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The crying shame

You know as an American our family the barest family arrived in the United States in 1849 and Ellis Island in Manhattan they caught another boat up to Michigan started out with a few acres of land built a huge farm and a community All about Liberty and freedom and the chance to have a life and raise their families with love and kindness and wisdom and compassion so I probably like the 8th generation American here my immediate father retired 35 years Coast guard intelligence director of Coast guard intelligence third district loved honored served this country even the people that worked underneath him loved and respected my father I served in the Navy my brothers both went to college served to this day they work hard for this great nation the tragedy is as politics as usual is out of hand the tragedy is politics as usual is criminal what’s happening right now in this country is absolutely criminal the mass mandate doesn’t stop anything it doesn’t stop the spread of microscopic organisms it doesn’t stop any or protect anybody as you see the vaccines didn’t protect you either at some point human being you realize if a rock falls out of the sky 6 miles across it doesn’t matter if you are a mask it’s not going to protect you but yet it’s limiting your life in the one country in the world where you have freedom and liberty it’s limiting your rights to be with your family to not be afraid it’s taking away your free speech is taking away your right to live free and raise your family the way you want the entire education system was revamped between March and June of 2020 it’s now under the public safety this is not how you want to educate your children in a police state okay it’s funny because I live in the community where this house and always was nice to him always tried to respect this gentleman but what has happened now they need to stop listening to idiots and start thinking for themselves we the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union with liberty and justice and prosperity and the right with the preamble and the Bill of Rights to go out and achieve the life you want to achieve and be who you want to be it’s so wrong how they have turned this into a vicious vicious corporate entity this is China too that’s the best way to describe it you think you have rights but you don’t you think you’re human being but you’re not you’re a strong man you’re a corporate stock you basically at birth were decided that they didn’t want you to be alive so they drove a corporation for you they ledger you as a corporate stock they give you social security number and a white piece of paper with your name all capitalized and then they put you to work they put you to work for this country to make money for the corporation now what they’ve done in the last two years I asked you to think about it??

So what did the mandate do did it help you protect your family no it doesn’t solve any problems it isn’t making you safer did the vaccine help you how many of you went out and got the job and they’re sick and everything affects you know it’s so important to human beings realize that these politicians don’t know what’s going on they have no comprehension of what’s happening they’re not doctors they’re not scientists they’re not even equipped with the tools they need to make decisions about life p at some point you need to realize is that your freedoms and your liberties are not in their control these people have no right to stop you from going on with your life I funny I see them after all over the place oh must show that you got the job no thank you I lost 17 relatives to the job I’m not getting it is that my right yes I do not consent I do not consent to this disabled veteran I do not consent as an American as a human being you’re not going to stick peanut butter in my arm and tell me that it’s going to help me when I see the results 100,000 Plus have died from the vaccine didn’t matter which company gave it to them ashrazeneca moderna Johnson & Johnson they all are created in the same thing they’re created with graphing which can nanoparticles of graphene and mRNA Spike technology that little bat protein submerser a couple of other really cool things that are designed to destroy the human body and their jobs okay instead of just making you compromise where the cold season is coming up it’s tragic if you think about it at the end of September is it being in October is the cold season these people are going to be dropping like flies on a hot day because of what you put in their arm you don’t want children to go to school well that will be perfect for you then you’ll have it I heard full of literary cheats you’ll use your nice little teeny sheep dogs to guide into the slaughterhouse when it’s time the fact is already the education system destroys children’s lives you don’t teach them the Constitution you don’t teach them economics you don’t teach them about how to balance a book or how to make food or wear food comes from you basically are teaching them but you’re stupid things that are so irrelevant how could you allow this you are the people you are the ones that have this truth you’re the ones that are the we the people of the Constitution of the United States in order to form a more perfect Republic there’s a reason why it’s called the Republic you should look it up okay if you look it up and you understand what it’s about it’s designed in a certain way that empowers you and if you take the time to read the Constitution okay you have the right to free as you have to write to bear arms it doesn’t say that you know you have to get a special permit to buy a gun you have the right to bear arms to stand up for freedom and protect against hypocrisy and criminals and political office you go to England you see this all the time the Queen the Queen the princess the royalty those people they run their country everybody is underneath them you are not underneath your politician you’re politicians are underneath you these people that are elected into office they are spending millions of dollars of your money doing look at the decision Afghanistan I’m a veteran I lost so many friends over there I have friends that came back they’re not even the same anymore PTSD post-traumatic stress iuds all these veterans and over the last 20 years have been in Afghanistan to get rid of the Taliban and now in less than a week cherry on rules country in the world where you’re going to see what happens next what happens next is the ugly part and I’m sure the media won’t want to show it to you because you know the worst thing they want and they don’t want sheep getting all upset it ruins the meat they want to keep you nice and numb they want you to go to the little teeny outside parking spaces and eat your food and pay lots of money to eat in a parking spot where a night the dogs in the cats pissed on the sidewalk and they want you to spend lots of money that they give you according to what they give you to destroy this country at some point you need to realize if you don’t get involved in making America great again you won’t have it anymore your children will be born and raised as slaves of the system I mean think about that for a second slaves of the system well that means your children’s are are already words of the state okay for a government agency and tell you that you’re there taking your children and you have no recourse is criminal in a free society okay this didn’t happen in the Middle ages in the Middle ages you have these people that would come into villages and kill everybody and do horrible things in the name of empire building but what you’ve got now is the political system that design children are born as wards of this state that means the politicians decide where they will live if they will stay with their parents or not stay with their parents what is child abuse what is child abuse and yet you got these people like the clintons convicted pedophiles and what they do is okay nobody even cares about it at some point you need to realize children or treasures and they shouldn’t be wasted they shouldn’t be abused they shouldn’t be mistreated and I don’t know what it takes I mean you should go online and look on the tort web and look up Spirit cooking okay look up what xenachrome is look up what is done when they they take these children I mean a new movie just came out which is really great it’s called the black widow movie and it talks about this child kidnapping and stuff it’s so important people wake up to what’s really going on you’re out pretending things are normal you’re pretending things are not going on behind your scenes hundreds of thousands of children are coming into this country with no parents where are they going well some are going to cities some are vanishing and who cares they’re not even kept track of you don’t have a name you don’t know who these kids are you don’t know who their parents are so when they’re taking across the border and they’re putting a bus and they’re delivered to some other city in there on the curb at 4 years old with no parents what happened the predators come out the predators come out take advantage of the situation what

I mean if you think about it so rather than just being angry about what they’re doing let’s say you take some moves to stand up for yourself what’s the worst going to happen that’s the ultimate question right if I stand up for my rights as a human being what’s the worst thing that can happen to me well I would say it’s important to stand up for your rights because they’re your rights

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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