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His Highness Lord de Blasio new edict on the people that want to live free in America especially New York

Well as they say you got it from the horse’s mouth even though all the proof of poison all the proof of people dying now if you want to go anywhere in New York you better get ready to carry a little teeny magnetic badge around and be ready to pass it up and bend over and take a deep wow that sounds like a lot of fun hun guys I sure thought Americans especially in New York would wake up and get really angry about this taking away your rights taken away your freedoms this is not what America is this is not what the founding fathers wanted it to be I think it’s so important people wake up

You know it’s funny that the language in the state constitution is so against corrupt politicians deciding the future fate of all sentient human beings in New York state especially I mean when you read it it’s dry but there’s a lot of lot of little captions in there about the reality of politics and what they wanted to protect us as human beings from when they created this governmental system if you look at the evidence practice they’ve never been able to find on a lab under a microscope covid-19 the PCR test does not test you for covid-19 SARS see you too none of these things but yet people are waiting in line to get that and now they’re volunteering up to get the job so what’s in the job ask yourself they really don’t want to tell you and the reason why they keep it at freezing is because it’s magnetic graphene is not become magnetic until it’s room temperature so the injections that they’re giving the double jab it has many purposes is 90 some percent graphing and it’s designed to allow the nanoparticles to do so well in in a magnetic place with electricity to get them charged up in there and get them into your brain stem okay so this is like a magnetic lock it’s like one of those you know the door locks you put the code in so if they put it up with the aluminum little particles there and then the graphene bonds with each of your cells and destroys them once you become is a fake human being a robot you know you look at some of the states Michigan Wisconsin you look what’s going on people are angry they like their freedom they like to get together with their family and celebrate holidays and be there for each other when tragedies happen you’re not going to be able to do that in this new society I think this is like that movie equilibrium we really need a Christian Bale to come out there with all this special police training and put these people down but I doubt it’s going to happen in New York New York is just sort of going along with the flow like a backwash from a tsunami and they don’t think they can do anything the numbers is what gives them power I mean if 5 million people in New York state told this mayor and the governor no we’re not wearing mask you’re not forcing us to get jobs with some poison without even knowing what it is and why it’s killing people that would be pretty significant if I was in the hospital or my brother was in the hospital and they offered to give him a shot of something but they couldn’t even tell me what the shot was but said well we want to give it to your brother I wouldn’t let him do it I’d want to be explained to what it is what it’s for and show me the proofs of why that would work instead what they’re doing is their main lighting this down like it’s a 60 ft wave jamming it down the throats of people cornering them financially economically and socially which is what they’ve done and now they’re telling you well gee if you want to go back to normal life first get the job second is you need boosters every 6 months for the for the vaccine which is a real problem why do you need the booster so I’ve never had any vaccine in my life where I had to go back for boosters

it’s just not how vaccines work shoes come out the LIE exposed and all these people are getting jobs with the poison and they’re not even fighting back the number of people we lost we lost dozens of people that we know family wise right in the family they’ve died from the vaccine is something you should be concerned with and you should really struggle to search out the answers for it I mean why would you let them give you an injection of something that can kill you is sterilize you these are all in the internet read them yourself I’m not trying to give it to you you have to make your own decision I think you’re free to do whatever you want but I think it’s important did you take the time to research it because you’re talking like changing but realities here the people that have had real bad reactions to the vaccine the ones that are left permanently maimed or handicapped for the rest of their life you’re not hearing the story the media is not going to let you see the truth they got paid to tell you this story but if you ask people that you know and you really want to honest sincere question answered you’re going to find that the answer is yes they’ve all suffered some kind of really catastrophic change to their life surrounding them whether that’s local first family or extended family the point is if they’re giving you something for their supposed to protect you why doesn’t it protect you anything if it’s supposed to protect you then why do you have to get boosters for it and then the big question becomes why are so many having very adverse side effects.

It’s so so sad I mean when you think about it and you think about your rights and you think about the constitution of the state of New York and the Constitution of the United States all the truth bare evidence that you are not a dead piece of paper and some corporate ledger and they bankrupted the corporations they’ve spent all the money so what they’re doing is basically now stealing what’s left of you I mean with the problem with the vaccine of being injected with all this graphene at what point do you think they’ll stop now now that they’ve got you lining up to get vaccinated they’re not going to stop they’ll be boosters every 6 months and they will pick and prod you however they want because you’re you’re considered less than water as a citizen of the United States incorporated you are nothing either on the scale of nothing that’s why when you protest about not getting some bills signed their whole purpose is to make bills they get paid when they when they grow up a bill they go and collect money from your assets and wish people would wake up and take the time to read the Constitution state and federal to know your rights to know your place in the universe here because you’re so much more than you think or they say in the movie wakey wakey piece of cakey and reservoir dogs how true if people don’t wake up and start taking back their sovereign rights as a human being the corporation will continue to destroy them and it’s a coup de gras now what they’re doing

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