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What is a PCR test what you need to know

Polymerase chain reaction Medical test OverviewTypes Main Results Description A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is performed to detect genetic material from a specific organism, such as a virus. The test detects the presence of a virus if you are infected at the time of the test. The test could also detect fragments of virus even after you are no longer infected.Nov 30, 2020 › health PCR Test for COVID-19: What it Is, How its Done, What the Results Mean Components Limits Feedback

So as people sitting waiting in lines outside these medical delis popping up everywhere to get a PCR test what you need to understand is a polymers chain reaction just shows if you’ve been exposed to the cold virus one of seven different brands see you one through seven and it has nothing to do with covid I mean people have just taken this whole new world into a new word covid is such a lie it’s such a scandal the PCR test does not show if you have covid it shows if you’ve been exposed to a cold and sadly the chest is very inaccurate I mean you know you’re talking nine out of 10 or false positives I mean so you’re risking everything in your life out of fear over something that doesn’t exist by attest it isn’t designed to test for it and they just keep adding more s*** on top of the pile and you’re just absorbing it I keep hoping people will wake up and stop following this insanity but it doesn’t look like they’re listening very hard

Ultimately human beings have to understand something that police governors and Mayors House Representatives so office workers people that work for our government are employed at our behest they’re not employed by their behest to create human beings they basically exist to serve us so you ask yourself what is the government’s purpose freedom of beliefs how you want to raise your family these politicians have hijacked the whole system here they don’t care that you’re a human being not a stock they think that as long as they’re making money off you with their corporate in United States incorporated is that you’re going to do just what they tell you to do and not ask the big question like and why is this you’re telling us to do this what is the purpose of this you can’t get a straight answer that’s the saddest part no matter who you talk to nobody’s going to give you a straight answer doesn’t know whether he’s playing badminton tennis or racquetball and every time he speaks to somebody it’s another lie I love hearing Kennedy railing down at the Congressional hearings the guy’s an idiot his emails how do you reject something will you work for the government you’re not allowed to redact information this is not some top secret thing that was done in a foreign country but you know it’s coming to a point is that it’s a tipping point the precipice people are starting to see that they’ve reached too far into the hands of the American people stole too much money cost too much insanity and chaos all over the world and human beings are getting tired of me Americans are turning to wake up and realizes that wait a minute you work for me I don’t work for you and your position as somebody who works for me is you have rules and regulations of what you need to follow not that you force rules on people but did you enforce rules upon yourselves to do the job you were hired to do

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