people start criticizing each other and judging each other for being different I would much rather live in the world full of different people

You know one of the things that has changed did you start seeing a lot more ambulances now and they put their sirens blaring but they’re going slow well this is how they’re hiding all the people that died is they put them in ambulance they know they can do nothing to help them that’s why they’re even telling people to go to the hospital to go home in isolate yourself there is no cure for this job once you’ve got this job you’re finished I mean you really are the only thing you’re going to do is give me more boosters to give you a couple more months and every time they’re going to start okay so what do you do when you can’t afford to pay for the booster shots to keep yourself alive your body knows how to heal itself your body knows how to divide and protect yourself you don’t need a job in your arm from some idiot scientist or doctor to make you be amazing you need to be amazing you need to go out there every day and to find who you want to be and how you want to get there

You know don’t just go on with like try and redefine yourself with life try and do things that are amazing in your life because if you’re not at the last 10 years why would you spend the next 10 years being exactly the same as you were you know people standing me all the time why you always so nice to be I’m nice because I choose to live that kind of a life nothing to anybody’s perfect or that I haven’t made mistakes but to go around to being nasty to people and hating people because they’re different is the worst kind of life to imagine living everybody has creative skills and talents that’s probably the biggest tragedy of which technology is done is all the people in America and Europe that are rich they pretend like everybody else is only here as a pain in their ass when they should be using that technology and resources to try and provide drinking water for children in Africa and that was all the floods and the landslides it’s a time for human beings to step up for each other forget about the politics in the government they’re so irrelevant to life for human being human beings to stand up and fight for each other and I’ve seen that first hand in India Pakistan when I’ve traveled the people don’t judge me because I come from America in fact the people that I met were wonderful people and they lived all over the world in different financial and realistic realities and yet their heart was full of love for people they wanted to share with you they wanted to cook food for you they wanted to make sure you didn’t have to expend anything to stay with these people I learn more in Pakistan and India in 4 months about America they’re just so many people that think that they are all that and they’re not I met people that were humble and decent people with marble homes that they owned outright and they would go slaughter their goats so you would have a good dinner not people that look at your funny when you walk by there and they’re in the restaurant they think you’re going to steal their food so why not profoundly try to be that amazing part of life why not try and go out there everyday and do something good for somebody else said you have to carry the weight of the world but I think if we try and carry a little bit more for each other the world would become better place and I guess to some of you maybe you can understand that philosophy there’s always going to be bad people people that don’t think that they fit into the mold of everybody else and and they understand that totally and there’s a right way to be in the wrong way to be so who’s level of that is I’m not saying everybody needs to be the same to be right when I need to say is there’s a lawful way to live in life that doesn’t matter with you going out and hurting and destroying other people to get what you want it’s about believing in yourself doing what you love to do rather than doing what other people tell you to do my father told me become a doctor I said get out of here I want to go learn to fly Jets you know so what did I do I went from my life what I wanted to accomplished again I like traveling I’ve been all over the world I’m so grateful for that and I walk around and I see people that their idea of a day out as they go to the corner and sit in a parking space at a restaurant with somebody they don’t really like because somebody else told them that they they were impressive make your own decisions in life guys come on man go out there and decide to be amazing and strive to become that don’t put your future in somebody else’s hands because they want you to do this for your life and to the parents out there that think they’re going to emulate their life to their children shame on you for doing that you know maybe your gifts are not your children’s gifts maybe what you think is important to your children to learn is not important for them to learn you know I had lots of friends and parents kept telling them what they should do with their life and most of those friends that tried to follow their parents pass their miserable the people that went on to do what they wanted to do and they live they have challenges in difficulties but they are living amazing lives you know one of my friends that I just like has fired to this person her name is Corrine she’s an artist she’s this amazing bright witted talented artist she has traveled all over the world and south of France and Venice and Italy and she’s done restoration work on these old beautiful murals and frescoes and I just like crave attention to talk to this person she is just so profound her knowledge about ancient paintings and the artist living room and paint the wall and make it look like it’s 100 ft deep garden and you would believe you walk right through that wall into that garden the flowers alone

Because let’s face it it doesn’t matter if you come from a large family a small family Rich poor black white green orange you know Spanish it doesn’t matter what matters is that your parents in a moment of Love creating you and you have your own individual talents and skills and blessings that nobody else has and being unique is not a bad thing being special and unique is a fantastic thing I wouldn’t trade my gifts away for anything whether that’s my gift of playing music or painting canvas or making pottery those gifts I was given were something that none of my family had my family they all had different gifts but you have to decide what you want to do either you want to work doing what you love and be amazing and have an amazing life and travel or you want to work a nasty job being miserable everyday for the rest of your life and never get out of it it’s up to you be amazing and profound or just throw it away and wait for the landslide to come take it away. I’ve seen it with a couple of people that commented back at the search for eternity the ones that have started trying to do this an hour a day of their day whether tonight the morning whenever they get time sitting down and working towards goals that are important to you totally selfishly for you you know if you can’t spend an hour or two a day doing things that you love you’re not living it and if you’re not living what’s the point of being here working so hard if you do what you love that hour is going to seem like it just lasted a minute and that’ll show you there why that’s such a good way to live your life don’t be the kid in the back of the classroom that’s miserable all day because it’s a 10,000 hour class cuz he doesn’t like learning he doesn’t like the teacher be the one up in the front getting involved because you want that information and all this so you can go do the things you want to do and it keeps the things you feel and love are important there you go.

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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